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Working Lives UK: Landlady

Just off a busy shopping street, in one of the many alleyways that riddle Leeds city centre, is Whitelock's pub.

It's thought to be the oldest pub in Leeds and has been satisfying Yorkshire thirsts since 1715.

The latest in a long line of landlords and ladies is Beverley Simm who came to the pub three years ago, with her husband. The pub is a Leeds institution, so Mrs Simm could be forgiven for finding it a daunting prospect but she relishes every day.

She is paid about £30,000 (US$47,000) to manage the pub by its owners. She employs her husband and the couple live in the flat above the bar. "After a long day, when you finish at 1am, you don't want to be waiting for the bus home. So that works for us."

It's hard work, especially with pubs across the country closing at an alarming rate. It can also be dangerous. In previous pubs Mrs Simm has had to deal with much more than just drunken behaviour.

She says she has been punched and her husband had a shotgun pulled on him - they only found out later it was not loaded.

But after 35 nomadic years in the business, this affable southerner has found a home in the north of England and thinks Whitelock's could be her final pub. "I love it, it's perfect. Why change something that's perfect?"