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'Cadeados do amor' em ponte são ameaça à segurança


Paris: the city of love.

Attaching a padlock carrying your sweetheart's name to the railings of this bridge has become a sign of everlasting love.

It's become so popular that the entire length of the Pont Des Arts is now covered - causing the railings to give way in places.

And officials say falling locks threaten the safety of barges and boats. But in the words of Shakespeare, "The course of true love never did run smooth."

Transcrição em português

Paris: a cidade do amor.

Prendendo um cadeado que leva o nome da pessoa amada nas grades dessa ponte se tornou um símbolo de amor eterno.

Isso ficou tão popular que toda a extensão da Pont Des Arts agora está coberta – o que fez com que as grades cedessem em algumas partes.

Autoridades dizem que os cadeados que caem são uma ameaça à segurança de barcaças e barcos. Mas, como dizia Shakespeare, “a trajetória do amor verdadeiro nunca foi suave”.


padlock - metal block with a ring which is locked and unlocked with a key

railings - metal or wooden barrier people hold onto to prevent a fall

everlasting - eternal duration

to give way - to collapse under pressure

barges - flat-bottomed boats used to transport heavy loads up and down a river or canal


padlock / railings / everlasting / to give way / barges

1. According to some reports, the first section of the riverbank __________ was at Millbank by the Tate. Incredibly, given its proximity to the Thames, many of the gallery's works were stored in the lower ground floor. Some 18 were damaged beyond repair, 226 oil paintings were badly damaged and a further 67 were slightly damaged.

2. The impact of the crash left the __________ on a central reservation of the road twisted and mangled.

3. Creating an __________ pacemaker powered entirely by the charge from the owner's own heartbeats, would take out the risk associated with heart surgery as well as saving on costs.

4. A cargo __________ which was built to take part in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations is being launched on the River Wye.

5. Royal charters from a Shropshire town have been seen for the first time in 40 years after a missing key was found. The 500-year-old charters for Bishop's Castle were stored in a local bank. The key to a __________ on the original box turned up in the mayor's parlour.


Source: Indonesian entrepreneur who made batik chic http://bbc.in/1iOdUMv

2. Situated at an oasis in the Syrian desert, Palmyra is known across the world as the home of the monumental ruins of a great Roman-era city that was one of the most important cultural cities of the ancient world.

Source: Syria capital Damascus sees heavy Jobar fighting http://bbc.in/1iOfBti

3. This is a lush, quiet place, not far from the shores of Lake Victoria. But many of these youngsters are likely to have to follow the path of migration from the country into the cities to look for work.

Source: Sunshine powers Uganda's school computers http://bbc.in/1m1Eari

4. "Our experience shows that their track record is not very convincing and I think one should take these kind of promises not only with a pinch of salt but a sack full of salt."

Source: Cameron and Miliband clash over Pfizer deal http://bbc.in/1jO659j

5. From a battered cardboard box Andrea produces a cylinder 15cm long and 3cm wide, encrusted with crystals of a beautiful silver-coloured metal. It is, he tells me, titanium.

Source: Clorine: From toxic chemical to household cleaner http://bbc.in/1i8GGWE