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Image caption Nepali and English-language newspapers are sold in Kathmandu

Private broadcasting has flourished. The government operates radio and TV services and publishes a Nepali-language daily and an English-language paper.

Political instability and the activities of illegal armed groups threaten media freedom and the safety of journalists, notes Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

RSF says violence is the main problem facing journalists, adding that physical assaults generally go unpunished.

There is a small film industry, nicknamed "Kollywood". Indian films are staple fare in cinemas.

BBC World Service broadcasts on 103 FM in Kathmandu.

There were around 4.8 million internet users by December 2014 ( Facebook is a popular platform and the use of Twitter is on the rise. Prominent bloggers write about political issues.

Facebook has been used for political and social activism and for organising protests. Armed groups have used social media to threaten journalists, says RSF.

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