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The Story of the Revolution

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Mr. Mehdi Bazargan

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(These comments are extracts from The Story of the Revolution produced by the BBC Persian Service.)

Chapter two: 1st comment
"There was a lengthy discussion in the Revolution Council about the appointment of prime minister. Since no other name came to mind, the gentlemen proposed me as the most suitable candidate. Mr Khomeini was obliged to accept the proposal of these gentlemen. He said: ' You put my mind at rest. It was a good choice, which the two sides should be content with.' It seemed by the phrase the two sides, he meant the Nationalists or the non-clerics and the ulema or the clergy. An assembly was convened in the hall of Alavi School. First the leader of the revolution delivered a speech and afterwards, his decree appointing me to the premiership was read out by Mr Hashemi-Rafsanjani. I replied, accepting the position. These two developments, that is, his decree and my acceptance of the premiership with my gratitude, were translated into English and French by Dr Yazdi and Dr Tavassoli. There were many reporters, who kept asking various questions. We answered all those questions and the close-circuit television, which had been installed unofficially and without permission, broadcast the whole proceedings. The transmitting power of this system was about two kilometres, reaching the surrounding streets. A couple of days later, we invited reporters to arrive at Tehran university, where I issued a statement in my first speech."

Chapter Two: 2nd comment
"Yes, I remember I said something like that. I said that my provisional government was like a Volkswagen car, which could not move on uneven and bumpy surfaces. I said that we needed smooth and favourable land to move forward on and added that it was beyond me to undertake revolutionary tasks and crash programmes. I said that we were not bulldozers to move forward forcefully and demolish everything in our path."

Chapter Two: 3rd comment
"I remember that after my appointment, I delivered my first speech in Tehran University. I that speech I called upon Dr Bakhtiar and said: `You are a member of the Lor tribe, and you are a free-spirited Lor, so now show that same spirit of generosity and accept the inevitable winning force of this revolution. If you do so, we can solve the whole problem in a sincere and peaceful manner.` That was our whole plan and all our shuttle diplomacy, through Mr Amir-Entezam and Dr Sahabi and the participation of some of Bakhtiar's cabinet ministers, was in pursuit of the same objective. We wanted to solve the problem peacefully to avoid hostility, personal insults or bloody confrontation. The use of force would have led to bloodshed and waves of executions after the revolution. We did not wish to take a sledge hammer to crack a nut. The army was like this nut and we wanted to keep it from breaking up. We did not want the nation to turn against itself. We wanted people to remain in harmony and take charge of their own affairs. That is all that we wanted."

Chapter Three: 1st comment
"At the time Mr Khomeini said no and rejected the curfew. We too issued a statement, which asked the people not to obey the curfew order. However, at the time we guessed, and Mr Khomeini had predicted, that basically they, that is the military governor, intended to make the city quiet and the streets empty of people, so as to go and arrest him. Therefore, this action of not obeying the curfew order of the military governor, was an appropriate cautious measure to stop the implementation of the plan."

Chapter Four: 1st comment
"Everyone was happy, thankful and full of hope. No-one could guess at the time, when the pages of history were turning, what the future had in store for them. Perhaps we could guess many of their concerns, but no-one could ever predict the outcome, which followed."

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