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Working Lives Athens


Athens, the birthplace of democracy, has also become known today as the capital of the crisis sweeping across Europe.

Clustered around the old city and the famous ruins of the Acropolis the city of Athens remains a favourite tourist destination and a gateway to the idyllic Greek islands.

In its busy market streets and among the tower blocks that crowd the city, we meet six people whose different working lives form an intriguing portrait of the city.

Thomas Maniakis is a cinema operator with a passion for classic American and European films, while seafaring entrepreneur George Vernicos makes his living from a life-long love.

Chara Charami is an archaeologist involved in a number of excavations around the city, while interpreter Hala Akari provides a vital link between immigrants who arrive in Athens, and the local authorities.

Captain Michalis Panou is the son of a seaman whose line of work has taken him around the world and back, while shop assistant Maria Ignatiou, who hopes to become a teacher, is working for the family business.