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Media captionWATCH: Interpreter Hala Akari lives with her family in Athens. She says they all have to support each other

Hala Akari works as a translator at a non-profit UNHCR-supported agency called Metadrasi.

With the recent increase of immigrants coming into Greece, asylum seekers needed translators to communicate with the local authorities. Hala, who is fluent in Arabic, English and Greek, is well qualified for the job.

In her work she hears many stories of the difficulties asylum seekers faced in their own countries as well as the problems they face in Greece. They are difficult stories to hear but Hala is glad that she in a position to help, at least in a small way.

Hala has lived in Greece most of her life and both her children were born there and feel Greek. Hala loves Greece but her thoughts are never too far from her first home, Syria, especially with the unrest that is currently engulfing the country.

Hala, her parents and her two sisters' families all live in Athens. Like many people they have been affected by the crisis. Her sister and brother-in-law both lost their jobs in the same month.

They support each other and hope that their search for work won't force them to leave Greece.