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Egypt protests

Key Points

  • More than 30 people have been killed across Egypt as fresh clashes erupt between protesters and security forces
  • A heavy military presence has been deployed in Cairo and across the country
  • The latest violence comes two days after security forces cleared protest camps in support of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi
  • Wednesday's bloodshed, in which more than 638 people lost their lives, has drawn international condemnation
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    Hello and welcome to the BBC's live coverage of events in Egypt as supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood begin fresh protests after Friday prayers.


    The protesters have been asked to gather at mosques around the capital Cairo and march on the city's Ramses Square in what organisers are calling a "day of anger".


    It follows the loss of more than 600 lives on Wednesday when the authorities moved in to break up two pro-Morsi protest camps.


    There are many official checkpoints and armoured personnel carriers around Ramses Square, the BBC's Bethany Bell reports from Cairo.


    Our correspondent says Egypt is holding its breath.


    The police have been authorised to use live fire to protect themselves and public buildings.


    Pro-army groups are calling on people to protect their neighbourhoods and property, Bethany Bell says.

    Alastair Beach, The Independent, Cairo

    tweets: Wazarat el Zeraha, a main road leading 2 Gameat el Dowal & Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque, blocked by troops and barbed wire


    Egypt's state media reports that the military is deploying troops to guard "vital installations".


    Entrances to Tahrir Square - the traditional gathering place for anti-Morsi supporters - have been closed with barbed wire and iron barriers, Egypt's privately-owned al-Yawm al-Sabi news portal reports.


    For a guide to the key protest sites in Cairo over the last two years, here's our comprehensive interactive guide with maps.

    Timothy E Kaldas, Cairo

    tweets: Over the normal speakers carrying Friday sermons I can hear chanting in Zamalek. You can never hear chanting in #Zamalek. #Egypt

    Marwa Elnaggar, Cairo

    tweets: Jan. 25, 2011 I was the only one in my extended family to join the demonstrations. Today I think my entire family is on the streets. #Egypt


    Recent events in Egypt have left America's reputation and credibility 'in tatters', the BBC's Kim Ghattas explains from Washington.

    Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East Editor, Cairo

    tweets: #Cairo streets almost empty by usual standards. City feeling nervous ahead of planned MB demos


    Supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi have started to take to the streets, like these women near Cairo's Ennour mosque:

    Supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi take part in a protest near the Ennour Mosque in Cairo
    Jon Gambrell, Associated Press, Cairo

    tweets: Friday prayers echo through the quiet streets of Cairo ahead of planned "Day of Rage" protests in #Egypt.


    The pro-Muslim Brotherhood Ahrar 25 TV station says thousands of people are also gathering for protests in the Sinai region.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Crowd already gathering in Ramses Sq. #Cairo. MB plans more than 20 marches will converge there. #Egypt

    Ethar El-Katatney, journalist, Cairo

    tweets: The hatred on both sides is so overwhelming it makes me ill. "Terrorists and murderers" they both call each other. #egypt


    The army is out in force around key sites in Cairo, including entrances to the iconic Tahrir Square:

    Egyptian army soldiers take their positions on top and next to their armoured vehicles while guarding an entrance to Tahrir square

    Unknown assailants tried to set fire to the Judges' Club in Alexandria but only managed to get as far as vehicles parked outside the building, reports the BBC's Ahmed Maher from the city.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Sermon at mosque focussing on what prophet Mohammad did in time of war. And how he made peace. #Cairo

    Nora Younis

    tweets: Dear World, Cairo s become deserted closed shops &empty streets even in no curfew hours. Cairo holds its breath heavily & awaits in fear


    For those of you who are joining us now, we are covering events from Egypt as Islamists prepare to march in protest at Wednesday's bloodshed.


    The BBC's Jeremy Bowen is at the Tawheed mosque near Ramses Square, where the protest marches are expected to converge.


    He says those at the mosque have told him they plan to march once prayers have finished.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Sermon saying Muslims taking side of military are bad Muslims who'll go to hell #Cairo

    Shams el Adaliagi, Bagshot, UK

    emails: My sister and her children live in very close proximity to the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque. My sister is one of many residents who submitted a complaint to the courts to evict the demonstrators from this densely populated area. The Nasr city residents have lived in hell the past few months. I have few friends of mine who were members of the party. They all left the party due to the extreme views held by the party hardliners.


    Military checkpoints have been set up in other areas of the country, including in Alexandria; these soldiers are checking vehicles on the city's coastal promenade:

    Egyptian military police man a checkpoint in Alexandria"s coastal promenade

    Wednesday's bloodshed has provoked widespread international condemnation.


    Germany has condemned the escalation in violence and warned that further clashes could "plunge Egypt into a chaos of violence and counter-violence".


    German citizens have been warned by their government not to travel anywhere in Egypt, including to the popular Red Sea resorts.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets from Tawheed Mosque near Ramses Square: Sermon says Sissi's message to the west is that if W is soft on Islamists, Islamic empire will revive and W will suffer

    Shaimaa Khalil BBC News

    tweets: Demonstrations outside fatah mosque now underway #MB supporters chanting "police are thugs". A March of a few hundred passed by us #Egypt


    BBC teams in Cairo report that roads leading to Ramses Square - where the marchers are expected to converge - are being blocked.


    Thousands of pro-Morsi protesters are marching from north-east Cairo towards the city centre, chanting "Down with military rule", Reuters news agency reports.

    Mishal Husain BBC News

    tweets from Cairo: Sight of army helicopter overhead enraging crowd in Ramses


    Al-Jazeera TV reports Egyptian security forces are firing tear gas at demonstrators gathering in the city of Tanta, north of Cairo.

    Sarah, Cairo

    tweets: One of today's marches is highly optimistic. Begins in Giza Sq, which will take it past the Giza Security Directorate & El Nahda.


    As well as reaction from diplomats, there have been protests from pro-Morsi sympathisers outside Egypt. Thousands have taken to the streets in Indonesia and Yemen to protest about the recent bloodshed in Cairo.


    An Egyptian police officer has been killed in an armed attack on a checkpoint in Cairo, the AFP agency quotes state media as saying.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: A few secular men among the beards saying they're marching against the coup, not for Islam #Cairo

    Elisa Iannacone, Cairo

    emails: The situation is going from bad to worse. People are extremely enraged. There were hundreds of dead bodies yesterday. So many had been charred to death, others shot, others beaten. My socks were dripping with blood and water from the ice they were using to try and preserve the bodies inside the mosque and the blood that had spilled throughout. Marches are coming from all corners of Cairo today.


    Egypt's army and police will deal firmly with any violation of the law, Egyptian state television reports, according to Reuters news agency.


    AFP quotes security sources as saying that four Islamist protesters have been killed by police in the north of the country.

    Marwa Elnaggar, Cairo

    tweets: Several demonstrations are being attacked. Shots being fired at them. This is horrible. I feel sick. #Egypt

    Mishal Husain BBC News

    tweets: Chants in Ramses: 'Interior Ministry are thugs' #egypt

    Crowds of protesters in Ramses Square in Cairo
    Mishal Husain BBC News

    tweets: Ramses protester just now: 'I am not from the Brotherhood but Morsi was Egypt's elected leader'

    Mishal Husain BBC News

    tweets: On 15 May bridge, group of local residents on bikes trying to block protest march heading for Ramses


    An update on initial reports of casualties: four people are said to have been killed in Ismailiya on the Suez Canal in clashes between security forces and Morsi supporters. Also, a police officer has reportedly been killed in an armed attack on a checkpoint in a Cairo suburb.


    Thomas Cook Germany says it is cancelling all trips to Egypt following an advisory from the German government urging citizens not to travel to Red Sea resorts.

    Jeremy Hodge, Cairo

    tweets: People holding hands forming human walls around #ramses #cairo


    BBC team in Ramses Square reports shots have been heard in the area near the police station.

    Patrick Kingsley, Guardian Egypt correspondent

    tweets: teargas, stones and fireworks now in Ramses Sq, where there are both Islamists & those opposed to both army and MB


    Cairo's Ramses Square is the focus for Friday's protests.

    Morsi supporters outside Fateh Mosque in Ramses Square, Cairo, on 16 August 2013

    The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil reports from Ramses Square that live rounds as well as bird shots are being fired now. Not sure who is firing.

    Sherine Tadros, Al Jazeera

    tweets: State TV showing men with guns on 15 May bridge amongst the crowds #egypt

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Bullets and pellets pinging into buildings above heads of BBC team and demonstrators, so pulled back

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Police station on edge of Ramses attacked. Tear gas and live fire over heads used to disperse crowd


    These pro-Morsi protesters are on the streets of the northern city of Alexandria:

    Protesters in Alexandria (16 August 2013)
    Ezz Amin, Cairo

    emails: The situation here is very complicated. The sit-ins were creating too much trouble. They were utilising a lot of free services and affecting all people but particularly the poor. The curfew was a good idea. People are respecting it and it's preventing further sit-ins. But today is being called 'Bloody Friday' by the Muslim Brotherhood - I expect that more people will die.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Wounded man brought back on motor scooter. Crowd immediatelychant 'thugs' - meaning the police #cairo

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Ramses demo stayed peaceful for less than an hour. Sign of incendiary mix in divided #Egypt #Cairo


    State TV has been showing images of men with guns on a bridge in Cairo close to the protests:

    Gunmen on bridge in Cairo
    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Men at Ramses tearing down steel fences to make barricades for when army and police move in #Cairo

    1304: Mishal Husain BBC News

    reports: Vehicle access to Ramses Square has been blocked, so for many Morsi supporters the area overlooking the square is as close as they're going to get. Many of them would dearly like to join the crowd in the square.

    Rawya Rageh, Al Jazeera reporter in Cairo

    tweets: This is seeping into residential n'hoods & side streets.. Never thought I'd see civilians chasing each other w guns on our small st #Egypt

    Ayman Mohyeldin NBC News

    tweets: crowds now stranded on May 15 bridge, running back and forth as occasional bursts of gunfire ring out on one side and tear gas on the other

    1313: The BBC's Claire Read

    in Cairo tweets: March from Giza on Haram Street blocked from movement - clashes have broken out #Cairo #Egypt


    State-owned Nile News TV has reported clashes and exchange of gunfire in Alexandria.


    State TV footage has been showing smoke and crowds in Cairo's Ramses Square:

    Ramses Square, Cairo (16 Aug 2013)
    Nagla Rizk, university professor in Egypt

    tweets: one thing for sure, we will not see any #MB president in #egypt any time soon, nor a parliamentary majority, if at all reps.

    1323: Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    reports: I'm now about half a mile from Ramses Square. A lot of casualties are being ferried out from the square on bikes and scooters. I've seen several people who have been shot through the head.


    Reports of casualties continue to come in from different parts of Cairo and of Egypt - this man was injured in clashes in Giza, on the other side of the Nile from Ramses:

    Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood supporters carry an injured comrade who was shot during clashes with security forces in Giza

    There have also been casualties near the main protest site in Ramses Square:

    Morsi supporters carry injured man near Ramses Sq
    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Many casualties in mosque near Ramses

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: I can see 4 bodies and many bad gunshot wounds.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Via Mosque loudspeaker calls for doctors

    1343: Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    reports: I have now seen 6 dead bodies and several dozen injured, some of them seriously. I can see the road running towards Ramses Square and lots of people are walking towards the square. Clouds of smoke are rising from the square.

    1347: Matthew Price Europe correspondent

    reports: European Union diplomats will meet in Brussels on Monday to discuss their response to the bloody crackdown in Egypt. The emergency meeting is a chance for all 28 member countries to outline their position on the situation. Some EU states have already suggested that European aid to Egypt should be frozen.

    1348: Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    reports: I've just seen a seventh body brought here to this mosque near Ramses Square. The bodies are being wrapped in green prayer mats then taken upstairs to be wrapped in white shrouds. Horrible scenes.

    Alastair Beach, Independent Cairo correspondent

    tweets: Steady stream of blood soaked civilians being raced down Ramses St on scooters in Abbaseyya direction away from square

    Bethany Bell BBC News

    reports: State TV here in Cairo says there have been 12 deaths to the north and east of Cairo.

    1353: Bethany Bell BBC News, Cairo

    Muslim Brotherhood sources say that 25 people have been killed in protests at Ramses Square in central Cairo.

    Claire Read BBC Arabic, Cairo

    tweets: Interior Ministry issues statement saying they will deal with attempts to attack state institutions "severely"

    1401: Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    reports: There are now 11 dead bodies in the mosque where I am, about half a mile from Ramses Square. The demonstrations were peaceful to begin with. Then a police station at the edge of the square was stoned. Civilians in support of the military clashed with pro-Morsi protesters and from there the situation quickly escalated, with tear gas and automatic weapons fire being used from the police station.

    1402: Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    The protesters are very angry, saying Gen Sisi is not a proper Muslim and that he has given orders for all proper Muslims to be killed. Egypt is now in a deepening, really serious crisis - I can't see how they can get out of it without a lot more violence and death.


    Egypt's private ON TV Live reports that the Ministry of Interior is calling on people to stay away from the downtown Cairo areas of Ramses, Al-Jala, Nile Corniche. "The Ministry is preparing to deal with armed men at Al-Azbakiyah, Al-Jala and Nile Corniche," it says.

    Bethany Bell BBC News

    tweets: Hearing gunfire in Garden City on the banks of the Nile. Private TV broadcast government warning for people to stay away from the Corniche

    1414: Shaimaa Khalil BBC News

    reports from near Ramses Square: The helicopters which hover over us drive the crowds wild as they direct their anger at them. It's very hard to know if the police are going to go all the way into the square to disperse the crowds or if they're just scaring them so they maintain control of the situation.


    Morsi supporters carry a coffin of a dead protester draped in the national flag as they march towards Old Cairo:

    Morsi supporters carry coffin
    Richard Colebourn BBC Middle East bureau chief

    tweets: Hearing v loud barrage of automatic gunfire and what sounds like some explosions right now from the east of Zamalek

    Gigi Ibrahim, blogger and activist in Cairo

    tweets: The state has waged war against its people killing dozens & sometimes 100s on a daily basis, if this is not terrorism then what is?! #Egypt


    Army helicopter over Ramses Square:

    Supporters of deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi gesture at an army helicopter as they shout slogans during a protest outside Al-Fath Mosque in Ramses Square, in Cairo (16 August 2013)
    Richard Colebourn BBC Middle East bureau chief

    tweets: Smoke pouring from front of Four Seasons Hotel just on banks of Nile. Large crowd. Gunfire + explosion.

    Four Seasons hotel on Nile, Cairo (16 August)

    Elsewhere in Cairo, a funeral is held for Asmaa al-Baltagy, 17-year-old daughter of senior Muslim Brotherhood leader, two days after she was killed

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: As BBC team left mosque/field hospital woman outside in niqab shouted repeatedly about Egypt army commander: "Sisi is a killer"


    Egypt's interior ministry says security forces have successfully repelled "a number of attempts by elements of the Brotherhood to storm police stations".


    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah says the kingdom stands with Egypt against "terrorism," and calls on Arabs to stand together against attempts to destabilise Egypt, Reuters reports.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: By the time I left mosque counted 12 dead laid out. Many casualties still coming in.

    Jeremy Bowen BBC Middle East editor

    tweets: Now trying to cross Nile to get back to hotel to file story & pix. But getting to the bridges difficult, roadblocks and some gunfire.

    Ahmed Maher BBC Arabic, Alexandria

    tweets: Alexandria mainly quiet today. Sporadic clashes in two areas. So far, life as normal in vast parts of Corniche, main coastal road.


    You can listen here to Jeremy Bowen's vivid report from at mosque half a mile from Ramses Square which he filed earlier this afternoon.

    Richard Colebourn BBC Middle East bureau chief

    tweets: Watching large noisy group of protestors trying to reach Ramses Sq from Nile Corniche being held back by military. Large blasts of gunfire.

    Shaimaa Khalil BBC News

    tweets: In hospital behind Ramses sq. Small trucks, cars and motorcycles carrying wounded to hospital every few minutes.


    Relatives of those killed in today's violence have been mourning the dead in the Al-Fath mosque near Ramses Square where some of the bodies have been brought:

    Egyptians mourn over the bodies of their relatives in the Al-Fath mosque in Cairo

    Death toll from today's protests in Cairo reaches 50, security officials tell Reuters.

    Shady Abuyusuf in Damietta

    emails: Eight people died in front of my eyes and a lot of people are in hospital. They are violating every human value man has ever known. This means there will be eight more funerals and the cycle will continue. Everybody is panicking and the whole country is boiling.

    1541: Claire Read BBC Arabic, Cairo

    reports: The death toll across Egypt according to health and security sources and reporters at the moment stands at 38. Of those 13 are in Cairo, 12 in Nile Delta cities and 13 in the rest of Egypt.


    There has been much international reaction to events in Egypt; now the Italian foreign ministry says it has summoned Egypt's ambassador to condemn the "brutal, disproportionate and unjustifiable" use of force by the police on Wednesday.


    This injured protester is being helped close to Azbakiya police station, just off Ramses Square:

    A protester supporting ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi carries an injured demonstrator
    Libyan Youth Movement

    tweets: As usual, we are paralysed by what happens in neighbouring #Egypt. Our prayers with them, condolences to those who lost family. RIP


    Protests have been held outside Egypt to show sympathy for those killed there. Hundreds of supporters of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas protested in Jerusalem, while thousands also rallied in the Turkish capital, Ankara, in Indonesia and in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.


    The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said she will review her country's relationship with Egypt in the light of the bloodshed there.


    In an echo of the hard line position taken by authorities towards the Muslim Brotherhood, a statement from the Egyptian cabinet affirmed "that the government, the armed forces, the police and the great people of Egypt are united in confronting the malicious terrorist plot by the Muslim Brotherhood".

    1609: Shaimaa Khalil BBC News

    reports: We've seen very distressing scenes of many wounded people being brought into a hospital near Ramses Square. A protester we spoke to vowed to stay "until the last bit of blood we have".


    The United Nations' Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, will travel to Egypt next week to "meet with a range of interlocutors, inside and outside the government, including the Muslim Brotherhood," Reuters reports.

    1615: Hugh Sykes BBC News

    reports: On road away from Ramses, there is a rough barricade with men with iron bars at a crossroads, who say they will attack any Muslim Brothers they see. There are many people around here who regard themselves as devout Muslims but who object to the Brotherhood's brand of political Islam. The situation is very unpredictable - what will the authorities do if crowds stay on the streets past the curfew?

    1617: Khalid Abdalla Egyptian actor and political activist

    tells BBC World: This is a very dark and very sad time. We are transitioning between two attempts to create a fascist future for Egypt, and I refuse both of those. The vision for the future has to be an inclusive one. A revolution means trying to build the state anew.

    Bethany Bell BBC News

    tweets: The Egyptian authorities are warning people to respect the curfew which will come into effect in just under an hour


    Five people have died in Egypt's second city Alexandria in clashes between followers of the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces, an official at the local emergency services tells Reuters. At least 15 people were wounded.

    1621: Shaimaa Khalil BBC News

    reports: Since the crackdown, supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood tell me they feel they have a vendetta against the security forces. But this is just one half of a very divided country.


    This map shows the location of Ramses Square in central Cairo, the 6 October Bridge leading to it, and the field hospital at al-Fath mosque:

    Map showing location of Ramses
    1626: Baria Alamuddin Foreign editor of Al-Hayat newspaper

    tells BBC World: People across the Arab world are watching closely- there is a fear of what tomorrow will bring, and huge disillusionment with the Arab Spring. People are discussing what democracy can bring - and what democracy is.


    The UK must look at "every pound" of aid to Egypt, British shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander tells BBC News

    Mahmoud Khattab in Cairo

    tweets: Can't believe state TV is having "EGYPT FIGHTING TERRORISM" on their screens. State is fighting us, the Egyptian people. #Egypt


    This woman was caught up in the clashes in Ramses Square in Cairo. It is not clear whether the blood on her clothes is her own or from a fellow protester:

    An Egyptian woman with blood on her clothes screams during clashes between security forces and supporters of Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi in Ramses Square, in downtown Cairo, Egypt, (16 August 2013)

    These two police officers, one in plain clothes, are taking aim at Morsi supporters in the Zamalek neighbourhood of Cairo, according to the AP agency which supplied the photo:

    A plainclothes police officer aims his weapon towards supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi as another officer watches in the Zamalek neighbourhood of Cairo in Egypt (16 August 2013)
    1657: Ahmed Maher BBC Arabic, Alexandria

    tells BBC World: There are two different views from the Corniche, the vast coast road lined with military tanks. On the beach there are families enjoying themselves, who say they are fed up of politics and life must go on, while to the east there is a large protest rally by the Muslim Brotherhood.


    It is not just the security forces who are armed. This image, also supplied by AP, reportedly shows a Morsi supporter with a pistol in Ramses Square in Cairo:

    A supporter of Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi walks with a pistol during clashes with Egyptian security forces in Ramses Square, downtown Cairo, Egypt (16 August 2013)

    A 12-hour night-time curfew is beginning across the country.


    Thank you for following developments in Egypt with the BBC. We're closing our minute-by-minute coverage for the night, but you can keep up to date with the latest news via the BBC News website.


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