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Working Lives Croatia: Engineer

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Media captionWorking Lives Croatia: Albert Salicunaj

For 27-year-old Albert Salicunaj it was a childhood passion for plastic toy bricks that determined the path his career would go.

"When I was a child I often played with Lego toys - today I work almost like playing," he says.

Albert is a development mechanical engineer working on what his company hopes will be Croatia's first electric car.

Sitting in the prototype, Albert says: "Cars are my passion. I think for every mechanical engineer this is a dream job", adding, "The chassis was my baby - I designed the chassis and parts of the suspension and steering."

Albert's other passion is football which he often plays after work with colleagues.

"It's like team building - we hang out and drink coffee after the match".

Albert's working day is split between a computer screen where he fine tunes his designs, and problem solving on the factory floor where the car parts are being tested for production.

"This is our baby - we love this car," he proudly proclaims.

On top of his day job, he's also studying for a masters degree, paid for by the company. "They wanted me to specialise more in construction," he explains.

As far as the future is concerned, he hopes that his company will become a leader in car production and that he'll get to work on more new innovative projects, helping to drive Croatia's economy in the right direction.