Jogos do Sudeste Asiático começam sob acusações de corrupção

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Image caption A tocha foi levada pelas ruas da capital indonésia, Jacarta.

The 26th South East Asian Games begin in the Indonesian city of Palembang today.

Preparations for the Games have seen many allegations of corruption.

Reportagem: Karishma Vaswani

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On the surface the sporting venues in Palembang look grand. But look a little closer, and you'll see that organisers are still trying to get things ready in time.

The roads are filled with dust, because of the unfinished work. Even the road signs need some fixing.

Allegations of graft have marred the Games from the start. Mohammad Nazaruddin, a senior politician from Indonesia's ruling party has been accused of taking bribes worth millions for awarding contracts to build the athletes' rooms. He's consistently denied the allegations but the scandal has cast an ugly shadow on the event.

Organisers admit the corruption scandal has impacted Palembang's ability to host a successful Games. But officials say this is the best they can do, and are optimistic Indonesia will deliver on time.

This is the first time Indonesia is hosting an event of this scale outside the capital city Jakarta. Hosting the games is a huge matter of pride for the local people in Palembang and for Indonesians around the archipelago.

But the event has been tainted by the all too familiar smear of Indonesian corruption.

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On the surface (se você olhar rapidamente, superficialmente) if you take a quick look

graft (o uso desonesto de influência e poder político para obter dinheiro) the dishonest use of political power and influence in order to get money

marred (estragado) spoiled

awarding contracts (decidindo que empresas ganharão um trabalho específico) deciding which companies will be given a particular job

consistently denied the allegations (sempre declarou que o que se disse a respeito dele não era verdade) always stated that the things said about him were not true

has cast an ugly shadow on the event (fez com que os Jogos fossem vistos de forma negativa) as made the Games be seen in a negative way

impacted (teve uma influência negativa sobre) had a negative influence on

of this scale (deste tamanho) of this size

the archipelago (o grupo de ilhas que forma uma região específica) the group of small islands that make up a particular area

tainted by (manchado por, arregado com, sujo por) made dirt by