Royal baby: why naming an heir to the throne isn't easy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby is due any day now and the Royal Family, along with the rest of the world, are waiting to find out what the new arrival will be named.

The couple don't know whether the baby, which will be born in St Mary's Hospital, is a boy or a girl.

Lots of people have been guessing what the new arrival could be called, including David Beckham who suggested his own name!

It's thought baby fever could bring in as much as £240 million to the UK as people celebrate this summer.

Different souvenirs are being made in preparation for the new baby.

What do you think the royal baby should be called?

You've been sending in your comments:

"I think the baby's name should be whatever Kate and William want it to be! After all it is their child."

Maya, United Kingdom

"We couldn't decide on a name so we picked them out of a hat! We suggest Josh and Patricia because they sound regal, or Alex because that would suit a boy or a girl."

Year 4, St Michael's Primary, Birmingham, England

"If the baby is a girl I think she should be called Elise because it's a very pretty name, and if it's a boy I think Arthur because of King Arthur of Camelot."

Molly, Cornwall, England

"I think they should call him/her Rain because that's very common here."

Edward, Norfolk, England

"I think the baby should be named Crystal because on the crown it looks like there are crystals!"

Ananya, London, England

"I think that the royal baby should be called Andy, if it is a boy, because when he is older he could be inspired by Andy Murray to play tennis."

Elizabeth, Helston, England

"If the royal baby is a boy then I think he should be called Jerad because it sounds quite Royal. Just think about it- Prince Jerad! If the royal baby is a girl, then I agree with Lavanya from Leeds on Diana because it is a beautiful name and it would be in memory of William's mum. Or the baby could be called Emily because it also sounds royal, and it's my name!"

Emily, Bridgwater, England

"I think for a royal baby name it should be something unique. I would probably pick a name like Abigail for a girl, and Harold for a boy."

Ellie, Coventry, England

"I think the royal baby should be called Ruby, if it's a girl, because the stone of July is a ruby. If it's a boy it should be called Charlie because Charlie is from the chocolate factory and loves chocolate, so maybe the royal baby would build a factory just like the one in movie?"

Cookie, London, England

"I think the baby should be called Kara because it is my mummy's name."

Luca, Hertfordshire, England

"I think the royal baby should be called Elijah because that's my name."

Elijah, Chippenham, England

"If the baby is a girl I think it should be called Ava or Ally because they are not names you would expect to be royal. Of course Kate would like the baby to lead a normal life as well as its life on the throne."

Rebecca, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think if the baby is a girl it should be named Majestic like the character in my book. If the baby is a boy (which I hope it is not because there have been so many kings) I think it should be called Unique."

Tabitha, Brighton, England

"I think if it was a girl then it could be called Mary because it is a Royal name but if it was a boy it could be called William after the baby's dad."

Mary-Kate, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

"If it's a girl, I think the baby should be called Jewels or Diamond because every jewel or diamond is one of a kind, just like the Royal baby."

Haley, Whitburn, Scotland

I think the baby should be named Princess Summer Diana Windsor if it's a girl or Prince Christopher George Windsor if it's a boy. In the end, it's Kate and William's choice but it is fun thinking of ideas!

Sapphire, Hampshire, England

I think the baby should be named Diana if it's a girl as people will remember the wonderful and great princess Diana and all the things she did.

Lavanya, Leeds, England

If it's a girl Diana, because it's in memory of her. If it's a boy Kenny just because it begins with the letter K like Kate, I don't think any royal family member has ever been called Kenny so it would also be a new name!

Ira, Newcastle, England

Lucy because that's my name!

Lucy, Bedford, England

I think the royal baby should be called Ruby, if it's a girl, because the stone of July is a ruby, and if it's a boy it should be called Philip after his great-grandfather.

Anna, County Down, Northern Ireland

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