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Iran nuclear deal: Iranian reaction

Woman celebrating in Iran Image copyright Saeed
Image caption Saeed in Tehran captured these image of celebrations in Iran's capital city following the deal

President Obama has hailed a framework agreement on Iran's nuclear programme reached in Switzerland as a "historic understanding".

He said the deal, once finalised, would make the world a safer place. There were celebrations on the streets of Tehran, but Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said it threatened his country's existence while an adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Iran had exchanged its "saddled horse" for one with a "broken bridle".

Here Iranians around the world voice their views on the new agreement and how they see the future of their country.

BBC World News Facebook

Mojgan in Tehran, Iran

We are really happy here with this deal because we have faced economic hardships for years. My husband works so hard every day for long hours and yet we are always facing financial difficulties.

Our isolation from the outside world is really hurting us and so this deal may be the key to solving that problem. It's even hard to travel abroad because most foreign embassies have all closed over the year.

I think most Iranians are hoping this will be the start of a new era of trade and exchange of ideas with the world. It's a good day for Iran.

BBC Persian

Iranians have contacted BBC Persian and commented on BBC Persian's Facebook page with their reaction to the news:

  • Majsam: These celebrations show that how much Iranians are under pressure.
  • Vachik: Mr Zarif and his team have shown that they are so experienced in diplomacy. They could show the world that our country is seeking peace.
  • Mirsoltani: Celebration without any understanding of the content of this deal is so shameful. We should wait and see if they really will relieve the sanctions and then be happy.
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More photos on the BBC Persian site.

Tweets in Persian

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Amir: If there will be a guarantee that the deal is going to be implemented, surely we won't lose anything. My only concern is about the US congress that might ruin everything.

Marjan: The most important point for me is that the war threat is not over our country anymore.

Soroush: It is so delightful that Iranian team has shown that it is looking for negotiation. The content of the deal is not that much important. Now everyone knows that negotiation with US is not a taboo anymore.

Sawman: Israel has shown how much it is afraid of Iran entering the world diplomacy. I am sure that Israel will sabotage this deal in the future.

Manook Soghomonian, Iranian living in the UK

Image copyright Manook Soghomonian
Image caption Manook thinks fellow Iranians will be relieved

Finally Iranians can breathe a sigh of relief as the sanctions shackles come off.

Frankly, this is the best news for Iran because it will help open up the path to a normal relationship with the outside world.

When you are in Iran, you really crave for this relationship with the outside world. I know this is just a framework but we can only hope finalised.

Other comments

Sahryar from Tehran emails: It's one the greatest occasions and the best thing to happen to my country. Congratulations to all Iranians.

Kaveh Shahriari emails: This is only a framework. I will really rejoice when the final agreement is signed. Until then we can only hope for pray for a brighter future.

Shahla Seifi in Derby, UK emails: The deal is a success for both parts of the negotiations. For me as an Iranian, it is a wonderful news as my family are still living in Iran and the end of sanctions means a lot for them. It is further proof that Iran and the rest of the world have common interests (e.g. opposition to ISIS) and can work together. It now shows that the biggest danger in the Middle East is Netanyahu.

Mehrdad, Vancouver, Canada writes: As an Iranian living out of the country, I am grateful that this preliminary agreement has been successful. This agreement will further weaken the position of conservatives in Iran and their coincidental allies such as Netanyahu and republicans in America.

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