Frequently Asked Questions

I would like a job with BBC

We regret that we cannot offer any advice regarding jobs, careers, training or internships at the BBC. For more information contact the BBC's recruitment services at or you could go to their website:

I would like to buy DVDs/Merchandise

The BBC has an online shop for merchandise. Visit:

I would like to receive daily news alerts

Daily news alerts are available via:

I would like to send pictures/videos to BBC

Unfortunately, the BBC does not pay for unsolicited material. If you would still like to contribute your pictures or videos, please email your pictures directly to or upload them at: .

I would like to learn English with the BBC

You can - BBC Learning English website is popular around the world with message boards and discussion groups for students of English. Visit:

I would like a DVD copy/transcript/download of a recent programme

BBC World News does not produce transcripts, videos, downloads of any programmes, interviews or news reports. However, if you took part in a BBC programme and would like a copy of that programme, we advise you contact the person who worked with you directly. If you do not have their contact details, please provide us with further details we will try our best to pass your message on.

I would like to propose a programme for BBC

Tapes or proposals should be sent in writing to our Commissioning Editor:

BBC World News Ltd

Programmes Department

Room MC2B6

Media Centre

201 Wood Lane


W12 7TQ

United Kingdom

How can I watch programmes online?

BBC World News does not archive its programmes online. However some programmes, like HARDtalk and The World Debate, may be available to view online for a limited time, via the programme pages on:

Can you tell me when a certain programme will be repeated?

Please check our dedicated schedules for local repeat times: .

I am having trouble receiving BBC World News on my television

We advise you in the first instance to contact your local satellite/cable provider. If they cannot help with your query, please email details of your transmission problems and your current location to

I would like to buy footage/news clips from the BBC

If you wish to purchase the rights to use footage from any BBC broadcast or to purchase the rights to show a BBC programme, please contact the BBC Motion Gallery. Their website address is:

Why do you show advertisements before news clips on your site?

BBC World News is a commercially funded channel. Advertisements are seen by international users of our news website to raise revenues to sustain and develop our news coverage. BBC services to UK users are funded by a licence fee payable by TV owners, but this revenue cannot fund our international-facing services. Video advertising is widely used on news websites throughout the world and the BBC's use is in line with accepted market practice and BBC guidelines.