Jersey States election campaign spending fixed

The amount of money candidates in Jersey States elections can spend on their campaigns is to be set in law.

Temporary legislation had been brought in to control expenditure for the 2008 and 2011 elections.

The same rules, covering spending and receiving donations, will be brought in permanently before October's election.

After each election candidates will have to present itemised accounts and successful candidates found to have overspent may lose their seats.

Anonymous donations

The budget is based on the office the person is standing for and the number of people who can vote for them.

It is a basic £2,800 for senator and £1,700 for deputy and constable with an additional 11p per voter.

Under the law, anonymous donations cannot be accepted and the accounts must include notional expenses - which is when goods or services are supplied either free of charge or at a discount.

If the donation is worth more than £120, the name of the donor, the amount of the donation and the form it took - money, a loan, goods or use of goods, services - must be declared.

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