Inauguration of President Barack Obama in 2013

Key points

  • Barack Obama is publicly sworn in for his second term as US president
  • Hundreds of thousands throng Washington DC for Monday's public events
  • The Obamas and the Bidens participate in an inaugural parade. All times GMT (EST +5)

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Last updated 21 January 2013


Welcome to our live coverage of the public inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United States. We will be bringing you live updates and analysis from the BBC's correspondents in Washington DC and beyond, streaming live video of the ceremonies, updating with the best of the comment on blogs and social networks, or sent to us via email, and also taking in the best pictures of the day.


Not as many people are expected to attend as the 1.8 million who came to Mr Obama's inauguration for his first term, reports the BBC's Laura Trevelyan - who is already on the scene in Washington as dawn breaks - but hundreds of thousands nonetheless.


Capitol Hill. Photo: Alison Pease

Alison Pease tweeted this photo of her position at the inauguration.


The inauguration has already been touched by controversy after rapper Lupe Fiasco criticised President Obama's stance on Israel's recent bombardment of Gaza as he performed at an inauguration party on Sunday night. He was eventually escorted from the stage. You can read more at Politico.


The BBC's Suzanne Kianpour tweets: Lovely sunrise over #inaug2013. we're live w/ @BBCJonSopel on the Newseum rooftop. Yes it's cold @bbcworld



tweets: Up at 6:30am for the day's festivities. Judging by reports, I should've been at the Mall by now. #crowds #inaug2013


US TV programme, Good Morning America

tweets: Barack Obama will be sworn in on two Bibles, one used by Martin Luther King, Jr., one by President Lincoln #Inaug2013


Mr Obama won a second term in office in November more comfortably than many expected, taking 332 electoral college votes to defeat Republican Mitt Romney - well past the 270 he needed. But the popular vote was close and the Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives. Mr Obama leads a divided nation and is likely to face a tough task if he tackles contentious issues over the next four years.


As dawn breaks, crowds are already gathering in front of the Washington Monument, with over three hours to go until the inauguration.

Crowds gather in front of the Washington Monument ahead of Barack Obama's inauguration for his second term as US president


Malinda Love

tweets: A wonderful day to celebrate American History! Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day & Happy Inauguration Day! #Celebrate #MLKDay #Inauguration