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Israel and Gaza violence: Your stories

Violence has continued in Israel and Gaza, with Hamas militants launching a rocket towards Jerusalem - the first time the holy city has been targeted from Gaza. It follows Israel's killing of Hamas's military chief on Wednesday.

At least 30 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed. Egypt's leader has vowed to back Gaza in the face of "blatant aggression". US President Barack Obama reiterated his country's support for Israel's "right to defend itself".

People in the region have been describing how the violence has affected them.

Saturday 07:30 IST (05:30GMT) Gaza

The BBC's correspondent in Gaza, Jon Donnison, says the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is reporting it has hit more than 180 separate targets across Gaza overnight.

Iman Sourani tweets: 5 massive bombs targeted the Palestinian Minister's Council #GazaUnderFire

Mariam Abu-amer tweets: There's no safe place to hide in #Gaza.

Rana tweets: I can feel the drones in my head. Extremely low altitudes. #Gaza

Friday 19:50 IST (17:50 GMT) Gaza

BBC correspondent in Gaza, Jon Donnison, says the sound of airstrikes is continuing in Gaza.


Rana tweets: Sequence of explosions right now. Intensified presence of Israeli drones all over #Gaza.

Nalan Al Sarraj tweets: 3 explosions been heard right now #gaza

Iman Sourani tweets: Explosions are getting louder and louder and violently louder #GazaUnderAttack

Friday 18:30 IST (16:30 GMT) Jerusalem, Israel

Lucy Cohen: I am originally from London but have lived in Jerusalem for 15 to 16 years. I am married to an Israeli but I still consider myself British. In my 16 years of living in Jerusalem I have never experienced an air-raid until now.

I knew air-raid sirens had been going off but I never expected it to happen here, we are so close to the West Bank where Palestinians live, I can't believe they fired missiles here.

We were at home when they went off. My two-year-old twin boys were asleep, so I had to wake them up and grab my five-year-old daughter. We went and took shelter in the stairwell of our building.

We do have a shelter in the building but my neighbours who have experienced an air-raid before said the stairwell is sufficient as it is concrete and considered a safe zone.

We are supposed to wait for at least 10 minutes after the siren has sounded so we did. I am so surprised this has happened - all my neighbours are too.

We didn't actually hear anything hit and there isn't any damage near us but we have seen damage elsewhere on the TV.

Friday 18:23 IST (16:23 GMT) Deema, Gaza City, Gaza

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Media captionMedical student and Gaza resident Deema Meshal: "I have no life here"

Friday 17:45 IST (15:45 GMT) Jerusalem, Israel

Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip say they have launched a rocket on Jerusalem - the first time the holy city has been targeted from Gaza.

Amit Mansharof, emails: Alarm in Jerusalem! We are all at the shelter, we still don't know what is happening.

Catherine Weibel tweets: People in shock in #Jerusalem - no one thought the city, half of which is populated by Palestinians, would be targeted from #Gaza.

Cate Pedersen tweets: Was on phone with #Jerusalem friend when missile alert siren started - neither of us understood what was going on at first. #Israel

Grace Pilet tweets: A missile just hit 5 kilometers north of me here in Jerusalem. And for the last hour I've heard gunshots from the West Bank. #jordanplease

Friday 17:30 IST (15:30 GMT) Jaffa, Israel

Image caption Leehee Rothschild says about 200 people were protesting against the attacks on Friday in Bilin

Coalition of Women for Peace activist, Leehee Rothschild: I heard one blast at about 13:30 today in Tel Aviv but before that they have been going off regularly.

I am Israeli but have been at a demonstration today in the village of Bilin in the West Bank against the attacks on Gaza.

We protest every Friday about the occupation of Gaza - lots of Israelis, Palestinians and international people come and protest together peacefully.

However, because of what has been happening at the moment more people came to today's protest.

About 200 people were protesting against the attacks. The Israeli army always try to shut down our protests - today the army used teargas against us and rubber bullets but we refuse to listen to illegal orders telling us to leave.

I am staying in Jaffa for now and will stay here and see what happens.

Friday 16:15 IST (14:15 GMT) Tel Aviv

Cecilia: We clearly heard the rocket exploding today in the center of Tel Aviv, people were terrified and crying inside the restaurant.

I am an analyst and a Middle East expert here to conduct research on Hamas and I fear that other rockets will come due to shabbat which is the sacred day for Jewish people.

Friday 16:00 IST (14:00 GMT) Gaza

Majed Abusalama tweets: is going to the Funeral of my Friend Father who was martyred yesterday when he was walking, he is a #UNRWA Teacher, Visting other injured

Mariam Abu-amertweets: Everytime I heard a bomb I scream silently, to not scare the children around me #Gaza

Nalan Al Sarraj tweets: Huge explosions #gaza now. The house was shaking!

Friday 14:00 IST (12:00 GMT) Gaza City, Gaza

Karmel, aged 17: There are loud bangs going off today. The local hospital is asking for people to give blood because so many people have been injured by the attacks. Last night I could hear people screaming and crying. So many civilians and children have been killed by the Israeli attacks.

I have to tell my younger brother that the noises are fireworks. I don't want to worry him.

Palestinians are being told by Israel to leave their homes. My grandmother got a text on her phone saying if you know any members of Hamas you must move away from them.

These people also ring you, so Palestinians are talking to each other comparing what numbers these are so that if they call you should ignore them.

Every two minutes a bomb goes off here so we are not leaving the house. We have stocked up on enough food for a month so we don't have to leave.

Friday 13:40 IST (11:40 GMT) Tel Aviv, Israel

There are reports that air raid sirens have been heard in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. People in the city have been publishing tweets on this:

Shlomit Shapira tweets: The siren just went off in #telaviv 2 minutes ago!

David Sheen tweets: Just heard & felt the rocket hit. I'm okay.#gaza #israel

Noam Mantel tweets: And again, missile alert and then a loud boom. #IsraelUnderFire #telaviv

Hadas Parush tweets: Opened my big mouth. Siren sounds in#telaviv. Residents wait in stairwell until impact was heard

Friday 13:00 IST (11:00 GMT) Near Tel Aviv, Israel

Image caption Ilana Bergsagel: 'Everything has shut down and my university classes have been cancelled'

Ilana Bergsagel: I moved to Israel three years ago. My mother is Israeli but I'm originally from London. I am 26-years-old studying an MA in Be'er Sheva at the moment.

Except that right now I'm at my boyfriend's parent's house just outside of Tel Aviv.

Normally we stay in Be'er Sheva when there are missiles (every few months), but on Wednesday night at midnight we decided to leave.

Normally when there are rocket attacks we just go to the stairwell to take cover and hope for the best. They are usually over pretty quick but this time it was different.

It was so dangerous, not safe enough for us to stay. Now every few minutes an explosion goes off, it is insane, I've never known it like this.

I want to go back as soon as possible but will see how it goes. I feel guilty leaving our neighbours there. Many of my friends have been called up to reserve duty.

Everything has shut down and my university classes have been cancelled. I work in a café part time but that had to close due to the attacks. On the drive up here we saw at least 10 missiles in the space of half an hour. They look a bit like fireworks.

Last night I could hear the air-raid sirens going off in Tel-Aviv. We heard lots of big booms and bangs but we are not sure where the rockets or missiles landed.

Friday 01:30 IST (03:30 GMT) Tel Aviv, Israel

Ashley Hall: I've been in Israel for a week on business, and was due to fly back to England today.

Watching the news unfold has been troubling.

I seem to recall hearing two loud thumps around 16:00 local time yesterday - were these the two rockets falling into the sea?

My return flight is stopping at Larnaca as KLM are no longer allowing their staff to stay in Tel Aviv overnight.

Thursday 15 November

Image caption There was a fire in Beersheba, in southern Israel caused by a missile

Sophie Rogers, near Kiryat Malachi, Israel

I have had to go to our safe room seven times this morning in a space of two hours.

The noise the sirens make is similar to the ones in World War II.

It goes on for 10 or 12 seconds, then you hear the rocket and then there is hopefully the sound of a big bang of the interception.

But today the rockets were some of the loudest I have ever heard.

I spotted a crack in my wall that I never noticed before which was probably caused by the vibration of the rockets.

I have total sympathy for the people of Gaza and the people of Israel - it is the extremists who are responsible for the escalation of violence on both sides.

I have lived here for three years now with my Israeli husband and cannot see any solution to this issue.

After just a couple of weeks of moving here, there have been regular rocket attacks. There may be a break of about six months or so but usually there are at least a couple of siren alerts a day.

People have the impression that the rocket attacks are not that frequent.

But Sderot, which is a big town near Gaza, gets rockets every single day but this goes largely unreported as it's mainly desert.

I don't get panicked about the rocket attacks now, but some of my friends with young children in Beersheba are hysterical - they are finding it difficult to handle the situation and are taking anti-depressants because of the constant anxiety.

No-one in power is willing to make the necessary sacrifices for their people.

This is a terribly sad situation for everyone involved and I hope that no-one else loses their life today.

Najla, Gaza City, Gaza

Muhammad Abu Shaban, Gaza City, Gaza

Israeli air strikes and shooting haven't stopped since yesterday. Last night the sky was red because of the constant explosions.

I live in the middle of Gaza City, close to the Islamic university. Gaza is a small place - nothing is far away and you hear everything.

When the F16s fly low, and they do that when they are about to fire at a target, they make such a noise, it's like a monster chasing its victim - it's terrifying.

I haven't been out of the house - that would be too dangerous. I only climbed on the roof of our building this morning to see what has been happening. There was lots of smoke.

A friend of mine was collecting his children from school yesterday when a car was hit 100m away from them. They were in the car at the time, the car was shattered from the flying stones and he and his two kids were lightly injured.

We had no electricity last night, it only came back for a couple of hours today. We don't have much water and we only have food for two or three days.

Israel is attacking and killing us with huge rockets and bombs because we were throwing stones on them, asking for our rights. Don't believe what they tell you that we are firing rockets at them.

Hen Kinan, Beersheba, Israel

It is scary in Israel. I live in Beersheba and over 130 missiles were fired on my city during the last few days.

Now it is quiet, but three times an hour we have to run to shelters and people are screaming. Through the night we were in the stairwells of our buildings.

Every hour we have to get the children out of their beds. Now when the missiles come there are about four or five, but through the night they came 10 at a time.

At one in the morning, two in the morning, three in the morning, four in the morning there were missile attacks. It was terrifying for my nieces and nephews.

Today it is like a ghost town, it is not normal. No-one can go to work and I can't get to university. The Gaza Strip is terror, pure terror.

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