Fatah e Hamas voltam a negociar aliança

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A meeting between the two main Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas has ended with talk of a new partnership to end almost five years of division.

Despite the optimistic words there is little sign of definite action to follow them up.

Reportagem: Jon Donnison

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Fatah in power in the West Bank and Hamas who govern in Gaza have been at loggerheads, sometimes violently, for almost five years.

Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Meshaal met for the first time in six months to try and re-ignite a unity deal that never got off the ground when it was proposed back in May.

There was a lot of positive talk. President Abbas said there were no longer any differences between the two sides. Mr Meshaal said a new page in partnership had been turned.

But many will perceive these talks as having ended in failure. The substance Palestinians will have been looking for was not there. There was no news on the possible makeup of a new interim unity government to work towards elections next year.

That issue seems to remain a major sticking point. They did agree to hold more talks in a month's time but many Palestinians, who've been waiting for political unity for years, will not be holding their breath.

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at loggerheads (superfícies geladas, uma área coberta de gelo) in a situation where they cannot agree with each other

re-ignite a unity deal (evidência, prova, uma informação que pode comprovar uma teoria) bring to life an agreement to work together

never got off the ground(crosta espessa, camada externa) didn't happen even though it was agreed

a new page (analisado, estudado) a fresh start

perceive (conclusões, achados) understand and realise

substance (áreas) firm and definite agreements and action

make-up (jorros verticais - de água) combination of people

interim (quebrando) temporary

a major sticking point(camadas externas, material que cobre todos os outros materiais em torno da lua) an important issue which they cannot agree on

holding their breath (grandes áreas desertas de solo cobertas por gelo) expecting something to happen soon