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Opening Gala

Our Opening Gala Event featured BBC Arabic's previously unreleased feature length documentary, Saudi's Secret Uprising.

Directed by Saudi journalist, Safa Al-Ahmad, Saudi's Secret Uprising was a finalist in the 2014 Rory Peck Sony Impact Awards.

Saudi's Secret Uprising, documentary

Image caption Safa Al Ahmad offers a rare glimpse of the simmering unrest in Saudi's Eastern Province.

Frequent protests by the marginalised Shia minority in Saudi Arabia's Eastern province have gone largely unreported. Saudi journalist Safa Al Ahmad has gained unprecedented access to film in the region, and speaks to activists; many of whom are on the government's most wanted list. She examines how the Shia community is reacting to a government crackdown and provides a rare glimpse of the simmering unrest in Saudi's Eastern province.

Image caption Safa Al Ahmad


Safa Al Ahmad is a Middle East-based Saudi freelance journalist working in print, television and documentary. Her 2012 film Al Qaeda in Yemen was a finalist for the Rory Peck Award for Freelance Journalism and was nominated for the News and Documentary Emmy Award. Her essay 'Wishful Thinking' was published in the anthology Writing Revolutions, winner of the 2013 English Pen Award.

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