Right direction for Romney?

Romney supporters at Boston Republican HQ (6 Nov) Romney's supporters are waiting to see if the numbers add up for their man

The music died when the first results came into Romney HQ in Boston - not metaphorically, but literally, as the jazz band that had been serenading Republicans stopped playing.

The chat died too as everyone watched the first results come onto the screen flanking the stage where Mitt Romney will at some stage appear.

The people here have been living and breathing the electoral numbers for years. They won't have been surprised by the Republican gain in Indiana or President Obama holding on in Vermont.

More chewy is Virginia for the Romnulans. As is the case in so many swing states, it's a place that President Obama can afford to lose, but that Mitt Romney really has to win if he is going to put his curtains up in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Republicans would have been looking for a clearer indication that they are going to take the Virginia - a state that Mr Romney has visited repeatedly over the last few weeks. A dead heat is not good news.

For a first clue as to why this election may not swing Mr Romney's way, look at the ABC/Washington Post exit polls, not on voting intention but on the "track" question - whether voters think the country is going in the right direction.

A year-and-a-half ago, when I was talking to a pollster, he said that it was that number that gave the clearest indication of the trouble Barack Obama was in.

In September 2011, a whopping 77% said that the US was one the "wrong track". By July this year, it was 69% - still enough for people to be seriously unhappy with the president.

But by the end of October, it had plummeted to 55% and on election day - 52%. The mood has changed, quite possibly just in time to save President Obama.

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    Comment number 25.

    The tracking polls I saw right up until Tuesday still showed close to 20% more Americans thought the country was going the wrong way under Obama, whose economic policies have been a dismal failure. The country would have recovered much further if Obama hadn't interfered.

    Obama is an arrogant ideologue, listening only to himself. It will get much worse now. Four years and a zero learning curve.

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    Comment number 24.

    Fortunately, JCP, all empires eventually come to an end. We are in the middle of the decline and fall of the American empire - which may go on for some time yet, but will never think it rules the world again. Start learning Mandarin baby!

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    Comment number 23.

    Obama is nothing more than a half decent preacher. Still he comforts the children as they scream and sway like certifiable delinquants. People get what they deserve, I just feel sorry for the hard working, independent, responsible people who pay for it all and certainly don't deserve it.

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    Comment number 22.

    So the now famous (and rumbled) '47%' of takers, plus another 3% of bleeding hearts/watery eyed naive ideallists ensure another 4 years of social, moral, economic, political and military decline. All paid for of course by the other 50% who will just have to grin and bear it as they watch what was once the greatest country in the world, their country, sink further into mediocrity.

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    Comment number 21.

    @9 Scott Gibbons

    Nothing like the Republicans in Britain?

    The Tory MPs are currently controlled by a small centrist, i.e. sane, group around Cameron. But there are many just as rabid as Reps seem to be. Except that what makes them foam at the mouth is not Obamacare, but the EU.
    All living in economic cloud cuckoo land, all venerating ideology not common sense. Hence, all dangerous fools


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