Jersey joins Berne copyright convention

Jersey has become a member of the Berne Convention, agreeing to recognise international copyright of artistic works.

The convention is the most widely-recognised copyright convention and was originally ratified by the UK in 1886.

Jersey is the first of the Channel Islands to sign up after updating its copyright laws.

Digital Jersey, which promotes Jersey's technology industry, welcomed the move saying it is good for investors.

Chairman Paul Masterton, said it would encourage creation of local work.

"This is very positive news and provides another good reason to choose Jersey for investors considering where to invest and locate creative work.

"It provides protection for unregistered rights in Jersey, and in effect it says our copyright law is up to date and of the highest standard.

"It can equally apply to a range of activities such as books, film, or digital mediums such video games and e-commerce."

Being a member of the Berne Convention means Jersey recognises copyright of works from other member countries and those countries have to recognise works created in Jersey.

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