Jersey election 2014: St Peter results

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Senator election 2014: St Peter
Candidate Votes received % of voters
Sir Philip Bailhache 917
Ian Gorst 903
Andrew Green 828
Zoe Cameron 735
Alan Maclean 732
Paul Routier 664
Lyndon Farnham 642
Sarah Ferguson 632
Philip Ozouf 616
Sean Power 546
John Young 424
Malcolm Ferey 397
Geoff Habin 338
Anne Southern (Reform Jersey) 250
Guy De Faye 236
Chris Magee 201
Konrad Kruszynski 111
David Richardson 111
Deputy election 2014: St Peter (one seat)
Candidate Votes % of voters Status
Kristina Moore 1,335 Elected
Debbie Hardisty (Reform Jersey) 200
Constable election 2014: St Peter
Candidate Votes % of voters Status
John Refault N/A N/A Elected unopposed
Referendum: Should the Constables remain as members of the States as an automatic right?
Number of Yes votes % of Yes votes Number of No votes % of No votes
1,007 65.43% 520 33.79%

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