Coleção bilionária de arte roubada por nazistas encontrada na Alemanha

A collection of 1,500 works of art by famous painters such as Picasso, Matisse and Chagall has been found in the city of Munich, according to German media. The value of the works is thought to be $1.35bn.

Repórter: Steve Evans

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The collection of works the Nazis stole from Jews was consigned to a dealer to be sold before the war. But the paintings then vanished; presumed destroyed.

The works consist of what the Nazis deemed 'degenerate art', that is, modern art. It now transpires that two years ago the authorities discovered this amazing and priceless collection in darkened rooms at the home of a reclusive relative of the pre-war dealer.

It seems the relative had been selling paintings occasionally when he needed money. One work by the German expressionist Max Beckman was sold two years ago for more than three quarters of a million Euros ($1m).

The authorites have kept quiet, partly because ownership would be disputed. A mountain of litigation is no doubt on the way.

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consigned given (to someone) to look after

vanished disappeared

presumed believed to be (although not fully certain)

deemed considered to be

degenerate having low morals

transpires becomes known (used when a previously secret fact becomes known)

priceless extremely valuable and unique

reclusive living alone and avoiding other people

pre-war before the war (here: referring to World War Two)

expressionist a style of art which emphasises feelings and emotions

mountain of litigation a huge amount of legal work and arguments

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