17 July 2014 Last updated at 19:34 ET

As it happened: Reaction to MH17 Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine

Key Points

  • Pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine are to allow investigators access to the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17
  • The UN Security Council has demanded a "full, thorough and independent international investigation"
  • Contact was lost with the plane as it flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur at 14:15 GMT on Thursday
  • Ukrainian military and pro-Russian rebels accuse each other of shooting down the plane
  • There were 298 passengers and crew on board, 189 of them Dutch citizens
  • All times in BST (GMT +1).

    Hello and welcome back to our live updates on the Ukraine plane crash.


    Let's start with a recap of events. Almost 300 people are presumed dead after a Malaysia Airlines jet crashed in eastern Ukraine close to the border with Russia.


    The crashed plane was a Boeing 777-200ER, the same model as that of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which disappeared while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March.


    According to Malaysia Airlines, the plane lost contact four hours after leaving Amsterdam en route to Kuala Lumpur, at 14:15 GMT, 50km from the Russia-Ukraine border.


    Both the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian rebels who have been fighting in the region have denied shooting it down.


    US Vice-President Joe Biden said he believed the incident was not an accident, and the plane was "blown out of the sky".


    Malaysia Airlines says the flight route for MH17 had been earlier declared safe by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, and the airspace was not subject to restrictions.

    Marie McInerney

    tweets: Sad news from @MichelSidibe that #AIDS2014 delegates were aboard #MalaysiaAirlines flight #IPCHIV14 @croakeyblog


    Malaysia Airlines has listed the nationalities on board: 154 Dutch, 43 Malaysians, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, 9 Britons, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Filipinos, 1 Canadian, and 41 people of unverified nationalities.


    Many of those on board were Dutch, and people gathered near the Dutch embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, to express condolences.

    People outside Dutch Embassy, Kiev

    Asked how many US passengers were on board, a US State Department official says: "At this point we do not have any confirmed information about casualties."


    Australia's foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop confirms a number of people onboard MH17 were travelling to Melbourne for an Aids conference, reports ABC News.


    Ms Bishop's remarks reported by Australian media: "We don't know the cause but there is speculation that the plane was shot down. If that is the case it is an unspeakable crime."


    Despite the conflict going on below, the jet was on a well-travelled route, says BBC transport correspondent Richard Westcott, where it was meant to be safe. You can watch more of his analysis.


    A Sydney Morning Herald report says immediately after MH17's crash, four more airliners followed the same path and did not re-route: Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Kazakhstan Airlines and Etihad.


    At Kuala Lumpur, relatives and friends have endured an agonising day and night waiting for news at the airport.

    Woman crying at Kuala Lumpur airport

    Nine Britons were on the plane. The UK Foreign Office said anyone concerned could text MH17 to +44 7860010026, call 020 7008 1500, or fill out an online form at https://overseas-crisis.service.gov.uk


    Earlier the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that "no stone will be left unturned" to find out what happened.

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    tweets: TonyAbbottMHR due to make public address in about 30mins about the #MH17 tragedy. #TenNews


    President Obama has been busy on the phone this evening. After calls to Ukraine and Malaysia's leaders, the White House says he has now called Prime Minister Rutte of the Netherlands to express his condolences.


    The International Aids Society has confirmed in a statement that "a number of colleagues and friends" were travelling to Melbourne to attend the 20th International Aids Conference.


    In that phone call to the Netherlands to express condolences, President Obama also called for a "prompt" and "unimpeded" investigation into the incident.

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    tweets: We join #Malaysia in prayer & heartfelt thoughts for the loved ones of #MH17's passengers and crew.


    Australian newlyweds Simone La Posta and Juan Jovel were due to be on MH17 but changed plans at the last minute and took an earlier flight. They were in Europe for their honeymoon. Ms La Posta told ABC News: "It's a bit surreal to think that one day later and I wouldn't be standing here."


    The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now prohibited all US airlines from flying through airspace above eastern Ukraine.

    Malaysia Airlines

    tweets: We are in the process of notifying #MH17 next-of-kin. Once all have been notified, the passenger's manifest will be released.


    US Secretary of State John Kerry says he is "horrified" by the news. "There are no words adequate to express our condolences to the families of the nearly 300 victims," he says.


    Mr Kerry added that they were still reviewing whether any American citizens were on board, and the US was prepared to assist with a "credible, international investigation any way we can".


    tweets a map of the airspace over Europe after #MH17 was downed, showing most airplanes giving Ukraine a wide berth.


    Kuala Lumpur has woken up to the aftermath of another aviation catastrophe.

    Kuala Lumpur International Airport

    Australian PM Tony Abbott speaks in Parliament: "This is a grim day for our country and it's a grim day for our world." He says MH17 was shot down, "it seems by Russia-backed rebels".


    Data on MH17's flight route by flightradar24 suggests the plane had deviated slightly from its usual route and flew across the length of Ukraine.


    BBC diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus has been pondering whether the crash could change the game in the long-running Ukraine crisis.


    AFP reports that national flags have been lowered to half-mast across Malaysia and at Malaysian embassies around the world.


    Shares in Malaysia Airlines have dropped by 17.8% in early exchanges on the Kuala Lumpur stock market, according to agencies. Other regional carriers' stock have also slipped.


    A news stand in Melbourne shows how the tragedy has hit Australia hard, with 27 passengers on board.

    News stand in Melbourne

    In a statement, the White House has urged Russia, pro-Russian separatists and Ukraine "to support an immediate cease-fire in order to ensure safe and unfettered access to the crash site for international investigators and in order to facilitate the recovery of remains".


    The White House statement went on to demand that no evidence be tampered with, and called on Russia to de-escalate the crisis and support a path to peace.


    Chinese newspapers in Kuala Lumpur on Friday tell the tragic story of MH17.

    A newspaper delivery man prepares to unload Chinese newspapers carrying headline stories and pictures of Thursday's Malaysia Airlines plane shot down, in Shah Alam, outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Friday, on 18 July 2014.

    Aviation website Flightradar24.com says in a Facebook post that MH17's plane crashed exactly 17 years after its first flight.


    Families of passengers and crew onboard MH17 are now arriving at the Putrajaya Marriott Hotel for a briefing by Malaysia Airlines officials. Some are sobbing uncontrollably, reports The New Straits Times.

    Foreign Office (FCO)

    tweets: British nationals who are concerned a friend or relative may be involved in #MH17 crash please contact @foreignoffice on 02070081500.

    China Xinhua News

    tweets: China's CAAC orders Chinese aircrafts to avoid eastern Ukraine airspace following the MH17 crash in that region.


    Emergency service workers in Ukraine have been combing through debris at the crash site

    An Emergencies Ministry member walks at the site of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region, on 17 July 2014.
    Julia Gillard, former Australian Prime Minister

    tweets: Heartbreaking news on the shooting down of MH17. My condolences to the many bereaved families here at home and worldwide.


    Distraught relatives of passengers and crew continue to arrive at Kuala Lumpur's international airport.

    A woman weeps after seeing her daughter's name on the list of passengers on board Malaysia Airlines MH17 at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Sepang 18 July 2014.

    American officials say they suspect a Russian-made missile had shot down MH17, reports The New York Times. An adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister had earlier alleged that the missile was fired by a Russian-made Buk launcher.


    The BBC's Cindy Sui in Taiwan says authorities have ordered Taiwanese carriers China Airlines and EVA Air to avoid flying over conflict zones, after local media reports that an EVA Air plane flew over Ukraine just two hours before MH17.

    Int. AIDS Society

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    Nine News Perth

    tweets: 7 Western Australians confirmed on flight #MH17 shot down over Ukraine.


    New Zealand's foreign affairs minister Murray McCully has confirmed that a New Zealand woman died in the MH17 crash. The country was not on the list of verified nationalities of passengers and crew released earlier by Malaysia Airlines.


    Former International Aids Society president and world-renowned researcher Joep Lange died in the crash, according to The Washington Post which confirmed the news with Mr Lange's office.


    Business and government leaders including Australia's Treasurer Joe Hockey (second from left) observe a minute of silence for the dead at the B20 Australia Summit in Sydney, Australia.

    SEB Chairman Marcus Wallenberg, Treasurer of Australia Joe Hockey, GE Global Growth and Operations CEO John Rice and OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria hold a minute silence for the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 at the B20 Australia Summit on 18 July 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

    Hong Kong authorities say at least one Hong Kong resident was onboard MH17 and travelling with a relative whose nationality has yet to be confirmed, reports The South China Morning Post.

    Malaysia Airlines

    tweets: Thank you for all your support. Our thoughts and prayers are with #MH17 passengers and crew and their family members.

    PLOS Medicine

    tweets: We are really saddened to hear of death of HIV researchers on #MH17, incl the wonderful Joep Lange. He was an early & kind supporter of us.


    Singapore authorities have said in a statement that they have not received any reports of Singaporean victims. "We also stand in solidarity with the government and people of Malaysia during this difficult period."


    Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said in a televised address that he has issued instructions for Indonesian airlines to avoid conflict areas especially Ukraine and the Gaza strip. Twelve Indonesians were onboard MH17 including an infant.


    Malaysian officials including Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai are set to give a briefing at 4pm local time (9am BST), say the BBC's reporters at Kuala Lumpur's airport.


    Hit by "two astonishing tragedies in quick succession", the brand of Malaysia Airlines may become "the airline industry's equivalent of asbestos", the AP news agency quotes experts as saying - "toxic to the public and impossible to redeem".


    Malaysian Airlines just put out a statement saying MH17's plane had "a clean maintenance record" and its last check was on 11 July. "The aircraft had a clean bill of health... All communication systems on the aircraft were functioning normally."


    Dutch newspapers have the MH17 crash on their front pages. De Telegraaf has called it "a terrible murder". The Netherlands lost the most number of people in the crash with 154 Dutch citizens onboard the plane.


    Freelance journalist Harriet Salem - at the site of the crash site - tells the BBC that investigators are now beginning the grisly task of trying to identify body parts. She says the area is firmly in the control of separatist rebels.


    American foreign policy expert Damon Wilson tells the BBC that Russia's President Putin seems to be using his usual tactics in relation to the latest disaster - "taking something for which he has a great sense of culpability and blaming it on Ukraine".


    Shares in Malaysia Airlines fell almost 18% in trading on Friday morning. The company's value has plunged by 43% over the past nine months. The airline has been losing money for several years.


    Airline safety expert Desmond Ross tells the BBC from Australia that a risk assessment should have been made before MH17 flew over eastern Ukraine. "It is unfortunate that whatever risk assessment was made, was not adequate," he says.


    Mohshin Aziz, an investment analyst at Maybank in Kuala Lumpur, told Newsday on the BBC World Service the airline's challenges are "insurmountable" and that it probably won't survive beyond a year.


    Rescue workers have recovered a second flight recorder from the crash site in eastern Ukraine, Reuters news agency reports.


    Among the rescue workers searching the crash site are policemen "and even off-duty coal miners", AP reports.


    The reaction of the Ukrainian media to the disaster is near unanimous on one point made forcefully by various newspapers including the popular daily, Segodnya. It says that the crash has become a "a turning point" in the armed conflict between the Ukrainian government forces and the pro-Russian separatists and that the war is no longer a local conflict.


    Malaysia Airlines says that in the aftermath of the disaster it is changing the route its planes will take on flights to and from Europe. The airline says that all of its European flights "will be taking alternative routes avoiding the usual route", AP news agency reports.


    Australian prime minister orders the Australian national flag to be flown at half-mast on Saturday "as a mark of respect to the Australians who have lost their lives".


    Shares in Moscow have fallen on Friday morning, Reuters reports. The rouble-traded MICEX dropped 1.9% in the first minute after trading began, while the dollar-denominated RTS fell 2.4%.


    A "large number of world-renowned Aids researchers and activists" were on Flight MH17 heading to an international conference in Australia, AP reports from Sydney. Among them was former president of the International Aids Society Joep Lange, a well-known Dutch HIV researcher. At least 27 Australians are known to have been on board the plane.


    If reports of the death on board MH17 of former President of the International Aids Society Joep Lange are true, "then the HIV/Aids movement has truly lost a giant", opposition leader Bill Shorten says in the Australian parliament.


    Relatives of an MH17 passenger react to the news of the tragedy at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

    Relatives of a passenger who was on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur react over the news at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    Guardian World

    tweets: #MH17 Impact threw us to the ground, shocked witnesses tells @HarrietSalem in Grabovo


    In a picture published on Friday, President Vladimir Putin, (centre) and members of his government observe a moment of silence mourning the victims killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash.

    President Vladimir Putin (centre) and members of his government observe a moment of silence mourning the victims killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash on Thursday

    Professor Michael Clarke, of the Royal United Services Institute, tells the BBC that the evidence gathered so far points to a mistaken attack by Russian separatist forces. "We know that the separatists actually boasted on 29 June that they had captured an SA-11 air defence system from the Ukrainians... We've also got the evidence that's been coming out overnight that the leader of the separatists Igor Strelkov... tweeted that he had brought down an Antanov 26 Russian transport. He then deleted that tweet very very quickly."


    The Malaysian airliner apparently shot down over rebel-held eastern Ukraine was flying over airspace that other Asian carriers - including Korean Air, Asiana, Qantas and Taiwan's China Airlines - abandoned months ago because of security concerns, AFP reports. Publicly available flight data also shows some airlines were avoiding the airspace last week, while other carriers were still flying over eastern Ukraine.


    "A tug-of-war is under way for possession of doomed flight MH17's black box recorder, The Daily Telegraph says, amid reports that it could already have been sent to Moscow. "The data and voice recorders on Boeing 777s like the Malaysia Airlines one that crashed are among the most sophisticated in civilian use," it says.

    Paul from Hull

    emails: Just got into Amsterdam from Kuala Lumpur on KLM flight KL810. When I woke this morning on the plane I noticed the plane had taken a diversion around the Ukraine area, and after disembarking this morning saw the news. I feel lucky but so sad for my Malaysian friends.


    An Australian company has allegedly been using the MH17 disaster to promote life insurance policies, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.


    Malaysia Airlines has released a statement saying that MH17 had a "clean maintenance record". "The aircraft's last maintenance check was on 11 July 2014. The next check was due on 27 Aug 2014. The maintenance was conducted at Malaysia Airlines' hangar at KLIA. The aircraft had a clean bill of health," it says.


    In an article in the Daily Telegraph, Royal United Services Institute Fellow Shashank Joshi argues that "this is about as bad as it could get for Moscow". He says that after months of sponsoring a covert war in Ukraine's borders, "it looks increasingly plausible - though far from certain - that one of their proxies might be responsible for the biggest act of terror in modern European history" - bigger even than the Madrid train bombing of 2004 with 191 fatalities.


    Four pilots were on board MH17 - two captains and two co-pilots, the BBC has learned. The two captains were among Malaysia Airline's most experienced pilots - one was an instructor on the airline's Boeing 777 fleet and both had flown the route before.


    Off-duty coal miners in Ukraine are joining in search efforts at the MH17 crash site, reports say.


    British Prime Minister David Cameron will chair a meeting of the government's emergency committee Cobra in response to the Malaysia Airlines crash, Downing Street says.


    The national flag of the Netherlands flies at half mast on the parliament building in The Hague on Friday.

    A Dutch national flag flies at half-mast on the Dutch parliament in The Hague (18 July 2014)

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott describes Russia's response to the downing of MH17 as "deeply, deeply unsatisfactory". Mr Abbott has argued that the crash was "not an accident, but a crime".


    The International Aids Society says its conference in Melbourne will go ahead as planned "in recognition of our colleagues' dedication to the fight against HIV/Aids". An unconfirmed number of researchers were onboard MH17 including the society's former president Joep Lange.


    Ukrainian aviation authorities have closed airspace over eastern regions where a security operation is underway following the MH17 crash, Reuters reports.


    MH17 flight steward Sanjid Singh - who was killed on Thursday - was only on the doomed airliner because he agreed to a last-minute rota swap, the Malaysian Insider reports. It says that in a "bizarre twist of fate" Mr Singh's wife escaped death on flight MH370 131 days ago because she too organised a shift change.


    Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an urgent resolution to the Ukraine crisis as he expressed condolences by telephone to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Kremlin said in a statement. "The head of Russia stressed that the tragedy once again highlighted the need for an urgent peaceful settlement of the most acute crisis in Ukraine and noted there is a need for a thorough and objective investigation of the air crash," the statement said.


    An unconfirmed report from The Star says Malaysian PM Najib Razak's 83-year-old step-grandmother was on the flight.


    A total of 121 bodies found at Malaysian plane crash site as of 0700 local (0400 GMT), Ukraine's State Emergencies Service says - (BBC Monitoring via UNIAN news agency.)


    The Buk surface-to-air missile system that pro-Russian separatists allegedly used to shoot down the Malaysian plane has been sneaked into Russia overnight, Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, says on Facebook. (BBC Monitoring)


    Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speaks to reporters after a meeting with Russian ambassador Vladimir Morozov in Sydney.

    Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop speaks to the media following her meeting with the Russian Ambassador Vladimir Morozov in Sydney on 18 July 2014

    Malaysia Airlines is trying to arrange access to crash site for relatives of the victims, Reuters reports.


    According to Malaysia Airlines, there were 154 Dutch passengers, 43 Malaysians, including 15 crew, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians, four Germans, four Belgians, three Filipinos and one Canadian on board the doomed flight.


    People continue to search for bodies at the site of the crash. Reporters at the scene earlier had said there was a bitter acrid smell.

    People search for bodies on 18 July 2014 at the site of the crash of a Malaysian airliner carrying 298 people from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, near the town of Shaktarsk, in rebel-held east Ukraine.

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is demanding an independent inquiry into the downing of a Malaysian jetliner and says Russia's response is "deeply, deeply unsatisfactory."


    Pictures have emerged showing a convoy of pro-Russian militants allegedly transporting the Buk surface-to-air system to the location from which it supposedly shot down the Malaysian airliner. They have been circulated by pro-Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Tymchuk, an authoritative military reporter in Ukraine, according to BBC Monitoring


    A BBC report on the lucky escape of Barry and Izzy Sim and their baby - who were planning to fly on the doomed Malaysia Airlines plane - can be seen here.


    "The Russians are done for. This is an international crime which must be investigated by the international tribunal in The Hague," Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says. Speaking at a meeting in Kiev, he also said that Ukraine should prepare for "full restrictions" on trade with Russia, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reports.


    Malaysia to send disaster team of 62 people to Ukraine says Malaysia Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai speaking at live press conference.


    Malaysia transport minister says 15 out of 16 Asia Pacific Airlines fly same route over Ukraine.


    Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai also told news conference the MH17 plane "had clean bill of health".


    Although there has been no official word of a ceasefire, access to the area however "remains difficult and dangerous", the Associated Press news agency reports. "The road from Donetsk, the largest city in the region, to the crash site was marked by five rebel checkpoints running document checks," it says.

    09:31: Adam from Berkshire

    emails: I have just got back to the UK. I was on flight MH2 flying Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow overnight landing at 07:30 so was very close to where MH17 was shot down both in a geographic and time sense. Nothing was said to us either during the flight or after we landed about this terrible incident. At the start of the flight the Captain announced the countries we would fly over including Russia and Ukraine. Surely it would be common sense to not fly over such areas when surface to air missiles are in common use.


    Statement from Ukrainian ombudsman Valeriya Lutkovska: "It is hurtful to accept and it is even more difficult to understand the deaths of hundreds of innocent people including 80 children. Previously, these monsters from the so-called [separatist] Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics killed, maimed and used Ukrainian children as a live shield. Now, they have reached out with their bloodied hands towards children from all over the world." (BBC Monitoring via Interfax-Ukraine).


    A "smart team" will be sent to Kiev from Malaysia to help identify the cause of wreckage, says Malaysian transport minister.


    Malaysia Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said it would be an outrage against human decency if the Malaysian airliner downed over Ukraine was found to have been shot down.

    "Should this be confirmed, it will contravene international law and be an outrage against human decency," Mr Liow told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.


    The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has launched a probe into the Malaysian airliner crash, which it terms "an act of terror" (BBC Monitoring via Interfax-Ukraine)


    A woman lights a candle in front of the embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev in honour of those who died.

    A woman lights a candle in front of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Kiev

    Ukrainian authorities release what they say are intercepts of phone conversations between pro-Russian separatists and what appear to be Russian military officers saying that separatists shot down flight MH17.


    The flight path taken by MH17 is a "very commonly used route" and was "approved" by the International Civil Aviation Organization, says BBC Correspondent Theo Leggett.

    Tony Abbott

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott addresses a press conference at parliament in Canberra. 27 Australians were on board the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 which was reportedly shot down over Eastern Ukraine.


    Flight MH17 was flying at the "lowest possible altitude it was legally allowed to fly at", says UK travel expert Simon Calder.


    At least 173 passengers on the downed plane were Dutch, Malaysian transport minister says. Earlier estimates were that 154 Dutch people were on board.

    09:50: World Health Organization

    tweets: We lost one of our colleagues, Glenn Thomas, on the Malaysian Airlines #MH17 that crashed yesterday. He will be greatly missed #RIPGlennWHO

    09:50: Steve Mannion, Blackpool

    emails: A close friend of mine, Glenn Thomas, from Blackpool but working as a journalist for WHO in Geneva, was on board the Malaysian Airlines plane, en route to the HIV conference in Australia. Glenn began his career working for the free paper here in Blackpool and worked in the BBC newsroom in the late '90s and early '00s before getting his job with WHO. Although his horizons had broadened he always remained passionate about his Blackpool roots and always saw the town as his home. His warmth and energy will be much missed by family and a wide network of friends.


    Flying by plane is "still the safest way to travel," says travel expert Simon Calder.

    Coal miners in Ukraine

    Ukrainian coal miners wade through a field of sunflowers as they search for bodies from the crashed Malaysia passenger plane near the village of Rozsypne.


    Luggage and belongings are seen near the site of Thursday's Boeing 777 plane crash, near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region.


    The BBC's Phil Mackie tweets this photo of people checking-in for Friday's MH17 flight from Amsterdam. One passenger travelling with her son, 8, said that she was only travelling reluctantly and could not get a refund.

    People checking-in for Friday's MH17 flight from Amsterdam

    Victims of the crash included two Newcastle United supporters travelling to support their team in New Zealand. "We're desperately sad to report that they were John Alder and Liam Sweeney," a statement on a fan website says. "Both were well known to away followers, particularly John, whose usual match-day attire led to the affectionate nickname of 'The Undertaker'."


    Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk warns people to prepare for a full embargo on bilateral trade with Russia, Interfax-Ukraine reports.


    "My forecast is as follows: We need to get ready for a practically full embargo on trade with Russia in the bilateral format," Mr Yatsenyuk said.


    Malaysia Airlines have made it clear that any information about the MH17 investigation is to come from Ukraine and not from Malaysia.

    The only information to come from the airline is the passenger manifest, according to BBC reporter Ali Moore at Kuala Lumpur airport.


    German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Russia must work towards a political solution in Ukraine, Reuters reports.

    10:22: UK Prime Minister David Cameron

    tweets: I've just spoken to the Dutch PM, Mark Rutte. I told him we grieve with him and the Dutch people.


    Malaysia Airlines shares fall sharply to close down 11%. The company's value has plunged 43% over the past nine months.


    Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council accuses pro-Russian militants of hampering investigations into the causes of the crash - Interfax news agency, via BBC Monitoring.


    If you are just joining us, welcome to our live coverage of the aftermath of the air disaster in east Ukraine, where a Malaysia Airlines jet crashed in rebel-held territory after reportedly being hit by a missile. Stay with us for news updates, analysis and colour from correspondents, and readers' comments.


    Russia's military detected an activated radar belonging to a Ukrainian battery of Buk surface-to-air missiles on Thursday, Russian state TV reports - BBC Monitoring.


    Malaysia Airlines security personnel stand guard at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

    Malaysia Airlines security at KL airport
    11:08: Richard Westcott, BBC transport correspondent

    My understanding is that British Airways had been avoiding flying over that part of Ukraine for some time. Radar data appears to back that up. But to confirm, this was not restricted airspace (until now of course). It came down to each individual airline to decide what they wanted to do.


    BBC News has more information on Glenn Thomas, the first British victim of MH17 to be identified. The former BBC journalist from Blackpool was working as a media officer for the World Health Organisation in Geneva.


    Malaysia's Transport Minister, Liow Tiong Lai, addresses a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

    Malaysia Transport Minister

    The loss of the airliner is "freighted with profoundly challenging parochial, emotional, diplomatic and security implications for Australia", writes The Guardian's Paul Daley. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, he says, is "now confronted with the first of the onerous diplomatic and security challenges that this immense tragedy poses".


    A relative of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is believed to have been on board Flight MH17, Malaysia's Star Online reports.


    "Our thoughts are with the relatives of those who were on board MH17, among them four German nationals," German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells reporters in Berlin. "I have called Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to assure him that our thoughts are with the Dutch at this moment. We now need an independent investigation of the crash and a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine."

    11:17: BBC Monitoring

    Ukraine's foreign ministry says a total of 181 bodies have been recovered from the crash site so far, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reports.


    Prof Peter Riess, from the University of Amsterdam, has told BBC News about the shock of losing his colleague, prominent HIV/Aids researcher Joep Lange. "[He] was a close colleague and friend of mine," he said. "Everyone here in Melbourne is in total shock at what happened."

    Imelda Flattery, BBC News

    tweets: A member of the Dutch senate was on board the Malaysian Airlines flight.

    11:24: James Gallagher, acting health editor, BBC News

    The Aids 2014 conference is the biggest meeting of the world's leading researchers and campaigners on HIV/Aids. Around 100 delegates are estimated to have been on the flight, including Joep Lange, a former president of the International Aids Society. He was a prominent figure in HIV research from the earliest days of the virus being discovered.


    Among those onboard was Indonesian Yuli Hastini, her Dutch husband John Paulisen, and their two young children. Yuli's brother-in-law told the BBC: "I just want Malaysia Airlines to return my sister's remains back home to Indonesia so we can give her a proper funeral."

    11:27: BBC Monitoring

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has rejected Kiev's allegations of possible Russian involvement in the crash. "As for statements made in Kiev that it could even be us who did it, I have not heard truthful statements from Kiev over the past few months," he said in remarks broadcast by state TV. Mr Lavrov called for an "independent investigation, as objective and open as possible".


    Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has called the downing of MH17 an "international crime" and a "war against the world". He has called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. "All lines have been crossed," he says.


    What do we know for sure about the fate of Flight MH17? Read our Q&A.

    Debris from the jet in a field in east Ukraine, 18 July

    British Prime Minister David Cameron: "It is an absolutely appalling, shocking, horrific incident that has taken place and we've got to get to the bottom of what happened and how this happened. If, as seems possible, this was brought down, then those responsible must be held to account and we must lose no time in doing that."


    Newcastle United release a club statement following the loss of John Alder and Liam Sweeney, "two of of the Club's most loyal supporters", who lost their lives in the crash. "Both men were familiar faces at every Newcastle United away game and attended not only first team games but Reserve and Academy matches too," it says. "On behalf of everyone at Newcastle United we send our deepest condolences to John and Liam's families and friends."

    Gateshead Football Club

    tweets: Gateshead Football Club will be paying tribute to the late John Alder and fellow fan Liam Sweeney ahead of tonight's kick off against @NUFC


    Flowers lie on debris from the plane near the village of Rozsypne, in the Donetsk region.


    tweets: Q&A'S and map indicating avoided flight areas, are now added

    KLM map

    Joep Lange, the Dutch leading Aids researcher, who died on flight MH17.

    Joep Lange

    Prince William has expressed "deep sadness" over the plane crash. Speaking at an event at Australia House in London, the Prince said it was particularly cruel for Australians and Malaysians, following the disappearance of Flight MH370 in March.


    Flight MH17 came down in territory held by pro-Russian separatist rebels who declared independence in Ukraine's eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in April. More than 1,000 civilians and combatants are believed to have been killed in ferocious fighting across the region, as the new government in Kiev seeks to re-establish control. Only on Tuesday, a warplane bombed the rebel-held town of Snizhne, shattering a block and flats and killing 11 people. Ukrainian officials denied their planes were involved.

    Igor Chernetsov, whose wife was killed in a building demolished by an airstrike, gestures near the collapsed structure in Snizhne, 15 July

    Fighting continues in east Ukraine today. Electricity and water supplies have been knocked out in much of the rebel-held city of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine and a major oil refinery is on fire, Russian and Ukrainian media report. Read our story.


    "We can't comprehend this, it's a terrible loss to the HIV programme, the people, the patients": BBC acting health editor James Gallagher has investigated how the global fight against HIV/Aids could be affected by the deaths on the plane of several world experts.

    The photo shows a nurse taking care of a terminally ill man at a HIV/Aids clinic in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, four years ago.

    A nurse taking care of a terminally ill man at a HIV/Aids clinic in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, 6 July 2010


    The speaker of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe's (OSCE) Parliamentary Assembly, Finnish MP Ilkka Kanerva, has issued a statement condemning the "downing" of the jet. "A swift, thorough, international investigation is needed to determine the exact circumstances of the crash and bring the perpetrators to justice," he said.

    "However, there are already strong indications that a missile launched from rebel-controlled areas may have caused this catastrophe. In that case, there would be no doubt that those responsible for the illicit flow of military hardware and weapons into eastern Ukraine and those who directly or indirectly challenge the Ukrainian government's authority over its own territory bear the ultimate responsibility. I reiterate my call for an unconditional ceasefire that is respected by all sides and urge the governments in Moscow and Kyiv to do all in their power to immediately de-escalate this situation."


    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko: "Shooting down a civilian aircraft is an act of international terrorism, targeted against the entire world. This is a wake-up call for the whole world. We expect an adequate response from the international community. We offer our heartfelt compassion to the relatives of those passengers and crew who will not see their loved ones again. For weeks we have shed tears over our own dead. We have tears left for the innocent victims of this crime. Today Ukraine mourns with you."


    Grieving Indonesian national Yuriah Tanzil (C), sister of Ninik Yuriani, a passenger of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, is comforted by a relative in Jakarta.

    Yuriah Tanzil
    12:51: BBC Monitoring

    Alexander Borodai, the self-styled prime minister of the breakaway Donetsk people's republic, says he will allow the bodies of those killed in the crash to be taken to the nearby city of Kharkiv, which is controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. "We do not have enough refrigerators to store the bodies," he says.

    The photo shows Mr Borodai surrounded by bodyguards at the crash site overnight.

    Alexander Borodai surrounded by guards at the crash site in east Ukraine, 17 July
    12:52: BBC Monitoring

    "We are not going to take the crashed Boeing's flight recorders" - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.


    An Australian couple, Irene Burrows and George Burrows, have lost family members in both of the Malaysia Airlines disasters this year. Their son and daughter-in-law (Rodney and Mary) went missing with flight MH370. Now they have lost more family members with MH17: their son-in-law's daughter and her husband, Maree and Albert Rizk.


    What clues might Flight MH17's "black box" flight recorders yield as to the fate of the jet? Read our Q&A.

    Flight recorder
    Tim Robinson, editor in chief of Aerospace,

    tweets: A must-read technical analysis on the Buk SAM suspected of bringing down #MH17 via @IHS4DefRiskSec


    More than half of the nearly 300 people on the aircraft were from the Netherlands. Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten (pictured) has told a news conference that investigators from the Netherlands will leave for Kiev as soon as possible: "In consultation with the Ukrainian authorities, the investigation will start as soon as possible. The safety board will work on the investigation from the Netherlands."

    Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten speaking to reporters at The Hague, 17 July
    UK Prime Minister David Cameron

    tweets: The Malaysian air disaster is an appalling incident & those responsible must be held to account. My full statement: https://www.facebook.com/DavidCameronOfficial/posts/812896375401349

    13:02: BBC Monitoring

    "Attempts to call the plane crash a terrorist act are unacceptable" - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    13:03: Anna Holligan, BBC News, Amsterdam

    Packed Malaysia Airlines press conference about to start inside Schiphol airport.


    Floral tributes at the entrance to Schiphol Airport in memory of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. One card reads: "Holland is mourning. The world is in shock. This should have never happened."

    Ukrainian prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk

    tweets: #MH17 attack - international crime against humanity. Russian-led terrorists will face justice. Govt committed to ensure prompt investigation


    One of the most brilliant minds in Aids research, a young family on a journey back to Indonesia and tourists looking forward to holidays in the sun (pictured below, in that order) - just some of those who perished when Flight MH17 crashed. Read

    Joep Lange
    Yuli Hastini and John Paulisen and their two young children
    Cor Pan and his girlfriend Neeljte Tol

    As the inquiry begins, the war continues. At least 20 civilians were killed by shelling in the rebel-held city of Luhansk this morning, the city's official administration says on its website (in Russian). Calling it "another black day", the administration says shells fell on "practically every district" of the city of 427,000 people. Ukrainian troops have been edging closer to the city this week.


    Malaysia Airlines says next-of-kin will get $5,000 (£2,920; 3,696 euros) per passenger for "initial needs".


    Malaysia Airlines says in a statement that "at all times, MH17 was in airspace approved by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)". MH17 filed a flight plan requesting to fly at 35,000ft through Ukrainian airspace, but was instructed by Ukrainian air traffic control to fly at 33,000ft, the statement adds.


    Malaysia Airlines has updated the list of nationalities of those on the plane, increasing the number of Dutch nationals from 173 to 189. There were also 44 passengers from Malaysia, 27 from Australia, 12 from Indonesia, nine from the UK, four from Belgium, four from Germany, three from the Philippines, one from Canada and one from New Zealand. Four passengers' nationalities still need to be verified.


    The Netherlands is a nation in mourning, the BBC's Anna Holligan reports from Amsterdam. Read her overview of reaction to the crash which claimed 189 lives.


    Huib Gorter, Malaysia Airlines' Europe vice-president, has said relatives will be flown to Kiev at "an appropriate moment".

    Malaysia Airlines' Europe Vice President Huib Gorter speaks at a news conference at Schiphol Airport, 18 July 2014

    How do you investigate an international air disaster in a battle zone? What trace would a surface-to-air missile leave on a jet compared to that of an air-to-air missile? Why are the stakes so high here? Read our Q&A.

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron

    tweets: I've just called UN Secretary General underlining the need for a strong commitment to an international investigation into #MH17 disaster.


    Local media in Malaysia are reporting that passengers who want to cancel and refund their tickets have to do it before next Thursday, for travel between 18 July and 31 December.


    British MP Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who chairs the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, tells the BBC that there is "a very powerful argument for very wide-ranging economic and financial sanctions" against Russia if it is proven that the plane was hit by equipment provided by Russia to the rebels.


    Coal miners search the crash site.

    Coal miners search the crash site, 18 July
    14:21: Oleg Boldyrev BBC Russian

    In the Russian media, the mood is sombre and no one denies it is a tragedy. Many commentators and politicians are pressing the line that the Ukrainian army is to blame.


    Australian woman Irene Burrows, who lost family members in both Malaysia Airlines disasters this year, has told BBC News: "We are absolutely devastated. This incident has brought back a lot of bad memories [of MH370]."


    The Dutch flag flies at half-mast at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

    The Dutch flag flies at half-mast at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport.

    Residents of the Ukrainian village of Rassypnoye, where parts of the Malaysian airliner came down, have described seeing "people falling from the sky". One of them, Nikolai, told Reuters: "It was about 17:00. There was a very strong plane rumble, then there was a sort of explosion or flap, and then people started falling from the sky. People were appearing right from the clouds. Then the plane's fuselage appeared and landed there, 50m away from here."


    Another Rassypnoye resident, Alla, recalled: "We heard some noise, it sounded like explosions. We thought we were being shelled. But when we ran out we saw a part of a plane falling over our house."

    "There were parts of the plane in the yard, there were different papers there too. We also found this piece of a credit card of an American bank," she added.


    Chinese state news agency Xinhua has published a commentary warning against "hasty conclusions" on who is to blame for the crash. It criticises Western countries for making a "one-sided accusation" against east Ukrainian rebels and Russia.

    14:58: Christian Fraser BBC News, Paris

    The suspected shooting down of a passenger plane by Russian separatists in Ukraine is putting more international pressure on France to pull the plug on a deal to sell two warships to Russia. But it may be too late to stop this particular deal. Half the money has already been paid, and pulling out would cost France hundreds of millions of euros.

    The photo shows the Sevastopol under construction in Saint-Nazaire on Tuesday.

    The Sevastopol under construction in Saint-Nazaire, France, 15 July

    A preliminary US intelligence analysis has concluded that MH17 was probably hit by a missile fired by pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, US broadcaster CNN reports, citing an anonymous US defence official.


    Three siblings from Perth were on the plane, Australian media report. Mo, Evie and Otis Maslin, aged 12, 10 and 8, were seen off by their parents in Amsterdam before boarding the flight with their grandfather Nick Norris, Melbourne's Herald Sun reports.


    Newcastle United supporter John Alder was on Flight MH17. He was thought to be in his 60s and was travelling with football fan Liam Sweeney, 28.


    The UN Security Council has issued a statement calling for a "full, thorough and independent international investigation" into the plane crash, and "appropriate accountability".


    US President Barack Obama is expected to give a press conference about the situation in Ukraine, including the Malaysia Airlines plane crash, at 16:30 GMT.


    Flowers outside the departure hall at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

    Flowers are placed outside the departure hall at Schiphol Airport, 18 July 2014
    Newcastle United FC

    tweets: We're creating a tribute page to John Alder and Liam Sweeney. Please email tributes to anthony.marshall@nufc.co.uk


    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte: "The Netherlands is shocked by this terrible event."


    Investigators from the Dutch safety unit will travel to site of crash - Mark Rutte at news conference.


    "We will turn every stone and if it becomes clear that this was an attack I will be personally responsible for guaranteeing that the people responsible will be determined. That's what we owe the innocent victims and their families" - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte.


    The British-drafted UN Security Council statement was only agreed after Russia, a permanent member of the 15-strong body, sought more time to review it, Reuters reports.


    Mark Rutte added that he had spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who promised Russia would guarantee a full, international, independent inquiry.


    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte speaking to journalists in The Hague.

    Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in The Hague, 18 July

    "It is really important that the whole international community makes sure the inquiry is completely independent so that people interested in directing the inquiry aren't able to do so... We need to get the facts on the table" - Mark Rutte.

    Gabriel in Texas

    emails: I'm personally in shock at the loss of the Aids researchers. Myself and countless others owe our lives to their dedication to advancement and research in preventing and managing HIV. This tragedy is compounded for the world by their loss.


    Dutch leader Mark Rutte has stressed that there must be an independent inquiry into the plane crash. There were 189 Dutch citizens on MH17.


    In a statement, the UN Security Council emphasised "the need for all parties to grant immediate access for investigators to the crash site to determine the cause of the incident".


    Ukraine's SBU security service has confiscated recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of the doomed airliner, a source in Kiev has told Interfax news agency.


    US envoy Samantha Power tells the UN Security Council that the plane was "likely downed by a surface to air missile".


    Debris from the crash at Grabovo in eastern Ukraine

    Crash debris in east Ukraine, 18 July

    "We cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel... This [the attack on the plane] follows a pattern of actions by Russia-backed separatists" - US envoy to the UN Samantha Power

    15:32: Nick Bryant BBC News, New York

    The British ambassador to the UN had very strong words of condemnation, not just about what happened with the downing of the plane but for the kind of support Russia has reportedly been giving separatists in Ukraine. He said the UN Security Council had to go further than its press statement and demand separatists lay down their arms.


    The UN Security Council observed a moment's silence in New York.

    The UN Security Council observes a moment's silence in New York, 18 July

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is alarmed at what appear to be "credible, numerous reports that suggest that a sophisticated surface-to-air missile was used" to bring down the Malaysian plane, UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman says.


    "Russia can end this war, Russia must end this war" - US envoy Samantha Power.


    Rebel leader Alexander Borodai on his way to a news conference in Donetsk.

    Rebel leader Alexander Borodai on his way to a news conference in Donetsk, 18 July

    A delegation from the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has arrived at the crash site in Ukraine.


    The leaders of Russia and Malaysia spoke by telephone on Friday, stressing the need for an objective investigation into the plane crash and the need to stop military operations in eastern Ukraine to facilitate the probe, Reuters reports, citing a Kremlin statement.


    "The shooting down of the Malaysian airliner may be a war crime under the Geneva Convention," Dr James Summers, Director of the Centre for International Law and Human Rights at Lancaster University, tells the BBC.

    "Malaysia could be entitled to bring the state responsible for the shooting down of the airliner, or providing the missiles to do so, before the International Court of Justice," he said.

    16:08: Tom Esslemont BBC News, Washington

    A spokesman for the US National Transportation Safety Board has told me that it is sending one investigator to Ukraine. He said the timing of this deployment was still being determined. He said its response will continue to be guided by the events.


    A vigil in Malaysia for those killed in the MH17 crash.

    Malaysian youth gathers during a candlelight vigil for passengers and crew of the Malaysian Airline crash flight MH17 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 18 July 2014

    US ambassador Samantha Power says the US believes that a SA-11 missile was fired from an area controlled by pro-Russian separatists, who had previously boasted about obtaining such missiles. She said Russia has provided SA-11s and other heavy weapons to the separatists.


    Russia's envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, tells the UN Security Council there must be an impartial open investigation.

    16:21: Vince Samios in Cheswardine, UK

    emails: A very sleepless night for me, an English Resident, Australian national and with extensive Dutch family - my parents were flying from Amsterdam to Malaysia yesterday. I received phone calls from relatives all night, unfortunately I didn't know the details of their flight. This morning a Facebook update: "We are safe in KL, we flew Emirates". Although my family is thankfully safe I feel a great deal of empathy for those who have lost a loved one in such a senseless and unforgivable way. Peace! (Both a sign-off and a plea.)


    Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin says that despite western envoys speaking of the restraint of the Kiev authorities, the Ukrainian forces have been aggressive and targeted civilians in the east.


    Mr Churkin continues to criticise the actions of the Ukrainian government during the crisis. "The Kiev government has decided to stamp out dissenters," he says.


    Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin speaking at the UN Security Council: "We put all blame on the Ukraine government."

    Vitaly Churkin

    US President Barack Obama's press statement has been delayed to 1600 GMT.

    16:34: Nick Bryant BBC News, New York

    Russian envoy Vitaly Churkin blamed the Ukrainian government for exacerbating the crisis and shelling civilians. He didn't answer any of the specific allegations put by the British and Americans that the plane was shot by Russian-supplied hardware. What this really was was a blanket condemnation of the actions of the Ukrainian government.


    "Everyone knows someone who was on that plane," Natalie Righton, journalist for Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, tells the BBC.

    "Our King and Queen have also signed a book of condolences for the families. It has ripped us all apart."


    We believe all perpetrators will be punished, Ukrainian ambassador to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev says.


    Ukrainian envoy Yurir Sergeyev accuses Russia of supplying weapons to Ukrainian rebels in the east.


    To shoot down a plane at such a high altitude would only be possible using a BUK system, says Yuriy Sergeyev, Ukraine representative to the UN.

    16:47: Peter Provins in Penn, UK

    emails: This is a tragedy. Perhaps even more tragic is that you can't help wondering whether it was shot down by an idiot or someone very, very clever at playing politics. Did the Russians do it to stop Ukraine taking back the east? Did Ukraine do it to discredit Russia? Whatever the reason it is terrible and we will probably never be able to know for sure. First one jet disappears and now one has been lost and no-one will ever be brought to justice.


    Ten Britons were on the crashed plane in Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines says.


    Russian units have repeatedly shelled and attempted to break through the Ukrainian state border, Ukraine envoy Yuriy Sergeyev says.

    He says Ukrainian armed forces have never fired towards the territory of Russia.


    Mr Obama described the plane crash as a "tragedy" and urged a credible investigation.


    "We are going to make sure that the truth is out." - US President Obama.


    US President Barack Obama is now making a statement at the White House.

    BBC correspondent Kevin Bishop

    tweets from the scene: OSCE asking local pro-Russian commander how they are securing the area. Says their mission not to investigate cause but establish facts


    The US will continue to lead efforts to help de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, and support people in Ukraine as they attempt to strengthen their democracy, Mr Obama adds.


    Russia, Ukraine and separatists must adhere to a ceasefire, Mr Obama says.

    Malaysian Minister of Defence Hishammuddin Hussein

    tweets: Pres Putin has announced he has directed Russian Millitary 2 assist fully on investigation of #MH370 I have directed our CDF 2 contact them.


    Mr Obama: "Too early to be able to guess what the intentions of those who might have launched the surface to air missile might have had. Investigations will be ongoing."


    President Obama says the plane was shot by a surface-to-air missile. "The shot was taken from territory that was controlled by the Russian separatists," he said.


    Mr Obama: "We don't have time for propaganda, we don't have time for games."


    The eyes of the world are on eastern Ukraine, President Obama says.

    The BBC's Kevin Bishop

    tweets from the scene: It is heartbreaking to look at a peaceful field of wheat only for your eye to be caught by yet another horrific sight of a lifeless body.


    "Different actions" from Russia are needed to show they are willing to work with the Ukrainian government to arrive at a ceasefire and a peace in Ukraine, Mr Obama says.


    Rebels are "heavily armed and heavily trained" and it is because they are helped by Russia, Mr Obama says.

    US President Obama

    US President Barack Obama in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington.


    US President Obama: "We don't know exactly what happened yet and I don't want to get ahead of the facts, but what I do know is that we have seen a ticking up of violence in eastern Ukraine."

    Malaysian Minister of Defence Hishammuddin Hussein

    tweets: #MH17 our investigation team on d way 2 Kiev! We must b allowed 2 enter & secure site. Ukraine crisis has now been trully internationalised.


    Mr Obama: "We have increasing confidence the shot came from areas controlled by the separatists."


    "This certainly will be a wakeup call for Europe and the world that there are consequences to an escalating conflict in eastern Ukraine. It is not going to be localised, it is not going to be contained." - US President Obama


    Mr Putin has the most control over the violent situation in Ukraine, Mr Obama says.

    Passengers signing a book of condolences set up at Schiphol Airport BBC Producer Imelda Flattery tweets this photo of passengers signing a book of condolences set up at Schiphol Airport.

    The UN says 80 children were among the 298 people on board the Malaysian airliner that crashed in Ukraine on Thursday.


    The University of Leeds is "saddened" to hear one its students Richard Mayne is believed to be a passenger on flight MH17.

    A spokeswoman said: "Our thoughts are with Richard's family and friends. Richard had just finished his second year in maths and finance and he was doing well with his studies."

    Malaysian Minister of Defence Hishammuddin Hussein

    tweets: Pres Putin said Russian Military will assist fully in the #MH17 investigation. I have directed our CDF to contact them!

    Oleg Boldyrev BBC Russian

    Moscow says it's all for an independent, thorough investigation - and until it concludes, no one should try to pressure it.


    Brendan Hoffman, a photographer from Getty Images, has told the BBC that local residents appeared to be searching the crash site: "I did find a small group of people that were climbing through and combing through all of the debris. It seemed to be a part of the plane that had been carrying cargo. So I think they were looking just to see if there was anything intact and valuable."

    Malcolm Rodgers in Chichester , UK

    emails: Above all else the relatives of those who lost their lives need the truth. A full international and independent inquiry is needed. Any naming and blaming at this stage is not helpful to those relatives.


    Since news of the plane crash broke, both the Ukrainian government and rebels have sought to blame each other on social media. BBC Trending and BBC monitoring have analysed the claims and counter-claims.


    Hendry Se, an Indonesian passenger on the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

    Hendry Se

    Alexander Hug, deputy chief monitor for the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, visits the site of the crash.

    Alexander Hug
    BBC producer Imelda Flattery

    tweets: The Irish government has confirmed that there was one Irish-born passenger on board flight #MH17

    US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power

    tweets: #Russia has power to prevent tragedies like the unspeakable one that happened yesterday. It can end this war. It must end this war. #MH17


    Alexander Nekrasov, a former Kremlin adviser, has accused President Obama of launching a "propaganda offensive" when the investigation has not even started.


    Why did the plane fly over east Ukraine, where fighting has been taking place? Aviation analyst Philip Baum tells the BBC: "There was no specific threat information passed on to the Malaysians that could indicate the flight could be targeted. Generally aircraft have not been perceived to be at danger from surface-to-air missiles if they're overflying low conflict zones."


    The BBC's Daniel Sandford has tweeted this photo from the crash site of the first OSCE team arriving.

    First OSCE team arrives at MH17 crash site

    Former Kremlin adviser Alexander Nekrasov: "The Buk system consists of four vehicles [and] two radars. You really have to be professional to control it. So the suspicion is that it might either be some renegade unit within the Ukrainian army, or a renegade unit among the so-called separatists."

    Mike in Halesowen, UK

    emails: Russian President Vladimir Putin said responsibility for the crash rests with "the country in whose airspace the plane was in when it crashed". So, if a violent trespasser tries to occupy your property and in the process pulls a gun and accidentally shoots an innocent passer-by, you are responsible.


    Alexander Nekrasov says there is a perception in the West that Russia has control over all Ukrainian separatists. "It's not as simple as that," he says. "There are many groupings there that have their own agendas and supplies of arms." Some of the Ukrainian troops have switched sides and are fighting on the side of separatists, he argues.

    17:51: Breaking News

    An OSCE source has said the team did not get full access to the plane crash site. The source said shots were fired in the vicinity but not at the monitors themselves.

    The UK Foreign Office

    tweets: We can sadly confirm that 10 UK nationals lost their lives on flight #MH17. We offer their families & friends our very sincere condolences.

    Jane Tatam, Taunton, UK

    emails: I hear all these politicians telling us how the perpetrators will be brought to justice, and I think of Lockerbie, and I find myself giving a hollow laugh.


    Donetsk rebel leader Alexander Borodai has tweeted to say that another senior rebel figure in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, has resigned. No explanation given.

    Matthew Price BBC News, Schiphol

    tweets: The Wals family, mum, dad and their four children from Dutch village Neerkant died on Malaysian Airlines flight. Youngest in primary school.


    US President Obama has said in a press conference that there is evidence the Malaysia Airlines flight was shot down by a surface-to-air-missile.

    Ben Pocock

    Ben Pocock, from Bristol, was on flight MH17 and had just completed the second year of his international business degree at Loughborough University. He was travelling to Perth in Australia for six months.

    18:12: Daniel Sandford BBC News, Grabovo

    The most noticeable thing at the scene of the crash is how far the wreckage has been spread across the wheat fields and sunflower fields near the town of Grabova. Small pieces of insulation, slivers of fuselage, large chunks of the tail. And a terrible burnt tangle of bodies, aircraft seats and luggage. Twenty four hours after the crash, parts of the wreckage are still smouldering.

    18:14: Daniel Sandford BBC News, Grabovo

    Each body that has been found so far is marked with a rudimentary stick with a white piece of cloth tied onto it. The marker sticks are not just in the wreckage dotted across the fields. Bodies have rained down from the sky after plane exploded.

    18:15: Daniel Sandford BBC News, Grabovo

    Nobody has secured the site. A few rebels in ad hoc uniforms are walking around with guns and there are a few firemen. Otherwise it is just contorted bodies and wreckage. As we drove away from the crash site we kept passing more pieces of fuselage several miles from the scene.

    Malaysian Minister of Defence Hishammuddin Hussein

    tweets: #MH17 has internationalised Ukraine Crisis.Imperative all esp UN ensure independant/transparent team access 2 secure wreckage&site.


    Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima sign a condolence register in memory of the victims of flight MH17.

    Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima sign a condolence register at the Ministry of Safety and Justice in The Hague, the Netherlands, 18 July 2014
    Jen Psaki, US State Department

    tweets: Thoughts and prayers go out to all families of Malaysia flight victims including family of Quinn Lucas Schansman, a dual Dutch-U.S. citizen.

    18:27: Bridget Kendall BBC News, Moscow

    Russian officials have held back from directly accusing Kiev of shooting down the plane. But more broadly, they are saying that Kiev has to bear responsibility. The key is what they do - will they accept the outcome of any international investigation?

    The tail of MH17 in a wheat field BBC correspondent Kevin Bishop tweets this image of MH17 from the crash site: "The tail of #MH17 in a wheat field. It is quiet here - just sound of rain on the grass & journalists talking softly"
    18:31: Bethany Bell BBC News

    The Swiss Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe [OSCE], Thomas Greminger, says that OSCE monitors were only given limited access to the plane crash site in Ukraine. He says they were stopped by local illegal armed groups.

    Switzerland currently holds the chairmanship of the OSCE and is spearheading diplomatic efforts.

    UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch

    tweets: The AAIB are deploying a team to Ukraine to assist in the investigation into the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH17


    The Daily Mail reports that Quinn Lucas Schansman, a dual US and Dutch citizen, was on his way to meet family members holidaying in Malaysia. He studied and lived in Amsterdam.


    "This is a tragic day, in what has already been a tragic year, for Malaysia," Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said earlier on Friday. It is the second disaster suffered by Malaysia Airlines this year.


    This isn't the first time a passenger plane has been shot down - there have been a number of tragedies in the past.


    Several tragic twists of fate related to MH17 have emerged in the 24 hours since the plane crashed in eastern Ukraine. There are also stories of lucky escapes.


    Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) monitors speak with a pro-Russian separatist (second left) at the site of the crash.

    Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) monitors speak with a pro-Russian separatist (second left) at the site of Thursday's Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane crash near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region, Ukraine, 18 July 2014

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