As it happened: Israel-Gaza violence

Key Points

  • A ceasefire deal which had been predicted to be agreed on Tuesday now appears to have been postponed
  • Israel stepped up its bombardment of Gaza late on Tuesday, as Palestinian militants fired around 150 rockets across the border
  • US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu late on Tuesday before heading on Wednesday to the West Bank then on to Egypt.
  • At least 130 Palestinians and five Israelis have died since in a week of bloodshed
  • Earlier, Israel dropped leaflets into Gaza urging residents to "evacuate" homes, sparking fears of a ground offensive
  • Hamas-linked militants in Gaza executed six people they accuse of being "collaborators"
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    Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza. Talks aimed at achieving a truce between the parties are due to resume in Egypt. Meanwhile, Hamas officials say at least 110 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli raids since Wednesday. Three Israelis have also died as a result of rocket attacks. Stay with us for the latest updates, incorporating reports from our correspondents on the ground, expert analysis, and your reaction from around the world, which you can send via email, text or twitter. We'll publish what we can.


    As efforts continue to get the parties to reach a truce, Israeli sources have revealed that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to travel to Israel on Tuesday, and meet PM Benjamin Netanyahu the following day. Meanwhile, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is set to meet Mr Netanyahu later on Tuesday.


    Correspondents in Gaza report it was a quieter night, although Israel says it launched about 100 air strikes. International pressure for a ceasefire is growing, however, with civilians on both sides caught in the conflict.

    Family in Gaza


    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is giving a news conference in Cairo. "I'm hear to appeal personally for an end to the violence and to offer my ongoing efforts to achieve a ceasefire," he says. "I'm also here to offer my heartfelt condolences to many civilians, especially to families of victims who were killed."

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Hamas officials tell BBC in #Gaza that Arab league visit today reflects progress in talks over ceasefire


    More from that UN and Arab League news conference in Cairo. Ban Ki-moon says: "My message is clear - all sides must halt fire immediately." He adds that "we all must recognise that Israel has legitimate concerns that must be respected in international law" and says he will be travelling to Ramallah to have a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.


    The Israel Defense Forces say they targeted 100 "terror sites" in Gaza overnight, including underground rocket launchers, terror tunnels and ammunition storage facilities. Since midnight, the IDF say, three rockets hit Israel and an additional two were intercepted by the Iron Dome System. The Gaza health ministry says that those killed overnight included a father and two sons, thought to be aged two and four.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza

    tweets: A lot of Hamas security around #Gaza city today for Arab League visit.


    US officials are confirming the earlier (0724) report that Hillary Clinton will leave Asia on Tuesday to visit Egypt, Israel and Ramallah.

    0755: Richard Galpin BBC News, Jerusalem

    says the next 48 hours will be crucial if a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants is to be agreed. An Israel official says a ground operation has been put on hold, but that Israel will not give unlimited time. There needs to be a breakthrough in the talks by Thursday, the official says.


    Near the Gaza-Israel border, Israeli soldiers inspect a belt of machine gun bullets as diplomatic efforts to find a truce continue.

    Israeli soldiers inspect a belt of bullets of the machine gun of a tank at an Israeli army deployment area near the Israel-Gaza Strip border
    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: BBC's @rushdibbc told 2 more deaths in last 30mins from #Israeli airstrikes in #Gaza. Total dead overnight now 7, 15 injured


    in Beersheba, writes: As I write this message, an alarm is sounded and all I can do is wait for the explosion. I live down south in israel where rockets are falling like rain. Israel does not want war. I was trained as a combat medic and I took an oath to help those who get injured. But please tell me, what did I do to those in Gaza who fire at me?


    For more detail on where Israel is concentrating its attacks, and the areas in Israel where militant rockets from Gaza are landing, you can check out these clickable maps from BBC News.


    The Israeli military says that since Tuesday morning 29 rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israel. Twelve were intercepted, but three landed in the town of Beersheba. No casualties have been reported. Since Wednesday, three people have been killed in Israel and more than 250 injured, two of them seriously, Israeli officials say.


    The Hamas-run health ministry meanwhile says that 111 people have been killed and 885 injured in the Gaza Strip.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor, Gaza

    tweets: Planes and drones overhead, and I can see two men strolling along #Gaza beach in the morning sun. Wonder what they're talking about.

    Katya Adler BBC News

    tweets: Much cynicism in #Israel re possible ceasefire. Ashdod family tells me they all build bunkers in their homes bc ceasefire w #Gaza don't work...


    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has left Cambodia and is travelling to the Middle East to hold talks on the Gaza crisis, a senior US official tells the Reuters news agency. The White House said Mrs Clinton was go to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo. Israeli sources said she was expected to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday.

    Katya Adler BBC News, Tel Aviv

    tweets: #Israel Radio rattles off list of towns currently sounding sirens warning if rocket fire from #Gaza

    Thomas Erdbrink Tehran bureau chief, New York Times

    tweets: #Iran fm spox in presser refuses to answer questions on Iranian missiles: "ask Zionists how missiles make their way down to Gaza"... #Iran fm spokesman also says: "Palestinians should be equipped to be able to defend themselves" & "Iran supports Hamas."... #Iran top commander says he predicted 2 months ago "West" would not attack Iran and instead would take on Palestinians.


    US Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will "emphasise the US interest in a peaceful outcome that protects and enhances Israel's security and regional security".


    CNN cites US officials as saying that three US Navy amphibious warships are returning to the eastern Mediterranean to "remain on standby in the event they are needed to assist Americans leaving Israel in the coming days". The officials stressed an evacuation remains an extremely remote possibility and the Obama administration is not currently planning for one.


    The Economist's blog on the Middle East, Pomegranate, has published what it describes as some "enlightening numbers regarding the fighting in Gaza". Apparently, the verse of Exodus containing the phrase "Pillar of Cloud", the official codename for Israel's current Gaza operation, is 13:21; and the verse of the Koran containing the phrase "Stones of Clay", Hamas's codename for its current operations, is 105:4.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Just heard another two people killed in #Gaza overnight. One thought to be 15. Bringing total to seven today according to health ministry here.

    Majed Abusalama

    in Gaza tweets: Ongoing Attacks in all Gaza Strip. No #CeaseFire and #Israel Continue attacking all places of #Gaza


    in southern Israel writes: There is little hope in reaching an agreement of any kind with Hamas - an organisation that exists solely for the purpose of trying to harm Israel. They had plenty of chances to try and lead Gaza into a better future. The whole world (including Israel) would have loved to provide help if any sign of desire to build a homeland was shown. But since 2005, when Israel left the Gaza strip, the Palestinians focused on building rockets instead of industrial infrastructure. That is not going to change as long as Israel is around. And Israel will stay around.

    Wyre Davies BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: #Gaza market. Fruit via #Israel, veg is local. People here positive re cease fire talks but want tangible improvements.

    Fruit and vegetable market in Gaza (20 November 2012)
    Alex Thomson Channel 4 News, Gaza

    tweets: #c4news #gaza family given 5 min warning by phone-call from Israeli intelligence - then house blown up... blast has wrecked a bazaar across the road

    Katya Adler BBC News, Tel Aviv

    tweets: #Israel Ashkelon mother says stopped driving during rocket siren yesterday, lay on ground +young daughter +old father all crying hysterically... She says doesn't trust a ceasefire with #Gaza


    The AFP news agency has meanwhile published an article about the desperate search for a safe place in Gaza to escape the Israeli bombardment. It begins: "Every time six-year-old Mohammed hears the sound of Israeli missiles landing near his home in Gaza City, he turns to his mother and asks: 'When are we going to die?'"


    Israeli public radio is reporting that shots have been fired inside the US embassy in Tel Aviv, according to the AFP news agency.


    Israeli police tell the Reuters news agency that an assailant stabbed a guard at the US embassy, who fired shots.


    A police spokesman tells Reuters that the assailant was wounded by the gunfire and then apprehended. He was armed with a knife and an axe, the spokesman added.


    The suspect is not of Arab origin and the attack may have been criminally motivated, an Israeli police spokesman tells the BBC.


    Earlier, Israeli aircraft bombed the headquarters in Gaza City of the Islamic National Bank, which Hamas set up to avoid international sanctions. The inside of the bank was destroyed. A building supply business in the basement was also damaged. The BBC's Lyse Doucet has published this photograph of the aftermath of the attack.

    Islamic National Bank in Gaza City (20 November 2012)

    More on the incident at the US embassy in Tel Aviv: Alicia Zur-Spiro, whose flat overlooks the compound, tells the BBC she heard some shouting at around 11:00 (09:00 GMT) and looked out to see a man engaged in a stand-off with six or seven security guards. The guards were saying 'Don't shoot' and more came to their aid, Ms Zur-Spiro says. Within moments there was a gunshot, she adds. The guards then wrestled the man to the ground and held him down. Ms Zur-Spiro says there was lots of shouting and wailing and within minutes Israeli police and army personnel arrived on the scene. An armoured black 4x4 vehicle left the embassy compound soon afterwards.


    Tel Aviv police spokeswoman Orit Friedman tells the Associated Press that the attacker was an Israeli in his early 40s. She says his motive was unknown, but political motives are not suspected. She says the embassy guard was slightly injured in the leg.

    Wyre Davies, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: People still being killed (7 so far in #Gaza) and rockets still being fired at #Israel. A reminder of what will happen if truce talks fail.

    Suneth Perera in Sri Lanka

    emails: The world must come together to promote a ceasefire and negotiate a permanent solution. Innocent civilians have become the victims of power-hungry rulers. Sacrifice should be the motivation for a fruitful outcome from any discussions. This violence could have far-reaching repercussions for world peace if it continues.


    An Israeli missile hit the Jordanian military-run field hospital in Gaza in the early hours of Tuesday causing damage to a room, Jordan's Petra news agency reports, according to BBC Monitoring. Government spokesman Samih Maaytah expressed its concern. "The directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II are to send medical and relief aid to the Palestinians in the costal enclave to ease their suffering caused by the Israeli blockade and aggression," Mr Maaytah added.

    Katya Adler BBC News, Tel Aviv

    tweets: #Israel Home Security Min has office in Sderot,Israeli town to #Gaza. He's holding a closed-door meeting of ministers here. Ceasefire talks?

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Explosions heard in #Gaza just now... Unclear if explosions... were Israeli strikes or outgoing rocket being shot down. #Gaza

    Erin Cunningham Senior correspondent, Global Post

    tweets: Massive strike blew out windows of Jabaliya ambulance station where I am with @ahauslohner. Glass shattered all over. #Gaza

    Erin Cunningham Senior Correspondent, Global Post

    tweets: Another big strike rocks the ambulance station in Jabaliya. #Gaza... Medics taking strikes with stride. I'm obviously much more shaken. They are giving us juice boxes & candy to calm us down #Gaza


    The Israeli military confirms that an soldier has been moderately wounded by shrapnel from a rocket that landed in the Eshkol region.


    Iran says Israel is solely responsible for the violence in Gaza and should be tried for "war crimes". "Neither Iran nor Hamas seek conflict or war, or aim to endanger the lives of innocent people," foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast tells reporters in Tehran. Palestinians must be "armed to defend" themselves, he adds.

    Alistair Blunt in Poland

    emails: Maybe a solution is for the Egyptian army to provide security for Palestinians and ensure the rocket fire from there is controlled. The border between Egypt and Gaza should be fully re-opened for traffic and goods, thereby dininishing the importance of the other crossings into Israel and allowing Gaza to rebuild and receive whatever supplies it really needs. It would also stop the smuggling in of arms and rockets to Gaza.

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson

    tweets: PHOTO: Yesterday, this was a kid's clean room in Beersheba. This morning, #Hamas fired a rocket at it. Look at it now.

    Aftermath of rocket attack in Beersheba (20 November 2012)

    This is a picture of the aftermath of an overnight Israeli air strike in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip. You can see more pictures in this gallery of the seventh day of Israel-Gaza violence.

    Palestinians rescue furniture from a house hit overnight in Rafah (20 November 2012) Palestinians remove furniture from a building damaged by an Israeli air strike

    An Israeli police spokesperson says 61 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel so far on Tuesday. Twenty-five were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system, while six are reported to have fallen in populated areas. Two injuries, one serious and one light, have been reported near the Eshkol regional council.


    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's spokesman, Martin Nesirky, tells BBC Arabic that the main reason for his visit to Cairo is to "underscore the need for an immediate ceasefire to bring an end to the suffering of civilians on both sides" of the conflict in the Gaza Strip. He adds: "This needs to be followed by a much more comprehensive approach to dealing with Palestinian aspirations and the Israeli desire for security."

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: President's spokesman in Egypt tells BBC in #Cairo encouraging signs from ceasefire negotiations. But no time scheduled for announcement.

    Michael Shuval Producer, BBC Arabic

    tweets: 3 #rockets hit #Sderot in last 30 minutes; 2 at entrances to houses. #Gaza #PillarOfDefence


    The BBC's Yolande Knell has been to the funeral of a 22-year-old man, Hamdi Mohammed Jawad al-Fallah, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers in the West Bank city of Hebron on Monday during clashes with Palestinians protesting against Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip. Three other protesters were injured, doctors said. The Israeli military said troops opened fire after a masked man approached them and failed to stop.

    Funeral of Hamdi Muhammad Jawad al-Fallah in Hebron (20 November 2012)
    Yolande Knell BBC News, Hebron

    tweets: Tear gas and burning tyres. Funeral turns to angry protests and violence

    Post-funeral protest in Hebron (20 November 2012)
    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Mohammed Deif, head of Hamas military wing, now speaking on #Hamas TV. Only audio. #Gaza

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Head of the Hamas military wing Mohammed Deif in #Gaza says nothing about ceasefire. He is just encouraging people to keep fighting

    Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif speaks on al-Aqsa TV (20 November 2012)
    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Head of the Hamas military wing Mohammed Deif in #Gaza says their fighters should be ready for a ground war with #Israel


    Mohammed Deif has been nominal head of Hamas's military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, since 2002. Ahmed Jabari, who was assassinated by Israel on Wednesday, is widely believed to have taken over running the Qassam Brigades on a day-to-day basis after Deif was injured in an Israeli air strike in 2006, although some say Deif remained his equal or superior.


    In an audio message broadcast by Hamas-run al-Aqsa, Mohammed Deif says Palestinian militants should prepare for a ground offensive, but warns: "The enemy will pay a heavy price if it thinks of entering Gaza". He adds: "This is only the start."

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Rare statement warning of war by #Hamas's Mohammed Deif in #Gaza could be to strengthen hand of political wing during ceasefire negotiations... Or... could be signaling their collapse.

    Harry Ingram in Radlett, UK

    emails: Alistair Blunt - in response to your message about Egypt controlling aid and opening the Sinai Crossing, Egypt has refused to allow aid to travel through the crossing and refused to have it open as a hub for transport. It says it wants to help but in fact won't take any action to do so. While Israel has been trying to pump in aid to Gaza and let the injured exit, Egypt shows it doesn't want to help.


    The Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, has published an interview with a commander of the al-Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades, the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), in Gaza. Asked if groups other than Hamas will accept a truce negotiated by the Islamist movement, Abu Mohammed says: "For the first time, there is a group for co-ordination between all the Palestinian formations, from Hamas all the way on down. If the truce is accepted, it will be accepted by all the groups." Abu Mohammed warns Israel: "We can go on for years like this. We have only used 1% of what we have. And if they enter the Strip, they will pay a very high price."


    An Israeli military spokesperson says that 90 rockets have been fired from Gaza since midnight. Fifty-one were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system. Approximately 1,200 rockets and mortars have been launched since Operation Pillar of Defence began on Wednesday, 700 of which landed in Israel.


    The Israeli military spokesperson adds that it has attacked 100 sites in Gaza since midnight, bringing the total to 1,400 since Wednesday.

    1203: Yolande Knell BBC News, Hebron

    There have been violent confrontations between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers in the centre of the West Bank city of Hebron following the funeral of a 22-year-old man, Hamdi al-Falah, who was killed on Monday. Immediately after the funeral, mourners headed to the Old City, where Israeli soldiers guard Jewish settlers. Tear gas was fired to disperse the chanting crowd and Palestinian youths responded by throwing stones. Clashes are currently ongoing. Many ambulances are at the scene.


    The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, is "acutely concerned about Palestinian and Israeli civilians caught up in the ongoing crisis in Gaza and southern Israel", her spokesman Rupert Colville says. "She is dismayed by the marked surge in the number of Palestinian civilians, including women and children, killed and injured over the past 48 hours as a result of Israeli military action," Mr Colville adds.


    Mr Colville says "attacks affecting schools and religious sites, as well as the reported targeting of homes and media outlets during the past 48 hours raise serious concerns about Israel's commitment to its obligations under international human rights and humanitarian law". "The high commissioner therefore calls on Israel to scrupulously meet its legal obligations to distinguish at all times between civilians and combatants, and to take precautions and all possible measures to avoid the loss of civilian life and damage to civilian property." He adds: "The high commissioner reiterates her condemnation of the continuing indiscriminate attacks and targeting of civilians in Israel by militants in Gaza."

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Massive explosion in Gaza smoke rising north of #Gaza city. airstrike. Biggest bang heard by me today

    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Loud whoosh as another Iran-made Fajr-5 rocket leaves #gaza for #israel

    Rocket vapour trail above Gaza (20 November 2012)

    The Reuters news agency reports the sounds of an explosion and air raid sirens in the Jerusalem area.

    Sara Hussein AFP news agency correspondent

    tweets: So bizarre. We hear outgoing fire in #Gaza. I inform our #Jerusalem office. Seconds later they hear air sirens and then the boom as it lands


    Israel's Channel 2 television is reporting that the rocket landed in an open area near Jerusalem. and that there are no casualties.

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson

    tweets: A short while ago, the IDF targeted two terrorists in the northern #Gaza Strip. A direct hit was confirmed.


    Israeli police say the man who attacked guards at the US embassy in Tel Aviv appears to be mentally unstable, and that the incident unrelated to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, Voice of Israel Network B reports, according to BBC Monitoring.


    The explosion caused by the rocket that just landed on the outskirts of Jerusalem was reportedly heard in the centre of the city. Israeli police are searching for the blast site. It was the second rocket attack aimed at Jerusalem since the Israeli offensive on Gaza began on Wednesday. Air raid sirens had not been heard in the city for decades. Jerusalem is nearly 80km (50 miles) from Gaza.

    Hanan Abunasser in Gaza

    tweets: The moment sirens are heard in #Jerusalem, an airstrike hits al-Nuseirat refugee camp in the middle of #Gaza.

    Judy Lash Balint in Jerusalem

    tweets: #Sirens in #Jerusalem. In the shelter at work. Thanks for the break, #Hamas.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: LISTEN: The sound of Hamas rocket being fired 10 minutes ago from Central #Gaza City towards Jerusalem Hamas TV say this rocket... was made in #Gaza called M75.


    The rocket landed near Jerusalem as diplomats try to work out a ceasefire. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is flying in to meet regional leaders to consult on the situation in Gaza. She will travel to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo. "She will emphasise the United States' interest in a peaceful outcome that protects and enhances Israel's security and regional stability; that can lead to improved conditions for the civilian residents of Gaza; and that can reopen the path to fulfil the aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis for two states living in peace and security," the state department says. "She will continue to express US concern for the loss of civilian life on both sides."

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson

    tweets: The rocket fired toward Jerusalem missed the city but hit an open area in a Palestinian village.


    More from that earlier audio message by Mohammed Deif, the elusive top commander of Hamas's military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Mr Deif said that Hamas "must invest all resources to uproot this aggressor from our land", a reference to Israel. "The enemy should know that it will pay a heavy price for its heinous crimes against our people. The ground invasion they are threatening us with will be, God willing, the start of the release of more Palestinian prisoners," he adds, implying that militants would seek to capture Israeli soldiers in order to bring about a prisoner exchange deal similar to the one that saw the release of Sgt Gilad Shalit last year. "This battle will be the starting point for a new phase of the struggle of liberation."

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Colleagues in #Gaza think perhaps key part of Deif speech is an emphasis on action already taken, maybe saying we've gotten revenge 4 Jabari

    Shamai Ziskin in Bet Shemesh, Israel

    emails: Targeting Jerusalem is a declaration of total disregard for ceasefire talks. Israel will not cease attacking Gaza whilst Hamas still remain intact and show intent to threaten our holiest city.

    LS in London

    emails: Look at the response of the IDF to the latest rocket from Gaza - an immediate air strike on a refugee camp. The world is quick to say that Israel has a right to defend itself, but so should the Palestinians.


    UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has warned that there can be no military solution to the Israel-Gaza conflict. "We have made clear both that Hamas bears principal responsibility for the start of the current crisis, but also that all sides have responsibilities. We quickly called on Israel to seek every opportunity to de-escalate their military response, and to observe international humanitarian law and avoid civilian casualties," he tells parliament. "We have also warned that a ground invasion of Gaza could lengthen the conflict, sharply increase civilian casualties, and erode international support for Israel's position. We wish to see an agreed ceasefire that stops the rocket attacks against Israel and ends Israeli military operations."

    1312: Breaking News

    Egypt's President Mohammed Mursi, who is leading international efforts to broker a ceasefire, says he expects Israeli "aggression" against Gaza to end on Tuesday.

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Israel dropping leaflets from air on Gaza looks like a flock of birds from the distance... Shortly afterwards an airstrike landed in #Gaza in same area


    Meanwhile, an Arab League delegation led by Secretary General Nabil al-Arabi has crossed into the Gaza Strip in a show of solidarity with the people of Gaza, the Hamas-led government has announced, according to the AFP news agency. "The Arab foreign ministers delegation has arrived through the Rafah border crossing," a statement said. The delegation includes 10 Arab ministers and Turkey's foreign minister.


    More from Egypt's president: Mohammed Mursi is quoted by the official Mena news agency as saying: "The farce of Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip will end on Tuesday. The efforts to conclude a truce between the Palestinian and Israeli sides will produce positive results in the next few hours."

    Yolande Knell BBC News, Bethlehem

    tweets: Israeli soldier tries to stop us filming #Bethlehem #Gaza protests. Also stood in front of us when filming. V tense around Intercontinental.

    Philip Smith-Lawrence in Manchester, UK

    emails: Hamas and Israel should call a ceasefire immediately, both agreeing to suspend all hostilities. Israel then needs to release its economic strangle hold on the Palestinians and allow humanitarian aid into Gaza by both air and sea. Once the ceasefire has held for two months, peace talks need to begin.

    Jason Rudd in Modiin, Israel

    emails: I live in Modiin and work in Jerusalem. At 1415 local time I experienced my first missile siren. No one knows where these missiles will fall. The entire city and surrounding area has to run for cover. In the end, this missile fell in an Arab area, near Beit Shemesh. I do not yet know if there were any injuries. Hamas are aimlessly lobbing rockets anywhere they can, with no concern for where they fall. At least Israel is attempting to make pinpoint attacks on pre-specified valid targets.

    Yolande Knell BBC News, Bethlehem

    tweets: Protesters in #Bethlehem being hit with huge quantities of tear gas. Looks like Israeli troops inside refugee camp.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: 3 rockets just fired north from #Gaza city.

    Katya Adler BBC News

    tweets: Interviewing #Israelis living close to border about faith in ceasefire when #Gaza rocket landed just close to us. Seconds to run for shelter


    Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi's statement that "Israeli aggression against Gaza" should end later on Tuesday comes as the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, heads to the region. Earlier, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called for an immediate end to hostilities and an Israeli official said that any Israeli ground offensive was on hold for 48 hours to allow the talks to succeed.

    Katya Adler BBC News

    tweets: Rain of rockets landing around. V close. Setting off car alarms at Yad Mordechai #Israel

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Morsi's comments, Deif's "revenge has been taken' & the sudden flurry of an exchange of rockets suggests a ceasefire might really be close


    Prominent Palestinian activist Mustafa Barghouti tells the BBC: "The ceasefire talks are moving. I've just arrived in Gaza from Cairo to talk to people on this side. I hope the Israelis will not continue to be stubborn and we will know within the next 24 hours."

    Gregg Carlstrom Al-Jazeera English

    tweets: Israeli man I talked to, picnicking near an Iron Dome battery: "This means the air force has time to bomb Gaza at its own pace."


    A Hamas official tells the AFP news agency that the Islamist movement's political leader, Khaled Meshaal, and other representatives are currently discussing a possible ceasefire with Egypt's intelligence chief, Gen Mohammed Raafat Shehata. "It's no secret we're on the verge of an agreement," the official says, adding that Hamas is insisting that the end of the Israeli blockade of Gaza is a condition. It is not clear if Israel has agreed to this.

    Sherine Tadros Cairo correspondent, al-Jazeera English

    tweets: Bear in mind when #Morsi said aggression will end Tues he was speaking off the cuff to journos outside his sisters funeral #GazaAssault

    Yolande Knell BBC News, Bethlehem

    tweets: Clouds of tear gas in #Bethlehem

    Tear gas in Bethlehem

    The AFP news agency reports that the leaflets recently dropped by the Israeli military over Gaza City warn its residents to evacuate "immediately".


    Senior Palestinian Authority official Nabil Shaath and Attalah Abulsibah, a minister in the Hamas-led government of Gaza, have received the Arab ministerial delegation at the Rafah border crossing, Egypt's official Mena news agency reports. Mr Abulsibah "asserted that this is the strongest message to the Israeli occupation", it says. The delegation then travelled to Shifa hospital in Gaza City. The ministers are expected to meet Ismail Haniya, the prime minister of the Hamas-led government, there and to hold a news conference.

    Katya Adler BBC News

    tweets: Rockets landing so close female #Israeli soldiers shrieking and huddled together

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Local journalists say they saw Hamas execute six people in the last half hour in #Gaza for being #Israeli informers


    Israel's air force has dropped leaflets across parts of Gaza City, warning residents to evacuate their homes "immediately" and move towards the centre of the city, sparking fears of an imminent ground operation.

    IDF spokesperson

    tweets: A short while ago, 5 IDF soldiers were wounded by a rocket fired from #Gaza into #Israel.

    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Gazans flee village in north, fearing #israel ground invasion, take shelter in UNRWA school #gaza


    tweets: Sister got leaflets dropped all over her area ordering them to evacuate their houses quickly. She just arrived at ours. #Gaza

    Iyad Tah

    tweets: evacuation warning leaflets spread in North and East #Gaza, and people started evacuating to the center of the city #Gaza


    The United States has blocked a UN Security Council statement on the Gaza conflict, saying it is "counter-productive" while attempts to reach a ceasefire are continuing, diplomats tell the AFP news agency.


    The US believes the Arab-proposed statement for the UN Security Council to approve is "failing to address the root causes" of the latest showdown between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, AFP quotes unnamed UN diplomats as saying.

    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Met 80+ yr old Magdi fr north #Gaza, so weak could hardly stand, so sad couldn't speak..just cried as family took shelter in school.

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: IDF leaflets told 11 villages around the north, south & east of #Gaza to move out of the areas into central #Gaza for their own safety

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Two leaflets carrying the warnings were dropped over #Gaza this afternoon by IDF aircraft

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: IDF evacuation warnings suggest either limited incursion or a heavy bombardment of the area in #Gaza maybe imminent ahead of ceasefire

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Hamas internal ministry statement called the leaflets 'propaganda to terrify #Gazans' and that they should stay where they are


    More on reports that Hamas-linked militants in Gaza have killed six people they accuse of being spies. A witness told AFP that the six had messages pinned to their bodies reading: "Al-Qassam Brigades announces the execution of traitors".

    Anderson Cooper, CNN correspondent

    tweets: IDF leaflet dropped from sky warning Gazans to stay away from Hamas. #Gaza #Israel

    IDF leaflet The leaflet includes the words, for your safety steer clear of Hamas buildings and other terrorist organisations that might put your lives at risk. The IDF is strongly determined to protect the residents of the state of Israel.
    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: #Gazans in Beit Hanoun, Shujaiya, Shati, Sheikh Ajilin, Tal al-Hawa, Beit Lahiya, Zaitoun, Fajia, Tornman, Rimal South, al-Akra told to leave

    Wyre Davies BBC News, Gaza City

    Incredulous #Gaza residents analysing #Israel "evacuation" list say there's almost nowhere else left to go - Encompasses much of the city.

    Tamara in Jerusalem, Israel

    emails: I was at a mall when the siren sounded this afternoon. My main thought at the time was that so many people have been enduring this for months and years on end in the south, without let up. For me, this was just a small taste. I think people are hoping for a real ceasefire, which means no more rockets being fired.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Another long range rocket just fired out of #Gaza city.

    Shane in London

    emails: In response to Eran: Hamas were formed as a direct response to Israeli policies towards the Palestinian people. How could Hamas build an infrastructure in Gaza? When Israel physically left Gaza, they sealed it off. There was no way for the people of Gaza to invest in infrastructure or their economy. Everything crossing the border has been controlled by the Israelis. Only the bare minimum is allowed in - no concrete at all, basic food rations and medicines. So it's no wonder we are where we are today.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Just seen rockets fired from #Gaza shot down by Iron dome.


    The Israeli military says four soldiers have been lightly injured in the Eshkol region.


    The Israeli military also reports that since midnight, 118 rockets have been fired towards Israel from Gaza. Thirty-eight have been intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system. Six people have been injured, one seriously.

    1537: Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    A Hamas spokesman in Cairo, Ayman Taha, tells the BBC there will be a ceasefire coming into effect tonight. Israeli prime minister's office says: "No comment".


    Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu holds a joint press conference with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells a news conference that Israel is willing to work towards a long term solution to the crisis in Gaza


    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemns the rocket attacks from Gaza, but urges Israel to exercise maximum restraint

    Andy Carvin, US public radio network NPR

    tweets: One of the hard truths about ceasefires: The violence often escalates right before implementation to solidify position on the ground.

    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Very noisy in #Gaza in last few hours - attacks going both ways.


    More from the news conference in Jerusalem. Mr Netanyahu said: "If a long-term solution can be put in place through diplomatic means then Israel would be a willing partner to such a solution. But if stronger military action proves necessary to stop the constant barrage of rockets, Israel will not hesitate to do what is necessary to defend our people."


    BBC Arabic has a full translation of the leaflet dropped by the Israeli military over northern Gaza: "To the residents of Sheikh Ajilin, Tal al-Hawa, southern Rimal, Hai Zeitoun, Shujaiya, Beit Lahiya, Beit Hanoun, Turkman, and New Shujaiya. The Israel Defense Forces is not targeting any of you and does not want to harm you or your families. For your safety we demand you evacuate your houses immediately and move towards the centre of Gaza City by following Cairo, Arab League, al-Aqsa, Qadiysia, Um Laymoun, Salahedin, Khalas and Baghdad streets. In Gaza City, you can only stay in the area west of Salah al-Din street, and north of Omar Mukhtar street, east of Nasser street, and south of al-Quds street."


    A Gazan man tells the BBC's Paul Danahar: "I will not leave my home, we made this mistake in '48."


    An Egyptian security official tells the BBC a ceasefire will be announced in Cairo on Tuesday evening. "The deal is done," the officials says.


    Despite Israeli warnings to residents to evacuate their homes, many lights are still on in Beit Lahiya in #Gaza, the BBC's Paul Danahar reports.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor, Gaza

    tweets: #Gaza childhood. Lama 6, Dina 8 in wreck of neighbour's house where 3 killed yday. Their brother killed in 2009 at 16

    Two girls in Gaza whose neighbour's house was destroyed on 19 November

    An Islamic Jihad source tells the AFP news agency: "There will be a joint news conference between Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Egyptian mediators tonight to announce the truce."


    Israeli officials say one person was injured in a "direct rocket hit" in the southern town of Ashkelon.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Massive explosion heard in #Gaza city.


    Has a ceasefire deal been struck? There's lots of speculation that a truce will be announced in the Egyptian capital this evening.


    Osama Hamdan, a senior Hamas representative, tells the BBC: "The negotiations are going on, and some of the tough points were solved, but at the same time we are ready to do what we are supposed to do to protect our own people. So if the negotiations go as we expect, I think both sides may be able to declare a ceasefire in the coming few hours."


    A ceasefire will be declared at 21:00 and come into effect at midnight local time (22:00 GMT), Hamas official Ayman Taha tells Reuters.

    Gemma-Marie in Israel

    tweets: @BBC_HaveYourSay Just had the air raid siren go off here in Rishon, then 2 big bangs

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Reliable Palestinian source in Cairo says ceasefire has been agreed in principal but not final until announced by President Morsi. #Gaza


    If you are just joining us, welcome to our live coverage of the crisis in Gaza and Israel.


    In the last few hours, officials in Cairo are reporting that a ceasefire deal has been struck and will be announced in the coming hours.


    Israeli planes dropped leaflets over parts of Gaza earlier today, urging people to leave their homes and move to the centre of Gaza City - sparking fears that a ground invasion was imminent.


    BBC correspondents in Gaza report that hundreds, rather than thousands, of Palestinians are fleeing their homes in response to Israel's leaflet drop.


    Many Palestinian refugees tell our correspondents that it is impractical and too late to leave their homes.


    An Israeli official has refused to confirm to the BBC that a ceasefire is imminent. At this stage, the official says, Israel will continue its operation until the rocket fire stops; and the diplomatic track and military operation will continue in parallel.


    A source close to the Hamas delegation says that the Gaza ceasefire talks are very closely to success, but Hamas's request to keep all crossing points open remains a sticking point, the BBC in Cairo is told.

    John Chacksfield in Tel Aviv, Israel

    emails: I witnessed a Hamas rocket hit the area of Rishon Le Zion, only 30 minutes or so after Ban Ki Moon called for peace. The explosion was very loud and I could see the huge mushroom cloud. All the Hamas rockets are aimed at civilian targets. Israeli strikes are only aimed at military targets and they have even delayed them to allow people to leave those areas. They have leafleted Gaza to warn people and ask them to leave. I hope both sides adhere to the ceasefire this evening.

    Siddique Akbar in Philadelphia, USA

    emails: Israel must look for a long-term solution now. After the Arab Spring, they may not have many good friends in the region left. They risk coming under attack in the future. So a long-term solution is now vital for them.


    Two cameramen from Hamas-owned al-Aqsa TV are among six people killed in an Israeli air strike on Gaza City, according to local reports.


    Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev tells CNN that a ceasefire deal has not been finalised and the "ball is still in play". "Until you're there, you're not there," he said.


    The latest figures from the health ministry in Gaza put the total number of people killed there since Wednesday at 126 and the number of wounded at 1,000.


    Eighteen people have been killed in Gaza so far today, including three children and two journalists from Hamas's al-Aqsa TV, the health ministry there confirms.


    The Israel Defense Forces says 147 rockets were fired by Gaza militants on Tuesday, with 94 exploding in Israel; the Iron Dome intercepted 51 rockets, Haaretz reports on its website.


    Two people are lightly wounded and 10 are treated for anxiety after a rocket strike badly damages an apartment building in the city of Rishon Letzion, Israeli media report.


    No sounds of military fire have been heard in either Gaza or southern Israel in the past hour, BBC correspondents on both sides of the border report.

    Amir Eloush in the UK

    emails: In response to John Chacksfield: The people of Gaza have been suppressed under Israel's suffocating sanctions for years, and are now forced to defend themselves by the only means possible. Leaflets will not console grieving parents if the IDF plans to bomb more targets and kill more innocents.


    Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev tells the BBC: "There is an arrangement that will bring about a ceasefire. We are not there yet. The diplomatic ball is still in play."


    "I hope that diplomacy can bring a long-term solution for the people of southern Israel who deserve to live without the fear of an incoming rocket from the Gaza Strip. I hope there's a diplomatic solution, but we are not there yet," Mr Regev told BBC World News.


    tweets: PHOTO - Residential building in the central Israeli town of Rishon LeZion hit tonight by rocket fired from #Gaza

    Katya Adler BBC News

    tweets: On #Israel side of border watching intense shelling into #Gaza. Thuds reverberating. shaking ground. Iodine every minute before ceasefire??

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Air strike in #gaza minutes after rocket took off.

    Hanan Abunasser in Gaza

    tweets: Huge explosions heard now in the north of #Gaza.

    Shy Tamir in Tel Aviv, Israel

    emails: I feel the escalation in violence on both sides has drowned out moderate voices and emphasised extremist views on both sides. I yearn for a speedy resolution to the evolving conflict, with provisions for both the security of Israeli citizens and the welfare of Palestinian refugees in Gaza.


    tweets: Cpl. Yosef Fartuk, 18, from Emmanuel, was killed earlier today by a rocket fired from Gaza into Israel. His family has been notified.


    The death of Yosef Fartuk in Eshkol is the first military fatality announced by the Israeli military in this latest round of violence.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Colleague in Israel on border with Gaza says IDF is shelling northern #Gaza in areas where leaflets dropped earlier.

    Alex Thomson, Channel 4 News

    tweets: #c4news #gaza sustained naval bombardment underway into Gaza City - ceasefire announcement at 7pm? I wonder.

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Sound of very heavy shelling of #gaza now.

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: lots of artillery coming into #Gaza. Its the first time its been this early in the night. Normally its been early hours of morning


    Does this fresh bombardment by Israel signal that a ceasefire can't happen anytime soon - or could this be a final onslaught ahead of a truce?

    Cara Swift, BBC Middle East producer

    tweets: AUDIO: This is what #Gaza sounds like right now where I am. #Israel #Hamas

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: There really is an awful lot of artillery fire coming into #Gaza at moment from #Israel Sometimes more than 10 rounds in one burst of fire

    Israel Defense Forces

    tweets: Over the past hour, we targeted 20 terror sites in the #Gaza Strip

    Israel Defense Forces

    tweets: A short while ago, we targeted 2 terror operatives in the central Gaza Strip

    Foreign Policy magazine

    tweets: Forget Asia. It's time for Obama to put his focus back on the Middle East. Read here.

    Iyad Tah

    tweets: Now my uncle's family evacuated their house, they are staying with us tonight after all these massive explosions #Gaza all in the same room

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: Well that was lucky. Moments after we drove past the Palestinian legislative council building in #Gaza it was bombed


    Here's an image of the night sky over Gaza City, amid reports of renewed Israeli strikes:

    Smoke rises over Gaza, 20 November 2012

    Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak is reported to have told a closed meeting that Israel is seeking a 24-hour test period of no rocket fire to see if Hamas can enforce a truce.


    In Brussels, a senior EU official told Associated Press that a cease-fire would include an end of Israeli airstrikes and targeted killings in Gaza, the opening of Gaza crossing points and an end to rocket attacks on Israel.

    Tom Gara Wall Street Journal

    tweets: After this latest round of Gaza attacks, I'm thinking we possibly over-estimate the quality of Iranian missile technology.


    Haaretz and other sources are reporting than an Israeli civilian has been killed in a rocket attack. He is named as Eliyan Salem Elnabari, a defence ministry worker of Bedouin descent.

    Farah Filasteen

    tweets: A friend from Shefa Hospital just texted me saying "the state in which the hospital is in right now is unbelievable, they are struggling"

    Sherine Tadros Al Jazeera

    tweets: Talk of a ceasefire has come from Egypt/Hamas side. Israel hasn't indicated a deal, in fact #Israel stepped up campaign tonight in #Gaza


    Hamas spokesperson Osama Hamdan has told the BBC's Newshour programme that a ceasefire agreement has been drafted and is awaiting endorsement from both sides.

    "If you want there to be a ceasefire the Israelis have to stop attacks against Palestinians, stop targeting the Palestinian militants or civilians - both - and the Israelis have to lift the siege on Gaza. That means opening all the checkpoints between Gaza and the other other side and also Gaza and Egypt through the Rafah checkpoint. The main point is if you want to have a ceasefire you have to have a normal situation for the Palestinians as well and this is what we have agreed on both sides," he said.

    Hana in Tel Aviv

    emails: They've been firing rockets for 12 years in this area. We are only trying to make them stop - for years we tried to talk. Recently, they started to fire more rockets and to further areas - that's why we started to attack the terror sites in Gaza.


    A lunchtime rally was held in downtown Chicago today to support Israel's position in the Gaza conflict. Rallies have also been held in the West Bank and around the world in support of Gaza.

    Jacky Rowland Al Jazeera

    tweets: Two large detonations in the northern #Gaza strip. The hotel shook #GazaUnderAttack


    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has landed in Tel Aviv, where she will shortly be meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.


    After earlier reports that a ceasefire agreement was imminent, Hamas officials have reportedly said that no deal is expected tonight. They are said to still be waiting for an Israeli response to their proposals.

    Wyre Davies BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: A much hoped for quiet night in #Gaza looks unlikely - still no sign of a ceasefire and the bombing goes on.

    Moshe Pippick in Jerusalem, Israel

    emails: Israel is defending the lives of its civillians, which they prioritise over the lives of Gazan residents. The only reason why Israel seems to have suffered less losses is that they spend their money on defence systems such as the iron dome, as opposed to spending money on weaponary. I am struggling to find an alternative solution to Israel's air raids and rockets.


    British charity Oxfam says on its website that an Israeli airstrike has destroyed a kindergarten it supports in Gaza City and damaged another.

    Farah Filasteen

    tweets: Relatives today were asked to evacuate their home in Beit Hanoun, shortly after it was shelled, thankfully they did leave #gaza


    Al Jazeera's Nour Samaha says that following intense fire from Israeli navy ships off the coast of Gaza, rockets are being aimed at the ships.

    Joseph Dana

    tweets: Iron Dome is certainly giving Israeli politicians wiggle room in #Gaza but how long is the Israeli public going to cheer this on?


    Hamas TV is reporting that Hamas has called on resistance movements to keep on retaliating "against the occupation's crimes".


    According to Israel's Channel 2, the IDF is bombing tunnels used to smuggle petrol in the south of Gaza.


    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. She is also scheduled to meet Palestinian leaders in the West Bank before heading to Egypt, where President Mursi is trying to help negotiate a ceasefire.


    An Israeli MP has said that the country should press ahead with its assault on Gaza. On a visit to the site of a rocket attack in the southern city of Ashdod, Otniel Sheller told Associated Press: "Israel would like to create peace but for this reason we have to go forward in our activities right now, military activities. Then the atmosphere will be ready to make a right decision on both sides."

    Rosa Schiano

    tweets: Ministry of Health in #Gaza said that Israel used white phosphorus today in east of #Gaza


    tweets: 22:43 | Heavy bombardment around our area....Apache. #Gaza


    Al-Arabiya TV is quoting sources saying that the ceasefire agreement has been postponed to 21 November, BBC Monitoring reports.


    Three journalists are now reported to have been killed in Gaza today, two cameramen working for al-Aqsa TV and an educational programming director for the al-Quds channel. We earlier reported that two had died in Israeli airstrikes.

    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Sound of rocket fired from #gaza into #israel. No ceasefire tonight


    Al Jazeera's corrrespondent Sherine Tadros has written a piece in the Huffington Post about the difficulties of covering the Gaza conflict. She says: "This is not a balanced conflict and in the pursuit to even things out, some have ended up reporting the wrong story, emphasizing things they would normally not emphasize in the interest of looking balanced."


    The US embassy in Tel Aviv has posted this photo of Hillary Clinton arriving in Israel to hold talks about the situation in Gaza.

    Joseph Dana

    tweets: My impression of the past couple of days on the Gaza border in Southern Israel: Israel is not able or willing to contain itself. #Gaza.

    Barbara Plett BBC UN correspondent

    tweets: #UNSC calls closed mtg on #Gaza at 6 pm local time, depending on if/when there's a ceasefire announcement


    The Israel Defense Forces say they have hit a bank, Hamas command centre and safehouse, a weapons storage site and factories in the last few hours, Haaretz reports.


    Widespread reports of Apache assualt helicopters now being used over Gaza. Reuters reporter Noah Browning says they have mostly not been used so far as militants recently acquired anti-aircraft technology to hit them.


    In a joint press conference with Hillary Clinton, Israeli PM Netanyahu said: "If there's a possibility of achieving a long term solution to this problem through diplomatic means we would prefer that, but if not Israel will take whatever actions necessary to defend its people"


    Hillary Clinton said America's "committment to Israel's security is rock solid and unwavering, that is why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in Gaza".


    Mrs Clinton also said that the US will work toward a solution which will improve security for the people of Israel and the conditions of people in Gaza.

    Eli in Jerusalem

    emails: Israel seems in no hurry to sign any sort of ceasefire agreement, and rightly so. If they end this operation prematurely (as they did with Operation Cast Lead in 2008), we will be back to square one in four years time.


    Hillary Clinton did not give a timetable for a ceasefire but said she would work with Israel and Egypt on a comprehensive peace agreement "in the days ahead".

    Majed Abusalama

    tweets: Attack in the East of #Gaza now, Children will not sleep ever.

    Electronic Intifada

    tweets: Israel hijacks Palestinian TV channel with propaganda depicting Hamas leaders as rats #GazaUnderAttack

    Wyre Davies BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Full of praise for #Egypt's efforts thus far, Sec Clinton (& #Israel) know Egypt is pivotal to a successful ceasefire in #Gaza

    Patrick Baz AFP

    tweets: Building housing @AFP Gaza office hit in Israeli air strike: all AFP journalists safe

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Wondering re ceasefire talks what would "ending blockade" mean. Can't see Israel agreeing to free movement of people from #Gaza to West Bank


    CNN is reporting that the Gaza casualty figures now stand at 137 dead and 1,110 injured, according to Palestinian officials.


    tweets: my door is broken out of the HUGE massive explosion now #Gaza

    Habib Battah

    tweets: US has invested billions in Israel's defenses. How much have they spent protecting Palestinians? #IronDome @HRClinton


    Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev has told the BBC's Newshour programme that every civilian casualty in Gaza is an "operational failure" by the IDF.


    In her press conference with PM Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton said she was "very pleased that the Iron Dome defence has been performing so well."

    "The joint project shows the United States' enduring commitment to the safety and security of Israel's people and for Israel's right to defend itself," she said. Of the 809 rockets that have been fired into Israel since last Wednesday, 389 have been intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

    Gregg Carlstrom Al Jazeera

    tweets: Yeshiva students who went down this morning to closed military zone around Gaza to pray for an Israeli ground invasion:

    Paul Danahar BBC Middle East bureau chief, Gaza City

    tweets: I don't think I have ever been in a conflict where so many media buildings were deliberately targeted by a government #Israel #Gaza


    Human Rights Watch have published a Q&A on the hostilities between Israel and Hamas. They look at the legal issues surrounding the violence.


    BBC Monitoring says Hamas' Al-Quds TV has confirmed that "the occupation forces have broken into the station's transmission in several locations in the Gaza Strip and broadcast hostile messages against the Palestinian people".

    Erin Cunningham Global Post correspondent

    tweets: Another two strikes - heard explosions & then took a second or two for the impact to shake our building/windows. In #Gaza City.


    The Guardian's Seamus Milne says in a new article that looking at the timeline of events, Israel is responsible for the military escalation that led to the current conflict.


    The IDF has published this video of a rocket hitting the Israeli town of Rishon LeTzion, near Tel Aviv, earlier today.

    Deen Sharp

    tweets: 1st in history. 500+ Egyptians, some without passports, got through the Rafah crossing into Gaza during a war


    The war being waged on Israeli websites by hackers Anonymous are the least of Israel's cyber problems, says the New York Times - it is small fry compared to the online attacks launched from Iran and Gaza over the last year.

    Israel Defense Forces

    tweets: Minutes ago, we surgically targeted a Hamas intelligence operations center on 7th floor of a media building in #Gaza. Direct hit confirmed.


    That previous tweet from the IDF relates to the attack reported earlier on Agence France Presse's Gaza office. The IDF said "Hamas terrorists weren't in the media building to be interviewed. They were there to communicate with field operatives and plan attacks."


    The Atlantic magazine has been behind the scenes at the Israel Defense Forces social media command centre, where a dedicated team are Tweeting and liveblogging the war.

    Ernesto Londono

    tweets: When I asked the Israeli military to elaborate on the 111 wounded in rocket attacks figure, was told lion's share were ppl treated 4 anxiety

    Jon Donnison BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: IDF Warns reporters in #Gaza: "Stay away from Hamas operatives & facilities. Hamas, a terrorist group, will use u as human shields."

    Erin Cunningham Global Post correspondent

    tweets: It's not like "Hamas operatives" walk around with it written on their foreheads. Specifics would be nice, @IDFSpokesperson #Gaza


    Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Israel of "ethnic cleansing" in Gaza. He said air raids could not be deemed self-defence and Western countrues were aiding a "terrorist state", AFP reports.

    2306: Katya Adler BBC News

    A ceasefire could come in two stages. Neither side gains from hostilities but it is hard to see Hamas agreeing to Israel's demands and viceversa. International pressure could lead to an interim ceasefire so both sides can save face, then hammer out a more detailed agreement or countdown to more violence.

    Michelle Long in Israel

    emails: I feel as though now that a ceasefire has been predicted, it is extremely important to start encouraging peace talks between both countries and acknowledging both of their rights to exist. It is important, and fair, to tell it how it is.


    An Israeli government spokesperson has told the BBC's Newshour programme that Israel has reservations about a temporary ceasefire. "I have no doubt that Hamas would be more than happy to have a temporary respite - a time out so to speak so they could rest and rearm and we'd have missiles on Israel next week or next month. We are not interested in that," Mark Regev said.


    Here's Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu at their press conference earlier. After holding talks with the Israeli PM tonight on the Gaza conflict, the secretary of state is heading to the West Bank and Egypt on Wednesday.

    Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu at their press conference 20/11/12
    Ayman Mohyeldin NBC News

    tweets: Massive explosion in gaza city 1:26a has knocked out electricity in our building #gaza #israel


    Reports of major explosions now rocking Gaza

    Lyse Doucet Chief International Correspondent, BBC News, Gaza City

    tweets: Very loud explosions #gaza. Electricity out.


    Mondoweiss reports that Palestinians in the West Bank are planning a demonstration to protest against Hillary Clinton's meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.

    Erin Cunninham Global Post correspondent

    tweets: I counted six or seven explosions. Target unclear #Gaza

    Ben Wedeman CNN

    tweets: Massive strike right behind Shurouq building...multiple hits. Broke quiet of several hours #gaza

    Al-Qassam Bridges

    tweets: Qassam Brigades penetrate Israeli channel10 & channel 2, broadcast a message threatening Israel's Tank Division of a painful fate.#Gaza #IDF


    We are continuing our live coverage of the violence between the Israeli military and Hamas in Gaza. Israeli air strikes have continued into the early hours of Wednesday with the BBC's Rushdi Abualouf reporting that eight missiles have destroyed the main complex of a Hamas-run government department in the centre of Gaza City.

    0026: Adrien Jaulmes, Le Figaro reporter

    tweets: Bomb was next to the Beach hotel, accross the street. Most of the windows shattered. Apparently noone seriously wounded. But that was close

    0036: Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor, Gaza

    tweets: Big explosion near our hotel on #Gaza seafront. Broke my window. Has been a noisy night

    0038: Sara Hussein, AFP reporter

    tweets: So first an #Israel strike hit the building housing our @AFP #Gaza office and now close enough to hotel to shatter glass. Not a great night.


    This was the damage from an Israeli air strike in the early hours of Wednesday in Gaza City

    Palestinians inspect damage in Gaza City (21 Nov 2012)
    0042: Journalist Sarah Topol

    tweets: So much for our "safety" room, bathroom blown out in the al quds hotel. #gaza

    0046: Radio France correspondent Emilie Baujard

    tweets: PHOTO Entrance of our hotel. Windows exploded, piece of land bombed 50m away #gaza


    Hours after Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said a barrage of 60 million hacking attacks against Israeli websites had failed, hacking group Anonymous claim they have successfully hacked the Twitter feed of Israeli Deputy PM Silvan Shalom.


    A Twitter feed appearing to be the official account of the Israeli deputy PM was hijacked, publishing abusive English-language messages aimed at his own prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as capitalised tweets backing the Palestinian people and hitting out at Israel. An outfit called ZCompanyHackingCrew appeared to claim responsibility.


    Word from the US state department confirms that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held two hours of talks with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu earlier. "They discussed efforts to de-escalate the situation and bring about a sustainable outcome that protects Israel's security and improves the lives of civilians in Gaza," spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.


    After her stop in Israel, Hillary Clinton will visit Ramallah, in the West Bank, and Cairo, capital of Egypt - where officials are working on "effort to advance de-escalation". She and Mr Netanyahu pledged to stay "in close touch" as she continued her travels, her spokeswoman said.

    Mousa Tawfiq in Gaza

    tweeted a little earlier, expressing disbelief that a ceasefire might be on the way: "the most difficult night ever!!! airstrikes are everywhere... everybody is waiting for ceasefire which seems to be a big LIE! @Gaza"

    Shimmel Jacobovitz in Sderot

    emails from Israel: I live in the constant fear of a missile attack but not only for the last seven days, for the last 12 years! I am fully supportive of a ceasefire but this would just mean an opportunity for Hamas to get more rockets.


    We're going to end our live coverage of the ongoing Israel-Gaza violence for now, at the end of a day in which ceasefire hopes were raised but rocket and missile attacks continued. Many eyes will now be on Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as they seek a "de-escalation". We'll have all the latest development throughout Wednesday for you. Thanks for being with us.


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