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Bringing the talent back to Malaysia

Ravindran Devagunam has worked for multinational companies in Singapore and India for 16 years.

He had worked in Malaysia as an aerospace engineer, but felt his opportunities there were limited and left.

This is a pattern that hundreds of thousands educated ethnic Chinese and Indians follow. The World Bank says many of them are being driven away because of an affirmative action policy favouring the Malay-majority.

Without this talent, analysts warn that Malaysia may not reach its goal of becoming a developed nation by 2020, which is why the government is trying to attract them back.

Mr Ravindran is one of the few who have returned. He has been recruited to ensure Prime Minister Najib Razak's economic reforms are carried out, focussing on anti-corruption and the retail sector.

Mr Ravindran says he never dreamed he would return to Malaysia, much less work for the government, but says his new job feels rewarding because he is helping to change the country for the better.

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