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Ottawa shootings: Timeline of events

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Media captionRCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson explains what the CCTV shows

A timeline of the events on Wednesday as Canada's capital witnessed multiple shootings that resulted in the death of a soldier and a suspected gunman. All times are approximate and in Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4).

09:50: Shots are heard at the National War Memorial in central Ottawa. The gunman shoots one soldier twice before taking aim at another, but missing. Witnesses say the gunman yelled something in English before fleeing. He gets back into his vehicle and drives off.

09:52: He drives towards Parliament Hill, parking his own car before stealing a minister's car and driving towards the parliament building.

09:53: Eyewitnesses see the gunman park a car and run into parliament while carrying a 30-30 Winchester lever action gun. Police cars in pursuit of the gunman arrive shortly after him and officers chase him into the building.

The gunman enters as Prime Minister Stephen Harper is addressing a caucus meeting, but he is immediately engaged by parliament security.

The gunman runs away from security officers. MPs, journalists and others inside the parliament are told to take cover as police search for the gunman.

One unnamed minister in the meeting with Prime Minister Harper told Reuters the gunshots were "right outside our caucus door". Mr Harper is rushed out of the building and driven to safety.

09:54: The gunman is engaged again by Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms. Both the gunman and Mr Vickers hide behind pillars and take shots at one another.

More members of the parliament security team arrive and when the gunman steps out from behind the pillar he is hit by shots from Mr Vickers and others.

Footage of the rapid exchange of fire in the Hall of Honour in parliament is captured on video by a Canadian journalist.

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Media captionThe 24 hours that followed the attack left Canada in a state of shock
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Media captionFootage shows a hail of bullets being fired inside the parliament building

10:00: Ottawa police confirm that shots have been fired at the War Memorial, saying one person was injured. Eyewitnesses report seeing an injured soldier being given CPR before being loaded into an ambulance.

10:18: Journalists inside parliament confirm it is in a state of lockdown, with heavily armed police making sure there are no more gunmen inside.

10:19: The first car used by the gunman is identified close to the war memorial. It has no licence plates. One witness tells reporters that two men got out of the car.

10:25: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) advise people to stay away from Parliament Hill due to an "ongoing police incident".

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10:42: Police continue to search the area around parliament. Reports of other gunmen on the loose surface, with one policeman telling a reporter there is still an "active shooter".

10:54: The RCMP warn people in downtown Ottawa to stay away from windows and off of roofs amid fears that gunmen may be on the top of buildings in the area.

10:56: Reports of gunfire close to the Chateau Laurier hotel and the Rideau Centre Mall.

11:13: Several journalists say the suspected gunman in parliament was shot dead, but this is not confirmed by police.

11:22: All schools in the area and the University of Ottawa go into lockdown.

11:36: All military bases across the country go into lockdown.

11:54: Ottawa police warn that there could be multiple gunmen and say there have been three shooting incidents - at the National War Memorial, at parliament, and at the Rideau Centre.

12:27: Prime Minister Harper cancels his public events for the day, including a meeting with Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, who is in Toronto to receive honorary Canadian citizenship.

12:43: Ottawa Hospital confirms it has received three patients.

12:47: A police spokesman tells CBC that they are looking for multiple suspects.

13:03: Canadian MPs say the government has confirmed the death of the soldier who was shot at the war memorial. Jason Kenney, the minister of employment, tweets his condolences.

13:06: Prime Minister Harper's press secretary tweets a picture of Canada's leader being briefing by RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson at an undisclosed location in Ottawa.

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13:26: Local media report members of the Canadian Armed Forces have been told to stay out of uniform in public unless they are on active duty.

13:59: The RCMP confirm that the soldier shot at the National War Memorial has died. It also confirms the death of a suspected gunman.

14:03: Police says reports of an incident at the Rideau Centre were incorrect.

14:19: At a news conference, police say the situation remains "fluid and ongoing" and refuse to say whether more than one gunman was involved in the shootings.

16:15: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau is reported to be the name of the suspected gunman shot dead in parliament.

16:26: The soldier killed by the gunman is named as Cpl Nathan Cirillo, a 25-year-old reservist with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders in Hamilton.

18:23: Ottawa Hospital confirms all three of its patients involved in the incidents have been discharged.

20:11: In a TV statement to the nation, PM Harper says "Canada will never be intimidated" and "will redouble our efforts" in fighting terrorist groups.

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20:25: Canadian police say the downtown Ottawa "safety perimeter" has now been lifted and "there no longer exists a threat to public safety in the area". But "the operation continues on Parliament Hill and as such the Hill continues to be off limits to the public".

21:17: James Moore, the Minister of Industry in Prime Minister Harper's cabinet, says parliament will sit on Thursday.

00:32: The last of those in parliament are allowed to leave by the police after the lockdown is lifted.

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