Seat on the Street05

به روز شده:  17:02 گرينويچ - 01 مه 2011 - 11 اردیبهشت 1390

مدیا پلیر

Seat on the Street05

برای پخش این فایل، نرم افزار "جاوا اسکریپت" باید فعال شود و تازه ترین نسخه "فلش" نیز نصب شده باشد

پخش با "ریل پلیر" یا "ویندوز میدیا پلیر"

Welcome to Seat on the Street.

GM: Hello.

Please identify yourself.

GM: I’m Gareth Mitchell and I’m Technology Presenter at the BBC.

Q1: How is city life changing?

GM: City life is changing enormously. Cities are becoming more densely populated they’re also becoming more hi-tech. For instance our transport systems increasingly know who we are, where we are, and that’s helping with planning. So yes, more technology and more people.

Q2: What is forcing these changes?

GM: Well the main thing forcing the changes that we’re seeing in our cities is migration; people coming in from outside - from the surrounding areas. Often out in the countryside there are fewer economic opportunities, fewer jobs that’s what’s driving more and more people from the countryside into our cities.

Q3: Is it the same in all major cities in the world?

GM: Some cities are changing more than others. The biggest changes we’re seeing are amongst the emerging economies so we’re seeing huge population increases in South America for instance, across much of Africa, especially Sub-Saharan Africa and across much of Southern Asia.

Q4: What are cities in the future going to be like?

GM: Cities of the future are going to be quite different from those of today for two main reasons; firstly power generation - we’re going to see many more wind turbines - we’re going to see many more solar panels. The second big difference is that we’re going to see more smart buildings, I don’t mean that they’ll look better - but they’ll be more intelligent buildings so they’ll automatically make the windows go dark if you have a really sunny day and then turn them back to normal again at night time.

Q5: How will city life be better in the future?

GM: Well one thing that’s definitely going to improve life in our cities in the future is there’s going to be much less pollution as our buildings and our cars increasingly run on renewable energy so we’ll have far fewer fumes choking up the air in our cities. From that point of view city life is going to improve no end.

Thank you for taking part in Seat on the Street.

GM: Thank you.

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