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Kabul gunfight: Eyewitness accounts

Taliban fighters have launched a co-ordinated attack on the embassy district of the Afghan capital, Kabul. Here residents of the city describe their experiences of the sustained attack.

Omaid Sharifi

My office is near the presidential palace. I've heard at least eight explosions.

Our office is in lockdown and security has been increased here. We've been told to move away from windows.

My home is near the area where the attack is taking place and I have been trying to call friends and family. Phone lines have not been working properly.

People here are scared. We're following local news. We don't know what will happen next. It is confusing and worrying.

I noticed tighter security today. I was stuck in traffic because roads were closed. And I saw more police and security forces on the streets.

The security situation here is getting ridiculous. You don't feel safe at home or at work. I was talking to friends this morning, and they were saying: It could be us next. We could be killed at any moment.

Mohammad Aman Hussain Zada

I was driving past the US embassy building in my office vehicle when the incident took place.

It was extremely frightening and everyone here is sickened by this terrorist attack.

At the time of the explosions everyone scrambled for cover. I headed back to my office and I'm currently holed up there. I cannot leave. The security situation is still very fluid.

Security forces are still trying to assess the scale of the attack.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Despite our experience of terrorism, nothing really prepares you for shards of twisted metal, scattered glass, victims and the debris that litters the streets.

Today's explosions have spread fear all around the capital.

It seems the attacks were well planned and executed with deadly accuracy.

Himanshu Sharma

I've been hearing heavy gunfire from this morning as my office is near to where the attack is taking place. The shooting has been going on for about three hours.

It sounds like the Taliban are using heavier weapons than the security forces.

Just outside my office there is a hospital so injured people are being brought here. I've just seen four people being taken to the hospital with very bad injuries.

There is a heavy army presence at the moment and I can see four army trucks.

I've just heard an explosion from a bomb.

People in our office are all horrified and scared. I have been in Kabul for six months and this is the first time I've experienced anything like this.

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