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Mexico election: A look at the issues in numbers

Employment, economic growth and the brutal violence of the drugs war are among key concerns for Mexicans going to the polls on 1 July.

Unemployment is low but many workers cannot survive on their wages. The economy has recovered after the crisis years and more Mexicans are choosing to return home from the US. But deaths from drug-related violence plagues many states as cartels fight over the lucrative trade. Here we take a look at the numbers behind the issues.

Presidential elections
US trade with Mexico

US jobs lost to trade deficit approx: 862,900

Mexico unemployment: 4.9%

35% of workers earn less than $10 a day

61.5% of workers earn less than $14 a day

Main export partners

US 73.5%, Canada 7.5% (2010)

Main exports to US

Crude $39.7bn

Parts/accessories $27.2bn

Assembled goods $16.3bn

Drug cartels

Drug violence-related deaths:

2006-2011: 47,515 people

5,000 missing (CNDH)

Drug trafficking worth:

$10 -15bn annually

Opium cultivation

2006: 5,000ha

2010: 19,500ha

3rd largest producer after Afghanistan and Burma