Jersey builders condemn planning fee increase

Jersey builders have condemned a rise in the cost of planning applications.

Their industry body, the Jersey Construction Council, said it was a bad time for the island's planning department to put up fees by 2.5%.

The department justified the increase for commercial building applications on the grounds that developers should pay for the process instead of taxpayers.

However, the council's vice-chairman said that could simply mean fewer projects getting off the drawing board.

Phil James said: "'This decision has been taken without any reference to the impact it could have on construction projects."

"It may seem a small increase but when placed in the context of a multi-million pound project, the sum will have a significant influence on whether it happens," he said.

He claimed this could have a knock-on effect on the number of jobs the industry could sustain.

The planning department said it would give a response to the criticism later.

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