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Bangladesh: The threat of small-scale terror attacks

Fear of terror attacks tends to focus on the "spectaculars" - the big bomb plots that kill lots of people - but small-scale terror attacks are becoming increasingly common and have disturbing implications.

9 October 2015
Justin Rowlatt South Asia correspondent

'Beef' lynching: Failure of India's political imagination?

The lynching of a Muslim man by a Hindu mob over rumours his family ate beef underscores the failure of political parties to shore up secularism, writes Soutik Biswas.

5 October 2015
Soutik Biswas Delhi correspondent

Collision course? Rise of China a stress for the US

As Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the US, there is speculation that his country's rapid rise will have a dangerous effect on the power balance.

26 September 2015
Carrie Gracie China editor