Seat on the Street04

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مدیا پلیر

Seat on the Street04

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Welcome to Seat on the Street

MM: Hello

Please identify yourself

MM: I’m Michelle Martin - a BBC Science Producer

Q1: How exactly is education changing?

MM: One way education is changing is by using technology in teaching. So this might be using computers, mobile phones or handheld devices; and this is called e-learning. The idea is then that students take a more interactive role rather than just being lectured to by their teachers.

Q2: How is technology driving these changes?

MM: As our gadgets get smaller and more portable and sophisticated, most of us now have a computer on our pockets. So if we don’t know an answer to a question, we can get it out and look it up on the internet so we’re all using e-learning all the time.

Q3: What does this mean for learners?

MM: As well as making learning more interactive, it can also make it more fun, especially for children. They could play a game to practice their maths or take a quiz to test their knowledge of history.

Q4: What are the advantages of e-learning?

MM: For people who live in remote areas, distance learning means that they can study at home via the internet. Many universities have their own distance learning courses and they publish lecture notes and videos on their websites.

Q5: What exciting developments can we expect in the future?

MM: E-learning will just become part of everyday education. With the rise of electronic books, we’ll see fewer text books in the classroom and pupils may be asked to submit their homework online. Computer games will also be used in teaching and learning will become a lot more interactive.

Thank you for taking part in Seat on the Street

MM: Thank you

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