Bush v Clinton - will history repeat itself?

Former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush appeared in Washington, DC, on 20 November 2014 Image copyright AFP
Image caption Jeb Bush is the former two-term governor of Florida

The one law of American politics is that it is never too soon to start speculating about the next presidential election.

And with the post on Jeb Bush's Facebook page that he is actively exploring a run for the White House in 2016, so Washington is abuzz - or maybe that should be aghast - at the prospect of a re-run of 1992 when a Bush took on a Clinton.

On that occasion Bill Clinton denied George HW Bush a second term in office.

Hillary Clinton has said she will announce her intentions early in the new year - and she is the runaway favourite to secure the Democratic nomination.

Jeb Bush would be the Republican Party's establishment candidate.

He is mainstream - not a Tea Party tax cutter, nor a libertarian, nor from the Christian right.

But that might be the very reason why winning the nomination will be so difficult, given the centre of gravity of Republican politics.

They say that history doesn't repeat itself; in America's increasingly dynastic politics it may be about to.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Another Bush, another Clinton

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