Campaignspotting 2015: Three days left

British politicians take centre stage in April.

This is it, the home stretch.

Only three days left until British voters head to the polls, and the outcome of the 2015 general election is still very much up in the air.

Just about a month ago, Campaignspotting took a break from the start of the long - oh, so long - US presidential race to spend a week observing the kickoff of the blessedly short UK campaign. Now we're back for the furious race to the finish line.

In the hours and days after Parliament was dissolved and the politicians hit the campaign trail, pundits and prognosticators described what they saw as the lay of the political landscape.

Labour and the Conservatives were neck and neck, but neither party appeared anywhere near garnering enough seats to obtain the majority necessary to form a government.

Image caption Campaignspotting is on the ground in Glasgow

The Liberal Democrats, the darlings of the 2010 campaign and the coalition-forming key to Downing Street for David Cameron and the Tories, were on the ropes - staring at sizeable losses.

The UK Independence Party, fresh off impressive wins in elections to the European Parliament, were polling in the mid-teens but appeared destined to capture only a handful of seats.

Meanwhile Scottish voters, who had rejected independence in 2014, seemed more than willing to back Scottish National Party candidates en masse, turning a former bastion of Labour support into a free-agent faction.

Image caption SNP head Nicola Sturgeon smiles on posters across Scotland

Now, after debates, the interviews, the speeches, the billboard slogans and the door-to-door electioneering, it looks like ... almost nothing has been settled. If the polls are to be trusted, the fundamentals of this election are baked into the cake, as US political analysts like to say. A hung Parliament, where no one can form a governing majority, could be in store - and the possible political permutations arising from that outcome makes one's head spin.

Will anything shift the balance in the last days of the campaign? And, if not, what does the future hold?

In this last week of Campaignspotting, UK style, we're starting in Scotland, which could play kingmaker come next Friday.

Then we'll head toward London where, in back rooms after the votes have been cast, the next leader of the UK could emerge.

There's little time left and so much on the line.

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