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The Story of the Revolution

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Mr. Kazem Jafroudi

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(These comments are extracts from The Story of the Revolution produced by the BBC Persian Service.)

Chapter Four: 1st comment
"I kept sending my office chief to go and investigate every half an hour to see what was happening at the prime minister's office. He kept reporting back that the building of the prime minister's office was gradually being surrounded by armed men, who were tightening their circle all the time. At ten twenty in the morning, Field -Marshal Qarabaghi telephoned me and asked me to put hi in touch with Engineer Bazargan. He said that the army had decided at a meeting to assume a neutral position and all the senior army officers had endorsed the decision. I asked him whether he knew the consequences of this decision. I asked him: `Do you understand the consequences of this decision? It means you have surrendered the state.` I told him to ring the prime minister immediately, because his life was in danger and said that he was responsible for the prime minister's life. He said that he would ring him straight away."

Chapter Four: 2nd comment
"The meeting had been arranged in advance and these gentlemen were supposed to come to my house for lunch. The prime minister had arranged to come straight from his office with Dr Abbasqoli Bakhtiar. After taking off in the helicopter from the cadet training college, he had landed at Aqdassiyeh [Garrison, north of Tehran]. From there, he went in a Peykan car to a previously arranged hiding place. Before going, he telephoned me from Aqdassiyeh and I informed him that my house was crowded with people and it was impossible for him to come there and also quite dangerous. As a result, these gentlemen proceeded to their hiding place. At the same time, I telephoned General Qarabaghi and said: `General, you and your companions had better not come to my house in your military uniforms, because you will be recognized and that might be dangerous for you.` General Qarabaghi came with Lt.-General Nasser Moqaddam, may God bless his soul, accompanied by a civilian guard all in one car. Before their arrival, Engineer Bazargan had come with Dr Yadollah Sahabi and Engineer Abbas Amir-Entezam. These three gentlemen were followed by a large crowd, which poured into Saltanat-Abad Avenue. I remember it well. Following a request made by Engineer Bazargan, Mr Yodollah Sahabi took a megaphone and went on top of a pedestal to ask the crowd to disperse. He addressed the crowd with the following remarks: `Gentlemen, today is the decisive day of the struggle. An important meeting is about to take place in this house. I ask you to disperse from the areas around this house, so that the individuals, who want to attend the meeting, can make their way into the house.`"

Chapter Four: 3rd comment
"We were all sitting in my house, when a friend of mine, who was in charge of the radio, telephoned and asked to interview Mr Bazargan. He asked whether they should come to my house or Mr Bazargan should go to the radio station. I passed the message to Engineer Bazargan, who volunteered to go to the radio station and there he broadcast the following speech: `I am delighted to offer my congratulations to the combative Muslim nation of Iran, who today has survived a torturous and anxious journey to achieve victory for its revolution. I deem it necessary to express my gratitude to army officers and soldiers, I would like to recommend that in accordance with Imam Khomeini's assertion, the army is part of the nation and you must treat army officers and soldiers as your brothers. Our dear compatriots must demonstrate patience and must give this government a chance to employ far-sightedness and justice to direct the country along the right path. It is obvious that chaos, anarchy and confusion, will not only prevent us from achieving something positive, but it will, God forbid, make matters much worse and more catastrophic than ever before."

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