As it happened: Gaza-Israel violence 19 November

Key points

  • Hamas-run health ministry officials say the number of Palestinians killed in six days has risen to more than 100 since Wednesday. Three Israelis have been killed by rockets fired by Gaza militants.
  • The Israeli cabinet has been considering a ceasefire plan put forward by Egypt. Officials in Cairo say a deal is close.
  • Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian faction in Gaza, confirms a senior commander in its armed wing, the al-Quds Brigades, is killed in a strike on a media building in Gaza City. All times in GMT.

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  • David Gritten 
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Last updated 19 November 2012


Welcome to the BBC's live coverage of the sixth day of violence between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces say they targeted around 80 sites overnight, including militant-owned buildings, weapons storage facilities and police stations. Hamas officials say 18 Palestinians were killed. There was a marked reduction in rocket fire towards Israel - only one has been fired overnight, Israel says. Since Wednesday when the hostilities began, 86 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed.


Richard Galpin, BBC News, Jerusalem

Gaza rocket fire has resumed - but only a handful have been launched and there are no reports of casualties or damage.


Jon Donnison, BBC News, Gaza City

says: For the last two nights there has been very little fire from Gaza into Israel. Is Hamas running out of hardware?


Paul Danahar, BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

tweets: Diggers are clearing up the rubble from the Dalou family home hit in #Gaza yesterday. #Israeli media reporting IDF bombed the wrong house


Gilad Sharon, son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said on Sunday that entire neighbourhoods in Gaza ought to be flattened.


The BBC has a special report on the conflict - the latest analyses pieces are to be found there.


Israel's Haaretz newspaper quotes the Israel Defense Forces as saying 40 smuggling tunnels between Gaza and Rafah were bombed overnight. Gaza stadium used for launching rockets also attacked. It says 95 Palestinians have been killed since the beginning of the operation.


The BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen says these situations always end up with a ceasefire - but, as an Israeli official put it, "it may need to get worse before it gets better". But both sides are making demands that are not practical.