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Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman's wife to succeed him

Oscar Goodman and Carolyn Goodman on election night, Tuesday 7 June
Image caption Carolyn and Oscar Goodman call themselves the Happiest Couple in the Universe

Carolyn Goodman has been elected mayor of Las Vegas, succeeding in the role her husband, colourful former mob lawyer Oscar Goodman.

Mrs Goodman, with 61% of the vote, bested Clark County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

"I am thrilled because it says the people love what has been created by my husband," Mrs Goodman was quoted by news agency AP as saying.

Oscar Goodman, who appeared in the film Casino, was mayor for 12 years.

The mayor's role is seen as largely a figurehead position - the day-to-day operations of municipal government are handled by a non-political city manager.

Mr Goodman was prevented by term limits from running again, but campaigned tirelessly for his wife. Some saw the relationship between Las Vegas' first couple as the determining factor in the nonpartisan contest.

"Had she carried a different last name, Goodman would have been considered a dark horse even in the primary," wrote Las Vegas Sun journalist Delen Goldberg.

Mrs Goodman is the founder and former head of a private school for the children of Las Vegas's elite.

Some say Mr Goodman seemed to relish Las Vegas's image as America's Sin City, offering poker chips as business cards and once reportedly threatening to bludgeon with a baseball bat a columnist who wrote critically about his interest in legalising prostitution.