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In pictures: US walloped with more winter weather

With spring still a few more weeks away, people from Texas to New York - a distance of about 1,500 miles (2,414km) - are sheltering from yet another snow and ice storm. Some areas may see their coldest temperatures ever recorded this late in the winter season. Hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren are home from school, and the US government has told non-emergency staff to stay away from the office.

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A workman at City Hall in Philadelphia clears snow early on Thursday morning. The city is expected to receive up to eight inches (20.3 cm) of snow.

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A pedestrian braves the elements to cross the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Snow began falling on the city just before daybreak, which made for onerous commutes. New Yorkers will be facing temperatures as low as -10.5C (13F) tonight.

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In Dallas, Texas, a pickup truck tows a small car after a storm dumped freezing rain and later snow on the city. Police had to respond to at least 11 crashes and eight major accidents in the city, the Dallas Morning News newspaper reported.

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More than 50 miles of Interstate 65 in Kentucky were locked, after more than 20 inches (50.8 cm) of snow fell on the region. Local media reported that the Kentucky National Guard was dispatched to to rescue stranded drivers in the region, who were caught in the snow.

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A government weather satellite captured this image of the storm that stretches from Texas to New England just after midnight on Thursday. The National Weather Service said 65 million people were under a winter storm warning. The story is slightly different in Boston, where residents may receive no snow from this storm. People there are reportedly praying for just two more inches of snow, which would allow the city to break the annual snowfall record set in 1996.

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The streets were mostly empty as the nation's capital braced for up to eight inches (20 cm) of snow. Government offices and schools were closed in Washington, along with most of the national Smithsonian museums.

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Emergency workers sprang to action, after a plane slid off the runway at New York's LaGuardia Airport. Across the country, thousands of flights are cancelled as major hub airports were forced to shutdown or reduce service.