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US election: Daily Diet - 15 October

As the election looms, the bombardment of stories, figures and headlines is intensifying. But no longer - we've diced and sliced a daily helping of tasty political morsels for your consumption.

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With 22 days left until the election, Obama charms a campaign volunteer, houses burn - but only metaphorically - and a Washington Post poll asks a very domestic political preference question.

Picture of the day

President Obama on Sunday took time out from preparations for Tuesday's debate to rally volunteers at a local campaign office in Williamsburg. He delivered pizza to the volunteers and made a few telephone calls.

Quote of the day

It`s like a house. And I think the Obama strategy seems to be, rich people are in a nicer room than poor people. Hispanics are not in as nice a room as Anglos. Women are not in as nice a room as men. And you back up and the house is burning down.

Republican strategist Alex Castellanos describes what he deems President Obama's philosophy of governance, on NBC's Meet the Press.

Read more at NBC

Ad of the day

The Romney campaign released an advert, Fiscal Discipline, juxtaposing Vice-President Biden's laughter during Thursday's debate with Paul Ryan's more serious tone.

Random stat

36 - Percentage of Americans who would rather have Romney, rather than Obama, baby-sit their children (49% said they would prefer Obama)

Read more at the Washington Post

News in a swing state

The Las Vegas Review-Journal prepares for an onslaught of volunteers in the western swing state of Nevada.

Policy wonk's point of the day

Monday is the deadline for candidates to file their fundraising totals for the last quarter. This election's fundraising - when you factor in the contributions of new special interest groups - is projected to surpass the $1.1bn (£0.7bn) of 2008, setting a new record. In the British general election of 2010, the total spent by all parties was a rather measly £31.5 million ($51m).

(courtesy of the BBC's Analysis & Research unit, a team of highly experienced analysts who provide BBC journalists with briefs on the day's top stories)

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