As it happened: Iran nuclear deal

Key points

  • Iran reaches a deal on its nuclear programme with six world powers after talks in Geneva
  • Tehran will suspend enriching uranium beyond levels needed for use in power stations
  • In return, international sanctions worth about $7bn will be relaxed
  • Both Iranian and US presidents have welcomed the deal
  • Reaction has come in from other world leaders and members of the public
  • All times in GMT

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  • Joe Boyle 
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  • Claudia Allen 

Last updated 24 November 2013


0737: Welcome to our live coverage of the historic deal reached between Iran and six world powers over its nuclear programme. Stay with us for all the reaction and analysis.


For those of you just logging on, the deal was announced in the early hours of Sunday. Like many important statements, it appeared first on Twitter. This time on the feed of Michael Mann, spokesman for EU foreign-policy chief Baroness Catherine Ashton.

TWEET 0745

Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East Editor

tweets: Kerry & Zarif both playing the political game, claiming they're getting what they want. Both playing to sceptics back home. #Genevatalks


You can get up-to-speed with what's been happening overnight with our news story, which will continue to be updated throughout the day.


It was all hugs and smiles earlier in Geneva, when the deal was finally made...

Foreign ministers hugging in Geneva, 24/11

TWEET 0753

William Hague, British Foreign Secretary

tweets: This agreement shows it is possible to work with #Iran, and through diplomacy address intractable problems #IranTalks

He continues: Negotiations were painstaking. Tomorrow hard work begins of implementing and building on the agreement #IranTalks


The elation in Geneva wasn't suprising when you consider that it's taken a decade to get to this point. For a reminder of what the crisis is all about, have a look at our Q&A.


One of the cornerstones of the deal was secret talks between the US and Iran over the past year, according to unnamed officials initially quoted by the AP news agency.


The secret talks, authorised by President Obama, took place in Oman and other locations, with four meetings occurring since the election of new Iran President Hassan Rouhani in August.

TWEET 0804

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran

tweets: Iranian people's vote for #moderation & constructive engagement + tireless efforts by negotiating teams are to open new horizons. #IranTalks