A map of the proposed city of St George
video 6:43
White suburbs want to create new city
20 October 2014
Beth Goodier
video 4:01
Managing 'sleeping beauty' syndrome
20 October 2014
Crashed F-15D from RAF Lakenheath in flight
video 0:23
Crashed F15 filmed in training
8 October 2014
Pro-democracy protesters of the Occupy Central movement remain at an intersection as foreign nationals walk by in Mong Kok District of Hong Kong
video 1:19
Why are protesters targeting Mong Kok?
19 October 2014
Penelope Cruz and Oscar de la Renta
video 1:43
Designer Oscar de la Renta dies
21 October 2014
Alison Parfitt
video 2:15
Family of benefit cheats jailed
13 October 2014
Dr Susann Huschke said the sex industry had changed significantly over the last decade
video 1:42
'Thousands' paying for sex in NI
17 October 2014
Rwandan band The Good Ones
video 4:18
These boots are made for music
19 October 2014
Photo of Sarah in hospital
video 3:00
Laxative abuse and the damage it can do
16 October 2014
Slaves who were rescued
video 2:25
Dozens of slaves rescued from jungle
17 October 2014
Regent's Canal
video 2:45
What lies in London's drained canals?
17 October 2014
File photograph of Chloe Madeley, Judy Finnegan and Richard Madeley
video 1:56
Tougher sentences for Internet trolls
19 October 2014
Darrell Simester
video 3:12
Man forced into 'modern day slavery'
8 October 2014