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Pakistan floods: Children's stories

In 2010, Pakistan was hit by the most severe floods in its history - at least 18 million people were affected. One year on, millions are still in dire need of assistance.

The most vulnerable among them are women and children. According to the UN estimates around 3.5 million children are at risk of disease.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees are still living in camps, their homes destroyed. The BBC's Urdu Service spoke to three children from Sindh Province, the area worst affected, about how the floods had changed their lives.

'We lost everything: our village, cows, hens'

Firdaus is from Khairpur, Sindh. She is living in a flood relief camp near Karachi with her father. Her house along with the entire village was destroyed in the floods.

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Media captionFirdaus explains how a boat came and took her and her father away

'I am helpless'

Abbas is from Sajawal, a small village near Thatta, Sindh province. He is living with his parents in a camp close to the place where his village stood before it was washed away.

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Media captionAbbas talks about the death of men and children in the relief camp

'I have no friends here'

Taufeeq fled to a camp in Hyderabad from a village in Sindh, Mirpur Bururo. He says he walked for 10 days before reaching shelter.

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Media captionTaufeeq says he does not know when he will return home

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