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Seat on the Street

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TF: I’m Tim Franks, BBC Sports Correspondent

Q1 How big a problem is drugs in sport?

Drugs in sport is a big problem because the reason we take part in sport, watch sport is because we think it’s a fair competition. If somebody’s getting an unfair advantage through taking drugs, then it undermines our entire faith in what we’re seeing.

Q2 Why are sports people tempted to take drugs?

I think some professional sports people are tempted because it’s all about winning as far as they’re concerned. So anything that they think makes them fitter or stronger or faster is a temptation that they can’t resist.

Q3: Is it getting easier to detect drug misuse?

In some ways it is getting easier to detect drug misuse because the laboratories are getting better and more sophisticated at testing for drug misuse but at the same time the drug cheats are also learning new tricks.

Q4: What are the penalties?

There’s a huge range of penalties depending on whether it’s the first time you’ve been caught and what you’ve been up to. But in athletics, for example, you can be banned from the sport, stopped from competing for up to four years for your first offence. There are though some people who think that’s not strict enough and there should be lifetime bans immediately.

Q5: Are drug tests helping to stop drug taking in sport?

Some people think that there’s no way you can control drugs in sport so the best thing is just to be open about it and then maybe you can manage it a little bit better. The other argument is that if you have to account for your movements the whole time in case you’re subject to a test, then it’s an invasion of privacy. So for those two reasons some people say: no more testing.

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