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Obama's second term - your hopes

With Barack Obama publicly sworn in for his second term as US president, BBC News readers around the world reflect on his last term and the next four years.

Image caption Crowds watch President Barack Obama and his wife at 2009 inaugural ball

Leah, Pennsylvania, US

The morale of the country has changed massively, Americans are much more confident than four years ago, people hardly stood for the anthem at the end of Bush.

His first term has been very successful, particularly with the jobs stimulus. Also taxing businesses that outsource to China, federal loans to universities, health care plan, killing Bin Laden, ending the Iraq war, improving image abroad and protecting the environment.

For the second term I'm hoping for stricter gun laws, gay marriage rights, education reform, an end to the war in Afghanistan and solving the national debt.

Joe, Ohio, US

This is truly a sad event. To sum it up in one word, Obama's first term in office has been a disaster.

More soldiers have lost their lives to suicide during his administration than any other president.

The $10 trillion he added to the national debt is not exactly the right credential for his re-election.

The American voters were asleep at the switch, on this one, and are the primary cause for this travesty of justice.

Beatriz, Caracas, Venezuela

Obama was very successful in his first term but I think a lot of people voted for him because they didn't like the other guy [Mitt Romney].

Obama promised to close Guantanamo, which he didn't do. He soon realised that when you get into office, it isn't always possible to fulfil these promises.

I think he now has a different view of the world politically after four years in office and he will have a better view for the second term, especially regarding the economy.

Stefan, Brit living in Maryland, US

As an Englishman, I felt compelled to attend the inauguration; it is a crucial piece of history in the making.

As most Obama supporters come from the northern states, he is among friends here in DC.

A lot of Americans were against his health care reform, but hopefully this will be pushed through in his next term.

Carlos, New York, US

Obama has had successes with civil rights and the economy - slowly but surely.

His weakness is his backbone, which isn't very strong.

We were astonished when he issued 25 executive orders on gun control within 33 days of the Newtown massacre.

If only he would act with the same rapidity on other issues such as updating the railroads, infrastructure, education and economy.

Francis, Lagos, Nigeria

President Barack Obama has done well and deserves this second term.

He did very well in his first term for pulling out US troops from Iraq and ending the war, which the whole world is happy about.

By using drones in Afghanistan, the number of fatalities of US and UK soldiers was brought down drastically. Killing Bin Laden was another credit to him.

People need to understand that Obama inherited the big deficit from the era of George Bush and Obama cannot be blamed for that.

Anwar, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Obama's foreign policy has brought a big change to Afghanistan and the Afghan people.

Everyone is looking to 2014 and the US troop withdrawal. People are worried that when the US soldiers leave, there will be less security and a return to violence.

The government just doesn't have the capacity to provide stability and has no sustainable plans. People are very anxious.

Interviews by Sarah Fowler

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