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Five very different people talk to Michelle Fleury (top centre)) about their working lives in Quito, Ecaudor Five very different people talk to Michelle Fleury (top centre)) about their working lives in Quito, Ecaudor

Ecuador is engaged in a huge national experiment. The oil-rich Andean nation is being transformed by social and economic reforms dubbed the 'Citizens Revolution'. At the same time, press freedom is being squeezed.

For Working Lives, the BBC's Michelle Fleury travelled to the capital Quito to meet five people living and working in a country that is forging its own path.

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Attacks on the media are fairly common in Ecuador but that hasn't stopped Miguel Rivadeneira. A journalist for 37 years, he hosts a daily show on Radio Quito.

Karina Davila works to pay the bills but her real passion is bicycle activism. To understand why, Michelle joined her for a ride through the streets of the capital.

In the hillsides outside the city, volunteers work with the poor. One of them is Italian priest, Pio Baschirotto, who also counts President Rafael Correa among his personal friends.

Farmer Maria Ante lives just above the poverty line. She is one of many Ecuadoreans getting by with a little help from the government.

Michelle also meets Esteban Paz, the high-profile businessman who has turned his love of sports into a successful career that also includes managing a professional football team.

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