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The Story of the Revolution

Part 2:
One Country - Two Governments
Ayatollah Khomeini took up residence in Alavi School in central Tehran. The school became the revolutionaries headquarters. He pledged to create a provisional government as soon as possible.

But Dr. Bakhtiar, the incumbent Prime Minister, refused to accept the idea of two governments in Iran and considered himself the legal Prime Minister: Dr. Bakhtiar
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However, Ayatollah Khomeini, believed that Dr. Bakhtiar's government was not legitimate: Ayatollah Khomeini
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Ayatollah Khomeini nominated Mr. Mehdi Bazargan as Prime Minister: Mehdi Bazargan

Ayatollah Khomeini instructed Mr. Bazargan to form a government and prepare for a referendum on a new constitution.
In a speech at Tehran University, Mr. Bazargan promised that he would move forward gradually:
Mehdi Bazargan

Mr. Bazargan began to appoint his ministers.
These developments worried General Qarabaghi.
He believed that Dr. Bakhtiar's government was coming under pressure:
General Qarabaghi
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In response to calls from Ayatollah Khomeini, there were demonstrations across Iran in support of the revolutionaries.
Supporters of the Ayatollah were running the city of Esfahan.
But in Tehran, those loyal to Dr. Bakhtair's government held a counter demonstration.
Tehran radio reported on this rally in the Amjadiyeh Sports Stadium:
Esfahan/ Tehran Radio
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There were concerns about the possibility of armed conflict between the supporters of the two prime ministers.
Mr. Bazargan, the Prime Minister of the provisional government, spoke at Tehran University in an effort to prevent any such clashes:
Mr. Bazargan
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According to Dariush Homayoon, the former Minister for Information and Tourism,winning people away from Khomeini was almost impossible for Bakhtiar:
Dariush Homayoon
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