Seat on the Street03

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مدیا پلیر

Seat on the Street03

برای پخش این فایل، نرم افزار "جاوا اسکریپت" باید فعال شود و تازه ترین نسخه "فلش" نیز نصب شده باشد

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Welcome to Seat on the Street

DC: Hello

Please identify yourself

DC: I’m Dominic Casciani, BBC Home Affairs Correspondent.

Q1: What is immigration?

DC: Immigration is a force of history. It’s not new. Immigration is not new - it’s been happening for centuries. It’s when people leave one country and move to another. Usually people moving country in search of a better life.

Q2: Why does it happen?

DC: There are three main factors behind immigration; environmental, political and economic. Some people move countries fleeing a natural disaster. Many people move to escape political persecution. But the most important factor is economic. Immigrants are looking for a new job and a better life.

Q3: What benefits can it bring?

DC: Immigration brings benefits to both the immigrant and the host country. The immigrant gains a better quality of life. They can earn more money and even send some home to their families. The host country gains their skills and knowledge. There’s also cultural exchange of ideas and even food.

Q4: Do some people in the UK think immigration is a bad thing?

DC: Some people don’t like immigration because they think immigrants will take their jobs. They also worry that too much immigration will mean there won’t be enough places in schools and hospitals. But some people don’t like immigration because they’re scared of foreign cultures they don’t understand.

Q5: What is the UK Government doing about immigration?

DC: The British Government broadly welcomes immigration. It has a long tradition of welcoming refugees and says it wants highly-skilled immigrants to come and work here. But it says it wants to cap the numbers coming from around the world although it can’t stop immigrants from inside the European Union.

Thank you for taking part in Seat on the Street

DC: Thank you

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