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The Story of the Revolution


Bakhtiar Shahpour (1935 - 1991)
Last prime minister of the Shah in 1979; educated in France; long standing activist in the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli); leader of the Ian Party (Hezb-e Iran); founder of the National Resistance Front (Jebhe-ye Moghavemat-e Meli) in Paris after the revolution; assassinated in Paris.
Bakhtiar's comments

Bani-Sadr, Abul Hassan (1931 - )

First president of the Islamic Republic of Iran (1980), advisor to Khomeini in Paris, member of the Revolutionary Council (Shoray-e enghelab) and first Assembly of Experts (Majlis-e Khobregan), National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) activist; removed from his office in 1981 and fled to Paris.
Bani-Sadr's comments

Bazargan, Mehdi (1907 - 1994)

Prime minister of the provisional government formed during the revolution, educated in France; leader of Freedom Movement (Nehzat-e Azadi) leading figure in the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) and among Islamist nationalists.
Bazargan's comments

Jafroudi, Kazem (1913 - )

Senator and member of the Parliament (Majlis-e Shora) under the Shah; leading figure of the People's Party (Hezb-e Mellat); academic, educated in Paris.
Jafroudi's comments

Khomeini, Ruhollah Moussavi (Ayatollah) (1902 - 1989)

Leader of the Islamic revolution, Vali-e faqih (a post-revolution position entrusted to a high ranking clergyman elected by a panel of the highest ranking peers to guarantee the compliance of all laws with islam through supervision and intervention) author of several books on Islam, Islamic government and mysticism.

Khomeini's speeches

Madani, Ahmad (Rear-Admiral)
(1929 - )
Defence minister, Chief commander of the Navy, governor of Khuzistan after the revolution; presidential candidate in the first elections held after the revolution; member of the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli) activist before and after the revolution; left Iran in 1980.

Madani's comments

Admiral Ahmad Madani

Qarabaghi, Abbas (General)
(1918 - )

Chief of Staff of the army before and during the revolution; interior minister in the government of Sharif Emami and Field Marshal Azhari; military and law education; left Iran for France after the revolution.
Qarabaghi's comments

Sanjabi, Karim (Dr.) (1904 - )

Foreign minister in the provisional government of Bazargan; one of the founders of the National Front (Jebhey-e Meli), Minister of Culture under Mossadegh, one of the founders of Hezb-e Mihan and Iran Party (Hezb-e Iran), educated in France, left Iran for the USA after the revolution.
Sanjabi's comments


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