Afghan Police firing indiscriminately in Helmand


BBC Panorama reporter Ben Anderson spent five weeks with US Marines working to advise Afghan security forces in Sangin, the most violent district in Helmand province.

While he was there he witnessed corruption and criminality among the Afghan police.

At one patrol base the main watchtower came under attack and the Afghan police fired back, even though there were civilians in the line of fire.

The deputy commander of the Afghan police on the base said he saw no difference between civilians and the Taliban.

The Afghan police force will assume control of Sangin in the next few weeks. The Afghan government says it is fighting corruption and that the police and armed forces are ready and willing to take full responsibility for the security of their country.

Panorama: Mission Accomplished? Secrets of Helmand, BBC One, Monday, 25 February at 20:30 GMT and then available in the UK on the BBC iPlayer.

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