19 August 2014 Last updated at 09:48 ET
  • Revolutionary mural in MaputoMozambique Direct

    A country on the brink of transformation

  • Women in Qatar sip coffee as they view the Doha skylineQatar Direct

    The tiny Gulf nation with global ambitions

  • Istanbul mosque with Turkish flag in foregroundTurkey Direct

    A former imperial power at the crossroads of Europe and Asia

  • Giraffe and Nairobi skyline in distanceKenya Direct

    The land of the safari and the Masai looks to the future

  • Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de JaneiroBrazil Direct

    One of the world's emerging economic superpowers prepares for global attention

  • Thai Buddhist monks walk past templeThailand Direct

    A tourist favourite emerges as one of the economic powers of Asia

  • Pancake in the shape of a maple leafCanada Direct

    A behind the scenes look at North America's biggest country

  • Man relaxing near boats on a Greek islandGreece Direct

    Europe's cradle of civilisation faces challenging times ahead

  • Polish flagsPoland Direct

    One of Central Europe's biggest economies prepares for new challenges

  • Eiffel Tower and touristsFrance Direct

    Background stories from one of Europe's most important economies

  • Bullet trains in JapanJapan Direct

    The country which pioneered the technology boom faces fresh challenges

  • Crowd waving Mexican flagsMexico Direct

    A Central American giant prepares to make its presence felt on the global stage

Country Direct
  • Flags of the worldCountry profiles

    Learn more about the nations which make up our world

  • Man silhouetted in front of Taj MahalIndia Direct

    One of the world's new powers, caught between tradition and transformation

  • Skyscraper silhouette in TaipeiTaiwan Direct

    One of the original Asian Tiger economies adapts to a new century

  • Monorail in Kuala LumpurMalaysia Direct

    A rising Asian power caught at an economic and cultural crossroads

  • Formations at Kabui RaiIndonesia Direct

    Behind the headlines in the world's most populous Muslim nation

  • London'sOxford Street with Union flagsUK Direct

    Voices from around the UK in the year of the 2012 Olympics

  • Kiev skylineUkraine Direct

    A country at the very heart of Europe searches for a new identity

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