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Argentina on edge as police hunt second missing girl

Undated photo released to the local media by the Rodriguez family, shows 11-year-old Candela
Image caption Candela's murder is continuing to make headlines in Argentina

Argentine police are searching for a teenager missing for six days, amid calls for more to be done to find her.

Daniela Loayza, 13, has not been seen since last Wednesday when she left her home in a Buenos Aires neighbourhood.

Her disappearance comes amid continuing fallout from the case of 11-year-old-Candela Rodriguez, who was found murdered nine days after going missing.

Her plight gripped Argentina, and a huge police operation was launched to find her.

Family, friends and teachers of Daniela Loayza have been demonstrating to draw attention to her case and are planning further demonstrations.

Her mother has said she believes her daughter has been kidnapped.

There is so far no clear indication what has happened to the girl, whose family are originally from Bolivia.

Cabinet chief Anibal Fernandez has said that demonstrations regarding Daniela's disappearance only serve to confuse matters.

Mr Fernandez told Argentine media that the key issue was for the relevant authorities to work together to locate her.

Although there is no indication that the two cases are linked, Daniela's disappearance has attracted attention as a result of the kidnap and killing of Candela Rodriguez.

Candela's disappearance last month received widespread coverage. Thousands mobilised and used social media to try to locate her.

More than 1,500 police officers were deployed in a search operation and the provincial government offered a $95,000 (£60,000) reward for information.

But days later, her naked body was found dumped in a plastic bag in Hurlingham, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Several people have been arrested in connection with the case, which continues to make headlines in Argentina.